Aelyn Day

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Ishgard.jpg Aelyn Day
Aelyn Mugshot.png
Generic Adventurer
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ishgard
Server Balmung & Mateus
Tumblr Seldom Updated
Availability Early Evening GMT

Quick Facts

Given Name: Aelyn Day

Pronunciation: [A-lin Day]

Nameday: 10th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon.

Age: 31

Place of Birth: Ishgard

Current Residence: Rents an apartment in Mist

Grand Company Allegiance: Immortal Flames, by proxy of Machina & Magitek

Previous Employment: Scion of the Seventh Dawn

Current Employment: Wandering Echo-stricken adventurer, mercenary for Machina & Magitek

Religion & Philosophy: Devoted to Halone above all others, as would be expected of an Ishgardian. She keeps her piety to herself unless it becomes useful to divulge

Handedness: Right-handed

Physical Characteristics

Height: Slightly taller than average, 5'6"
Weight: Roughly average
Bodytype: Athletic
Hair: A fiery orange
Eyes: A misty blue

A life of hard training, both mental and physical have shaped Aelyn into what she is today. She possesses an athletic, though distinctly feminine build, leading her to be sometimes mistaken for a stunted Highlander. Her pale skin and fondness of the cold, however, are quick to dissuade such assumptions.

Her hair is unruly, a defiant shock of orange amidst the dull browns, blacks and silvers of Ishgard, leading many to believe that she did not belong. Her eyes, however, mimic perfectly the cutting, icy gales of the highlands in their hue, and her cold gaze drives the point ever further home. A smattering of freckles adorns her cheeks.

Aelyn spends many a night with naught but her own company. Most of the time, she prefers solitude.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Accent: Clean and clear Ishgardian

Aelyn is very reserved. She shows little to no emotion in conversation, speaking without inflection, save for the odd hint of curiosity in subjects she takes interest in. The mask she wears is helpful in this regard, concealing the more emotive parts of her face - cheeks, eyes and brow.

She is incredibly verbose, and enjoys using archaic and uncommon words and phrases to illustrate her points. This does lead to a minor amount of frustration when she is not understood and must repeat herself using simpler terms.

Aelyn does not suffer fools lightly, and quickly seeks to be out of their company. Any who share her interests in magitek and arcanima are always welcome, and she views no question on these subjects as a stupid one, save for being forced to repeat herself ad infinatum.

When angered or slighted, Aelyn can slip into a childlike scorn, wherein her already limited communication becomes even more scarce until it becomes apparent that it may cause detriment to the situation at hand. She is unaccustomed to being wrong, and while she aims to take corrections gracefully, she often does not succeed.


Machines. Any and all manner of machine piques Aelyn's interest. She has a fascination with complicated mechanisms and how each part contributes to the whole.

Drawing. Aelyn is a competent artist, owing to many hours of practice. Her preferred subject to draw is people, with whom she has filled several sketchbooks over the years.

Reading. An avid researcher, Aelyn oft fills a quiet night with a book upon her desk, only to find herself awaking slumped over it in the morning.

Smoking. A seldom indulged pastime, Aelyn smokes a simple blend of Dravanian fogweed.

Cold Weather. Being born of Coerthas, Aelyn has an affinity for the cold.

Tea. One of Aelyn's preferred comforts. She prefers Ishgardian tea, though is partial to other kinds.


Dravanians. While the Dragonsong War has passed, Aelyn cannot help but feel uncomfortable in the presence of Dravanians owing to a lifetime of terror at their hands.

Gil. As ridiculous as it sounds, Aelyn places a great dislike in the coinage of Eorzea, namely in its denominations and the weight of the coins. Where possible, she pays with minted Allagan pieces.

Mhach. While many of the reckless civilisations of the past draw Aelyn's distaste, none does so more than the rampantly destructive practises that were employed by the Mhachi. She despises the knock on effects caused by their pacts with the void and the magicks that they have created.

Aelyn Backdash Transparent.png

Preferred Trade: Engineering
Preferred method of combat: Marksmanship
Guild Training: Arcanima

One in hundreds, Aelyn is afflicted with the Echo. Owing to this, she possess abilities beyond that of a normal Spoken, including the ability to understand the intent behind words, regardless of language; brief, incoherent visions of both past and future; protection from primal influences; and the ability to linger far longer than normal on the brink of death.

In what amounts to a unique permutation of her affliction, Aelyn has a vast reserve of aether. To those with the ability to sense aether, she would give a signature several times stronger than that of the ordinary man. This aether has been channelled over years of research into a countermeasure against exhaustion and nigh-fatal injury - should Aelyn fall unconscious in battle, her aether surges, resuscitating her. This is taxing on her body, and leaves her in a state of weariness and nausea for several suns following, during which this power ceases function.

Alongside her supernatural abilities, Aelyn is an accomplished machinist. While not an inventor or tinkerer in her own right, she employs devices constructed by the Skysteel Manufactory and Machina & Magitek as if they were extensions of her own form. In doing so, her deeds are etched into the fresh soul crystal she carries with her, which she hopes to one day pass onto a successor, as did warriors of old.

Equally, she possesses exceptional skill in Arcanima, owing to a logical mind suited to calculations and geometry, as well as a plentiful reserve of aether. She was unable to complete her guild training, but has since struck out to research the aetherial arts on her own, albeit slowly. Arcanima has become more of a hobby to her now, though she employs various geometries in combat, such as Physick, Energy Drain, and the more powerful Adloquium.

Combined together - the Echo, her prowess in Arcanima, and her affinity for machinistry - Aelyn is a formidable foe upon the battlefield, and as such has faced some of the worst nightmares that the common man could dream of. The Echo's unique ability to shield the wearer and nearby allies from the effects of primal influence make those who bare it - Aelyn included - a valued commodity when it comes to dispatching manifestations of Primals themselves. Aelyn has faced a handful of Primals in her time, and emerged victorious through each, though the struggles have left their marks on her.

Social Interactions


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“ Aelyn's an odd sort. She don' speak o'erly much, but when she does, she knows her shite. ” - R'das Sahazrh


Colour Key

Romantic Relationship: Aelyn is romantically involved with this character.
Sexual Attraction: Aelyn would quite happily have a piece of this character's ass.

Close Friend: Aelyn considers this person to be close to them.
Friend: Self explanatory. Aelyn likes this person enough to enjoy their company.

Acquaintance: One who is known and considered to be neither pleasant nor frustrating.
Dislike: Aelyn harbours negative feelings towards this person, be they distrust or hate.

Non-Player Characters
Ceigbroda Skaendoensyn - Uncle Captain

Captain of the Iron Crow, an airship whose crew Aelyn was once part of. She was young at the time, and Ceigbroda protected her fiercely during their time together, treating her as a daughter of his own and teaching her much of the ways of the world. Although she looked to him as a family figure, and took many of his lessons to heart, she made conscious effort to avoid his mannerisms.

Player Characters
Examplo - The Exemplar Example


Trivia & Allusions
Possible Spoilers Below! Expand at own risk!

Aelyn's full Echo powers are the standard universal translator, anti-primal powers, and visions, plus Auto-Reraise. Auto is a term from older Final Fantasy titles, meaning that a status - in this case Reraise - is applied automatically at the start of an encounter. Reraise is a self-raise that triggers upon KO. Seeing as Krile possesses additional abilities beyond the norm via her Echo, I have taken the liberty of including one in Aelyn's gift as well.

Aelyn is well versed in deciphering Allagan Tomestones, and knows her way around many basic Allagan systems. Think of it as knowing your way around a computer operating system.

Aelyn knows an unhealthy amount about Garlean magitek and Allagan machina. She may be one of the most knowledgeable in the realm when it comes to Allagan technology, with her Garlean knowledge second to the Ironworks and Nero Tol Scaeva.

Aelyn maintains a professional relationship with many manufacturers of technology, including Garlond Ironworks, Skysteel Manufactory, and the Machina & Magitek Free Company.

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