Aewynia Kitini

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 Aewynia Kitini
Gender Female
Race Au Ra (Formerly Miqo'te until freak accident.)
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 23
Marital Status Single
Occupation No one is sure
Height/Weight 5'1"
Orientation Bisexual- Female Preference
  • (Father)
  • (Mother)

Basic Info


Cat naps in shady areas
Large hat
Clothes and shopping


Bright light/sunlight


Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Color: Purple

Appearance & Personality

Usually seen with a smile across her face the young Miqo'te is normally full of energy. Often described as playful and spirited she has always worn her heart on her sleeve. Caring and kind to others she always tried to keep her heart in place. There is a rather innocent, yet flirty side to her.


Born on the 19th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon, Aewynia Kitini was born on the break of sunset under a eerie violet glow in the sky. At the age of three Aewynia would come to learn of her magical powers that dwelled within her tiny body, wanting and waiting to break free. Unable to control the magical tendencies her power would surge through her body, moving and breaking objects all around her. While her fits were never serious they would develop into something ferocious. One faithful day until the care of her father her body erupted into one of its magical fits, to a point it had never reached before. Her father’s life would be taken by the surge, body and home in ruins and only the young Aewynia to stand in its wake. Terrified and scared the young girl ran, seeking help but wouldn’t find any until passing onto a woman who could see the distress in her face. It would be the woman’s soothing words and a magical spell to hide the memory from her mind and suppress her magical powers so that Aewynia would return to the normal girl she once was, free to grow into the power that would remain dormant in her body for many years.
Her adolescent and teenage years blew by like a breeze. Often her days spent cat napping in the sun under the warm sun, reading, even took up drawing as a hobby to past days. Or, she took to harassing her own and only childhood friend Kaldaris. Finally he would decide to embark out into the world, making a name for himself and leaving her behind. The action impacted the women more than she ever knew and eventually was the cause for her to finally leave. The day would finally come when she would decide she had enough, her dreams had grown too big to retain in her own head and she set off into the world ready to find the only friend she had ever known. Having to originally take up a job as a Gladiator she finally set food in Ul’dah and her journey would begin as an adventurer…



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Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
Kaldaris Kelenvale :
William Montoya :
Allie Capone :
Ithani Isield :
Vanilla Wayfarer :
Zata Bajhiri :



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