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 Aesthyrondalaurai (alias. Nashiko Miyasato)
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Patrolling in Dravania
Gender Female
Race Celestial
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Strength 1116
Dexterity 806
intelligence 606
pdef 1392
magic Defence 1392
Mind 584
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Basic Info

|Age: Immortal |Military affiliation: Celestia |Rank: Daeva |Hair: Silver (Short) |Height 5'11" |Weight: 165 lbs |Notable is when she speaks she has a flange voice.


Aesthyrondalaurai Aesthyrondalaurai's origins began not too long ago when she died. A tragic death, being what she was, she was still devoted to helping others which is how she avoided an eternity in the Void, instead going to the Celestial plane to live in the great city of Celestia, to only a few mortals is known. It is said in Celestia a day is equal to a thousand years, it is beyond time and space.

The city of Celestia

She and others she abode with, they communed, learned, and grew. Until the time came, she was sent back to the physical realm, back to Eorzea, a beacon of light in the darkness, a powerful Daeva, and prophet...a voice from the stars. After some time, she was able to return to the physical realm to do good for others, and to bring balance to a world wrought with demons and other creatures. The age old story of angels undoing the evil demons had wrought upon mortals.


Nashiko is peaceful, quiet, but can be sociable most of the time. She loves to see into people, she loves the mortal world and meeting people here. Will not outright attack a Voidsent or the like.


Celestine Free Company Immortal Flames Falcon's Nest Celestia

Other Notes

Not sure what ffxiv was thinking, create voidsent but no angels or reference to them. IMO it makes the world unbalanced. That said, though there is not a reference to them in the lore doesnt mean they cant exist. Demons were once angels in a majority of legends and myths. For that reason I made this character. Angels caapn ear as Hyru and a lot of times they do and as other races of Eorzea as well. OOC: If you never rped with an Angel before look here for info: