Aeiteil Strand

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Gridania-transparent.png Aeiteil Strand
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridania
Occupation Musician
Orientation Homosexual
Guardian Byregot
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Basic Info

  • Age: 25
  • Skin color: Pale
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Expression: Bashful
  • Job/Class: Bard


Aeiteil has been known to panic about even the most simple of tasks. Battles, conversation, being handed tea while already having his hands full, are just a few of the things that would cause him to panic. He doesn't seem to mind it though, as he does nothing to change it! He especially has a hard time to open up to men. He has the biggest smile and he uses it cleverly to get his way. Though he does get along with females, he doesn't ever connect deeply enough to form a long lasting relationship. Sometimes people just need to tell him, "It's all right." No matter how hard he tries to avoid people in general, something about him causes him to get into situations he wishes that he never showed up in. He seldom talks about himself.

He plays for money in Gridania but hides afterwards to seek solace.

He once had a white harp with a floral pattern. It is now missing because of his past.


5 fulms, 10 ilms - Typical height for a Midlander


180 ponz – Aeiteil is a bit on the lighter side due the fact that he eats very little and he doesn't do much physical activity.


Aeiteil has slim features with a noticeable collar bone. Despite his collar bone showing, that is the only bone on him that sticks out. Everything else is filled, yet skinny. He has chest hair (Albeit not a lot of it) and a trail that goes all the way down. He has to shave his face constantly because it grows out of control!


Pale white with a blush on his cheeks that happens every time he panics. He has pretty noticeable cheek bones. (They aren't bad enough to make him look sick though!)


His hair is short to mid-length and is an extremely dark brown, almost black. He usually has a teal streak running through it as a token of remembrance towards his past.


Currently under work!


Aeiteil's parents were normal in the standards of Midlanders. They married at a young age, and then they had Aeiteil. They were about 17 or so, but that didn't stop the family from having a loving relationship. Everything was fine until Aeiteil told them his preference sexually when he was a teenager, in which they responded by banning him from seeing them again and kicking him out to be on his own. Aeiteil expected this and so he doesn't consider himself having a family any longer.

Personality Traits:

  • Thoughtful
  • Sensitive
  • Sarcastic
  • Panicky
  • Scarred
  • Untrusting
  • Wimp


  • Music
  • Gaining trust


  • Peace and quiet
  • Order
  • Fishing


  • People who pry into his past
  • Limsa Lominsa
  • Being used
  • Being hot and dirty

Favorite Food:

  • Anything as long as it is bitter and or spicy.

Favorite Color:

  • Teal

Favorite Creature:

  • Fairy


  • Fears his past
  • Fears becoming close to people


  • Aeiteil doesn't drink alcohol because he used to drink to a stupor.
  • Tends to be sarcastic because as a defensive mechanism for those who have gained some trust.
  • Can hold a grudge.



Aeiteil child-hood was happy-go-lucky with no serious things to worry about. His family was loving and he had a many friends. He lived in Limsa Lominsa and so it was a favorite past time to go fishing with his father at the pier. His mother was an amazing cook so he lived the good life!


Adolescence was a difficult time for Aeiteil. His father seemed to grow distant with work while his mother would be gone for many hours a day whoring herself out for extra money. He never pinned her on it, but he knew what was going on unspoken. At this time he started to pick up the harp and become very masterful at it, playing it in all of his free time when his parents weren't around. He also began to hang around a new friend he made named Taren fairly frequently. At the age of 17 he realized he was falling for Taren and decided to confront him about it. Taren also had the same feelings and so they began a relationship. He also decided now was a good time to tell his parents so they could all be happy again. Things went unplanned though and he was kicked out of his home and then moved in with Taren and his family.


When Aeiteil was 23 he began to be known a bit for his music and thus started making more money than he used to. He and Taren lived on their own at this point, and were happy, or so Aeiteil thought. He awoke one morning to find his goods stolen and his heart broken. Taren had left a note stating thank you for the times, but I like the money more. Aeiteil was heart broken and drank himself to a stupor as he locked himself away in his room. He attempted suicide a month later by hanging. Luckily one of his friends caught wind of Taren leaving and went to see Aeiteil. She found him unconscious and took his to see a healer immediately. He had a full recovery, but something in him died with the hanging.. his soul. He was never willing to become close with anyone after this, so moved from Limsa Lominsa and moved into Gridania. There he has solace and lives a peaceful life.