Aerack Dawnshadow

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Aerack Dawnshadow
Aerack Dawnshadow.png
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
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Basic Info

A young Miqo'te recently returned to Eorzea after six years spent away. Where, he won't come right out and say. Aerack puts on a broad smile and seems to be a cheerful young man with a good sense of humor. But those who meet his dark left eye can't help but shiver a little.


Both of his parents were lost when Aerack was still fairly young. His father lost his life to bandits shortly before the birth of his younger sister when he was three, and their mother followed four years later due to illness. This left the care of his younger sister solely on Aerack's young shoulders.

Left homeless after the death of their mother, Aerack was forced to turn to alternate means to see to it that Rhiawen was fed and clothed. He took odd jobs when he could, working to earn enough coin to keep the two of them fed. Most times, however, it came down to outright thievery or digging through refuse piles. Pride was all well and good, but it wouldn't keep his sister warm and fed. Needless to say, the pair did a fair amount of moving around during Aerack's youth.

Shortly after his seventeenth birthday, Aerack and Rhiawen ran into a Garlean patrol. Taken by surprise, Rhiawen was wounded when one of the soldiers stabbed her in the right leg with his halberd. Snatching her up, Aerack ran as fast as his legs could carry the pair of them, hoping to lose their pursuers in the trees. Sadly, the Garleans were able to track the pair of them down, and the siblings soon found themselves surrounded. Deeming the odds of victory to be near impossible, Aerack made his decision. Promising his sister that she would be just fine, he charged the officer in command, taking a sword just beneath his ribs on the left side. Using their surprise against them, he used the opportunity to teleport his sister to safety.

When next he woke, Aerack found himself inside a cell. Apparently the power he'd called on to transport Rhiawen away had been enough to pique the curiosity of the Garlean officer. Desiring to know the means by which he'd accomplished the feat, they kept him prisoner, trying to torture the information out of him. His response was to become completely silent, as much to frustrate his captors as to keep his concentration. After three years, Aerack finally deemed himself ready and enacted his escape, murdering his guard and vanishing from the gaol where they'd kept him without a trace.

The past three years have likewise seen him once more rebuilding his strength before setting out with one goal in mind: finding his sister to make sure that she's safe.


If there's one thing anyone who can say about Aerack after meeting him, it's that he's got a good sense of humor. Jokes are second nature to him, and he can usually find the humor in just about any situation. His flippant demeanor may lead some to believe that he can't be trusted to take anything seriously. While they're not entirely correct, they're not completely wrong either. After so many years of caring for his younger sister, Aerack is no stranger to the occasionally crushing burden that responsibility can be. Loyal and steadfast, there's literally almost nothing that he won't do in order to help those he calls his friends. Be it his time, his coin, or his blood, Aerack will offer all three freely to those who need it.

At times, Aerack tends to sink into long periods of silence, his ears twitching as if hearing things that no one else can detect. If spoken to during those periods, he may absently refer to himself as "we" instead of "I". But he's always quick to brush off inquiries with a grin and a quick joke about the state of his sanity. Those sensitive to aether may notice it gathering and pulsing in his black left eye during those times, as if something were feeding on it. But any inquiries as to the nature of the phenomenon always seem to fall upon deaf ears, Aerack hurrying off quickly rather than try and come up with an answer.


Aerack currently makes his home in Limsa Lominsa, and can often be seen going about tasks for the local adventurer's guild. His loyalty belongs to a free company called the Tomial Order.

Other Notes

Few will ever hear the words from Aerack's own lips. But a spirit dwells inside his body, placed there by his father, a talented thaumaturge. Why his father placed the spirit inside him, or even what sort of being it is, he can't honestly say. All he knows for certain is that it was that spirit's power that allowed him to teleport his sister to safety six years ago. It was also the means by which he was able to escape the Garlean gaol that he was imprisoned within. However, using its power in such a way drains the spirit immensely, and it requires years to rebuild its strength afterwards. The presence of the spirit inside him turned his left eye pitch black, and it's through that eye that the spirit observes the world outside his host.

If provoked sufficiently, the spirit might go so far as to use Aerack's voice to speak. But for the most part, it remains silent, passively watching what transpires around his host.