Agatzahr Roehmerlsyn

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Agatzahr Roehmerlsyn is a former buccaneer who assumed admiralship of Limsa Lominsa in 963 of the Sixth Astral Era. One of his first deeds was to call the strongest pirate crews of the time to the negotiation table. Through bartering and threats he managed to put an end to 23 years of fighting over territory and shares of plunder. He is also responsible for creating a revolutionary code of conduct every corsair would have to follow, upheld in a just as revolutionary way by the Upright Thieves.

No crew would cheat another of its plunder, nor rob a fellow Lominsan, nor sell fellow men into slavery.

The Admiral went on to create a tax on the revived trade in plunder, and used to proceeds to bolster the Knights of the Barracuda, the Lominsan Navy. With this force he proceeded to fight the Kobolds, securing inland territories and defending the harbor.

He is also famous for creating a standard measure for the ilm. This was instigated in the year 986, when a pirate came to Limsa Lominsa in order to procure sailcloth. A scuffle ensued, as the sailcloth supposedly was not the amount of ilms he had paid for. This was ofcourse not accounting for the fact that the ilm did not have a set length at the time, being measured by the size of a Hyuran thumb, something which is variable per individual. Some fifty men were left dead or wounded. The Admiral took swift action, arresting the pirate who had caused the problem, lopping his thumb off, and declaring it would henceforth serve as the standard measure of an ilm throughout the land.

In his late years he established the Trident in order to avoid a war of succession, a tradition which has lasted to this day.