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Born as "Scath'a Vahnax", to a pair of Garlean sympathizers in hiding near a Xaela clan in the Far East, Aether was groomed to be special. When he came of age, he was inducted into the garrison of a local Garlean outpost due to his mystical affinity. He discovered he could change his face with magic; appearing as anyone he wished. Groomed as a skilled Thaumaturge as well as trained in swordsmanship and subterfuge, Aether was deployed against rebel Doman cells, tasked with infiltrating their ranks and assassinating key leaders of the resistance.

When several refugee ships arrived in Eorzea, Aether was among them, disguised as a refugee himself. His particular target went to the Twelveswood, where he continued stalking his prey... until he made a grave error attempting to contact a more local Garlean Outpost. He was seen by his own kind, the refugees, and they fell upon him, their leader carving a deep butterfly scar into his cheek and throwing him into Haukke Manor as punishment, intending the Voidsent inside to devour him.

Aether, however, did not die. Tormented, bled, and driven to madness, Aether's mind all but snapped, his memory hidden in the depths of his mind and his brains reduced to almost animalistic tendencies. His escape found himself hacking his way through voidsent, bathing in their blood, their very essence seeping into him; eventually, in later months, this would manifest as a minor link with a voidsent, and certain knowledge seeping into his mind allowing him access to void-spellwork. Eventually found by a pair of Lalafel brothers, Aether began his new life, taking "Aether Landon" as a false name. His first home was among an Au Ra tribe; his second, a band of thieves; his third, a self-made crew of murderers. Eventually, he wandered alone; his madness, ego, and prickly demeanor making it difficult for him to stick around for extended periods of time. A skilled black mage who is perfectly comfortable swinging a blade as well as magic, he is well equipped to handle adversity.


Standing five foot nine, Aether's skin is obviously tanned from hours spent in the sun but is also curiously ashen; a callback to his heritage as well as how he has forsaken the ways of his people. His hair is a wild mane of dark blue, with reddish streaks flowing through it. His torso is covered in a network of tattoos, which ignite with mystic light when he casts magic. His face is, in a word, attractive, yet carries a single hideous mar; a burn, a brand, in the shape of a butterfly, carved into his very flesh. His mischievous eyes are a burning gold, always watching your every move.
Aspects That Stand Out:
Butterfly Scar on his cheek.
Smaller scars along his back.
Ornate tattoo-work along his lower torso and arms.


Aether used to be a man who was ruled by his passions, swayed this way and that by his own whims... Until his emotions led him to being collared like an animal. Since that day, much changed within him, and he made one simple vow: "never again." Since his overcoming of his past traumas, Aether has become a much more stable and introspective individual. Where once he would leap into action based on emotion and raw passion, he is now considerably more cunning and calculative, even when apparently in the grip of more violent emotions.


Reading. Whether it is about specific spell-forms and vertex angles, or perhaps the historical record of Eorzea, or even a cheap romance novel from a shady dealer in Ul'Dah, Aether LOVES books of all kinds. It even inspired him to work on his own spellbook; a Grimoire of all his magical studies and talents.
Water. Despite the traditional thought of cats disliking water, Aether spent nearly a month without a home, taking shelter in Costa Del Sol in a small cave on the beach. Occasionally, he will return there, to use his waterside hole as a retreat for meditation and swimming.
Revenge. Justice is a dish best served cold, but vengence is full of flaming hot passion. Aether won't forget those who wronged him... He may occasionally forgive. But he'll never forget. Beware, those who choose to make an enemy.


Slavery. Aether cannot abide slavery; he's done his share of unsavory deeds, murders, thefts, and corpse-robbing, but if he sees a slave he will do everything in his power to help them... even to his own detriment.
His Ears and Tail. Aether absolutely cannot stand his ears and tail; oversensetized due to harsh Garlean training in his formative years, they are considerable points of weakness for the black mage, and many times Aether has considered simply removing them.
Void Creatures. Aether, ironically, absolutely detests creatures of the void. Why then, did he choose to pursue the Void's secrets? He believes that if he can harness the Void's power, then someday, creatures from the void will hold no power over him... nor any of those he cares for. And perhaps, someday, he can put the mysterious voidlings who haunt his own mind to rest as well...


Fighting. It is no secret that Aether likes a good fight; whether it be with every tool at his disposal, or if it be simple fists. The fighting rings in Ul'Dah occasionally see him stop by to test himself. Whether he's hurling flames, casting voidal thunder, lashing out with his scythe, or swinging a conjured air-flame sword, Aether truly enjoys a good scrap; though these higher emotions put him more at risk of sinking into his occasional manic episode.
Gambling. Aether has a guilty pleasure of gambling; he can occasionally be seen in the Gold Saucer, swindling away gil from others... but mostly getting his own gil taken instead. Despite his calculative mind, the game of Triple Triad is something he is absolutely abysmal at.


Combat Adept. Being trained by the Garlean Military as well as delving into voidal magic tends to leave one a bit... dangerous. Aether is highly capable in combat and will sometimes even prefer a violent solution, even when a reasonable alternative is available.
Trained Focus. If Aether decides to do something, he's going to do it. It would take a miracle, or a thourough thrashing from someone he respects, to change his mind.
Information Gatherer. Not only does Aether have contacts in multiple guilds, but he also employs the services of a few very valuable spies...


Egoist. While his strength of will helps him overcome all adversity, it can also get him in over his head. Aether will not stop, he will not back down, and he will not give up... which quite often leads to him making the wrong kind of enemies. From Dotharl warmaidens to Ishgard knights, Aether has a tendancy to get into trouble due to his arrogant outlook and ego. This, ironically, caused the self-destruction of his old thieving crew.
Touched by the Void. Aether's time in Haukke Manor left him touched by the void, tormented by its most evil denizens. As a result, a minor Voidsent in the form of an Ahriman has latched on to him. Its presence, however, can violently affect his mental state, causing mood swings and other sorts of violent outbursts. He must take care to occasionally performm purification rituals on himself, literally carving and burning out void-corrupted pieces, so as to avoid being further tainted and possibly going mad; though some will say that he has already delved into insanity.
City Boy. Aether was raised in Doma. After his time spent with the Garlean Military, he was then almost always sent to-and-fro through cities; as a result, he almost never spends extensive time in the wilderness aside from normal travelling. Things such as tracking, finding fresh water, hunting, and other wilderness survival skills, are mostly unknown to Aether. The alleyways of Ul'Dah? Very homey. The wilds of the Steppe and the forests of Gridania? Completely lost.
Immune Sensitive. Aether suffers from a rare condition that makes him extremely sensetive to ingested toxins and poisons. He must even be careful with certain medicines and healing potions that he does not 'overuse', else he can suffer violent consequences; including but not limited to: anemia, vomiting, sudden loss of consciousness, bodily weakness, sudden changes to eyesight, and even sensitivity to light. It is unknown if this is caused by his void-touched state, or if its simply a hereditary illness.
Love-Shy. Aether is incredibly unlucky in love. His wife didn't love him and ended up killed by Garleans. His next lover turned out to be an assassin in disguise. The next love was unrequited and ended up being killed overseas. The next lover ended up putting him in a slave collar. The next lover ended up playing him for a fool and left him to pursue his former lover. His next lover vanished in the night without a trace. His next lover couldn't understand why he was so frightened to commit to her, and ended up cheating on him. His next lover ended up committing suicide in order to return to be with her dead son. After so much horror with love and relationships, Aether constantly flees from any forms of romantic attachment... although his loneliness makes it all the more difficult for him to avoid such attachments, making him partially doomed to repeat the cycle until he breaks completely.


Revenge, or Justice?' - Aether's primary motivation is, at its core, revenge. It is very easy for the Miqote male to mistake vengeance for justice, and he absolutely believes that what he's doing is just. Vengeance against those who cause the situation in Ul'Dah to become worse, as well as vengence against those who cause those he cares about to suffer. It is a form of hypocrisy; Aether is doing wrong himself, by seeking his own vengence, and his cycle of blood for blood will likely come to no good end.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Matt Grihm, Adopted Brother. ( ) - Supportive Figure.
Character's Thoughts: "He saved me when I needed it most. I'll never forget him... Even if he forgets me."
Matt was one of the members of the Thaumaturge Guild who took care of Aether after his time spent raving after Haukke Manor. Matt took him in, and Aether's twisted mind imprinted on him like a baby bird would a human caretaker. Aether believed him to be his little brother, and Matt was quite happy to allow this illusion to continue even after they both knew the truth. Aether and Matt had a falling out over a woman, and Aether only rarely hears from him now.
Thea Vahnax, Ex-Wife. ( ) - Planted by the Garleans.
Character's Thoughts: "I can't say that I loved her. In my old job, love was a dubious prospect at best. But she was... important. The mother of my child. And I'll miss her... terribly."
During his early years in the Garlean Military, Aether got married to a Hyur woman named Thea. Their relationship moved along all-too fast, leaving them unstable and constantly fighting over Aether's near-constant absence due to his work. Eventually, their feelings cooled off to the point of near-hate. She was assassinated when the Garlean's recieved word that Aether was not only still alive after failing his mission in Gridania, but that he had not reported back. The location, name, and even gender of their child is currently unknown.
B'hee Vahnax, Father. ( Negative ) - Craven coward of Doma.
Character's Thoughts: "Some people buy other people for coin. Others just sell their souls, and get away with it. I wonder who sleeps better at night."
Aether's father was a Garlean born and raised, fully believing all of the propaganda. He raised Aether harshly, critizising everything about him. Aether cannot fully ever trust him ever again, especially now, looking back at his old life. His father is the one who sent him into Garlean military service, and he did not take care of Aether's wife when Aether was away. Aether's father had sold information on any "rebels" living in Doma to the Garlean garrison. Aether plans to someday return home to Doma... and kill him.
 ?????? , Friend?. ( ) - Trusted Partner.
Character's Thoughts: "?????."
 ??????? .
Tilidi Salidi, Old Acquantince. ( ) - A kind Trickster.
Character's Thoughts: "He is a bit too cheerful for my tastes, but he gets the job done when needed."
A lalafel who Aether spent some time observing before deciding to bring him into the fold. The lalafel reminds Aether of his lost little brother, Matt, and is part of why he decided to bring him into his free company as well. After the guild erupted into chaos, Aether and Tilidi haven't seen eye to eye since...
Ongaku, Rival. ( $ ) - Accomplice.
Character's Thoughts: "He drinks too much. But when the chips are down... he just might be a trump card."
Aether was initially highly skeptical of Ongaku; a drunken samurai hitman wasn't on his list of preferred operatives. However, since then, Ongaku has proven to be somewhat of a challenge for the voidmage; a foil for him, if you will. Aether both nurtures a slight rivalry with him (in his head, of course) as well as a grudging respect for his abilities.
????????. ??????? ( $ ) - Subordinate
Character's Thoughts: "????????."
Sarnai Dotharl. Acquaintance ( ) - Ex-Lover
Character's Thoughts: "We're a pair of fools, the both of us."
Aether and Sarnai ended up as enemies when the two of them ended up falling for the same woman. At the end of the day, the woman rejected them both, leaving them collared as slaves with a physical link; what happened to one, happened to the other. Physical intimacies erupted rather violently after that, and the two of them tumbled head over heels despite their former enmity. However, Sarnai refused to give up on the woman who had spurned them both, leaving Aether heartbroken. Aether and her have since broken contact, and only rarely see one another in the street.



"Oh, him? I see him drinking in the Quicksand often, scribbling away in that odd book of his."

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"He's almost always got a mask of some kind over his face. Must be shy."
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Didn't he spend time in both a Xaelen clan as well as a Tea house? Doesn't seem very commited, does he?"
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"I saw under the mask! He's got a butterfly mark carved into his cheek!"



◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"He's a filthy Heretic. Void-wielding scum." — Rumormonger.



Player Note
Hello! I am based out of the server of Mateus, and am constantly always looking for new people to RP with and make long-term connections! Please feel free to seek me out in the game. Hope to see you soon.
Personal RP Limits
I am okay with anything happening to my character, provided what you are doing is within logical limits and we have agreed upon such things occuring. Character death is applicable to this, though I would like Aether's death to have a substantial impact, and not to be something that was random and not well thought out. I also enjoy more crime-based things happening to my character such as stealing, bribing, torturing, etc. ERP is fine, as long as it makes sense in the situation; don't come expecting Aether to bed you if you've just bumped into him, he doesn't do that sort of thing, he wants a connection. Long-term connections are more worthwhile to me. If rape, sexual harassment, etc is to occur, please ask me first and we will correspond. If you feel uncomfortable at any time during our RP session, please do not hesitate to send me a tell.
I will play With others whom enjoy weaving long-term storylines with character progression. I also will play with others whom seek to learn more about RP, and are willing to learn how to properly RP in the world of FFXIV
I won't play With god-modders, people who mix IC and OOC, and people who ignore established lore (please note that I myself am not a lore expert, so if I am wrong about something please correct me!). People whom strictly ERP to ERP are people I do not find myself RPing with often, though they are fine to do whatever they want.
Little Tidbits.
Please do make sure to note that any interactions you have with my character will and always will remain in ICly. Anything taken OOCly is not my fault, and should not be taken as something OOCly. Those whom mix ICly and OOCly will probably not have a pleasant time with RP with me, considering my characters can be very rude, violent, arrogant, cruel, and domineering to others. You have been warned!!!


Potential Plot Hooks
Aether is ALL about revenge. If you've had trouble in your life, or if you want someone dealt with, and Aether catches wind of it, he'll more than be happy to help. If you've got anything void related, as well, He's more than interested in checking it out!

Character Lore Adherence
I ask that you please take into consideration the lore of the FFXIV world, and adhere to it when RP with myself and my company. If you feel that the lore of FFXIV is boring, dull, and pointless, I recommend you use the lore to make something interested, but nothing that can be deemed as lore-breaking or something that others would view as unpleasant to RP with.

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Name - Aether Landon
Race - Miqote.
Age - Unknown. Thought to be around 30 years of age.
Name Day - 16th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Deity - Nymia, the Spinner.

Alias: "Mask"
Citizenship: Doman, Ul'Dah
Occupation: Criminal-for-hire.
Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Widowed
Hair color: Dark Blue, red streaks
Eye color: Gold
Complexion: Tanned
Piercings: One on each ear.
Marks or tattoos: Natural marks on cheeks, small scar over bridge of nose, butterfly scar on cheek.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Key Items: His Mask, a scythe, given as a gift from a friend in the Shroud.
Favorite Food: Roast Dodo
Favorite Drink: Chilled Red Wine
Favorite Color: Gray-black.
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