Aela Volken

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 Kay Radley
"Git ohn y'bayks 'n' rayd!"
Gender Female (AMAB)
Race Viera
Clan Rava
Citizenship Independent
Server Mateus
Age 33
Nameday 6th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Height 5'10"
Weight Would tell you, but would then have to kill you!
Job Machinist
Bounty 500,000 gil


Height: 5 fulms, 11 ilms

Weight: "Nun o'ya gohdsdahm'd bizness!"

Complexion: Ashen grey

Hair color: Blonde with red highlights

Eye color: Pale green


Aela is fiercely independent, unwilling to tie herself down to any one place, organization, or person. She is very self-centered and focused only on improving her own lot in life, with little regard for most other people. For her, the ends always justify the means, so those who would stand in her way do so at grave risk.


Aela favors magitek weapons, with a preference to firearms. Her philosophy in battle is "kill those who get in the way, damn the consequences".



  • Fancy food
  • Gambling at the Golden Saucer
  • Her magitek bike, "Mjolnir"


  • Imprisonment
  • Thieves (only if they steal from her)
  • Those who would mock her accent

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