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Born to Ricard and Auelin Harte in the Miller's Glade province of Coerthas, Ahelissa is the oldest of 5 children. Ahelissa spent the better part of her childhood learning to grow crops and work the land even though she had dreams of becoming a Knight in the service of Ishgard. When Dalamud fell and changed the landscape, Ricard led his family to the gates of the Holy See as refugees. The family took up residence in the upper level of the Brume and have lived there since. As she came to age, Ahelissa and several of her friends enlisted in Ishgard's standing army. She sent her pay back to her family in the Brume, hoping to ease their life for as long as she could. It was during this time that she established herself a reputation as an excellent lancer.

Ahelissa was garrisoned at the Stone Vigil when the Dravanians attacked and broke it's defenses. Surrounded by Dravanians, defending several wounded soldiers and Knights, Ahelissa fought and killed the Elder Wyrm Chkra'sa however, she, was badly injured in the fight. Rescued from certain doom by a relief force of Dragoons and Knights Ahelissa and the other casualties of the Vigil were spirited away to the safety of the See to be healed and lauded as heroes. Ahelissa was soon after awarded the title of Knight Dragoon and went on to become one of Ishgard’s finest weapons against the Dravanain horde as a Dragoon. Once the truths of the Dragonsong war's beginnings were made public knowledge, Ahelissa resigned her title and left Ishgard proper for parts unknown. Later that same summer she turned up in Gridania working odd jobs at the various guilds there. Through no design of her own, she found herself involved with an incident with the guardian tree and Ixal that led her back to picking up the lance in the service of the Twin Adders and defense of her new home. Since then, she has done her level best to stand by the vows that she took when knighted, to defend those who cannot defend themselves foremost among those vows. Ahelissa has returned to Ishgard on several occasions to visit family and friends but it was only just recently that she came into the service of House Savaliere. It was through this service that Ahelissa met Hope Salaviere. Hope helped Ahelissa tap her potential as a Conjurer. Having no luck with Ishgardian Astrology when she was young, Ahelissa's exposure to magic up to that point had been on the receiving end of healing after the Stone Vigil. Once her eyes were opened to the possibilities however, she delved headlong into the study of any arcane arts she could. No one is quite certain just how proficient Ahelissa is with the Magic as she tends to only use what she has learned in times of great need. However, there is no doubt from anyone that has seen her in action that she is a very powerful and capable Mage.

Recently, Ahelissa has begun to feel the pull of the deep woods and the spirits that lie yet undiscovered within the less traveled parts of the Black Shroud. Selling her house, saying goodbye to her family and friends, she was last seen by Kan-E-Senna disappearing into the woods, a smile on her face and a spring in her step. No one is sure if or when Ahelissa will return, and what changes and growth she'll have undergone in her time away from her home.


Ahelissa is short for a Highlander owing in part to her father's Midlander heritage. She has deep green eyes and black hair she tends to keep short, in a mostly natural "How it fell" style. She has a scar running downward from the right side of her forehead to her right cheek, her hair does a good job of covering it most of the time, glamours kept in place cover the fact that her right eye is a milky white and 'blind'.

She is well muscled from her service as a Dragoon, however few rarely see this.

Her left forearm is horribly scarred from injuries received during the fall of the Stone Vigil, she no longer wears a wrap to cover the scars that stretch from wrist to slightly above the elbow. Both healed burns and the distinct tooth pattern of an elder dragon can be made out if one were to look close enough at the scar. No amount of magic or special brews will remove these scars, as the poison of the dragon lingered long enough in her system to make them permanent.
Aspects That Stand Out:
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 fulm, 6 ilm
Weight: 132 Ponz
Build: Trim & Well Muscled
Scars: Right side of face, a thin scar from mid forehead to upper cheek
Scars: Left forearm, from just below wrist to just above her elbow.


An honorable woman if there ever was, Ahelissa lives every day for the sole purpose of enriching the lives of those she touches. She is a generally happy person but even more so when helping others, a smile and laughter often dances from her lips as she moves among the patients at clinics or the children in orphanages, even the injured on the battlefield are blessed with her comforting smile as they are tended. But she is also a fierce and determined warrior when the need arises. A soldier and eventually Dragoon during the Dragonsong wars, she is no stranger to the battlefield, often fighting with a ferocity that take those she knows aback.


Tea. Ahelissa is fond of trying different mixtures and flavours of tea, it is among her favorite of drinks.
Fishing. She shares many a fond memory with her Father of fishing on the rivers and creeks of Miller's Glade.


Cruelty. If there is one thing she cannot abide by it would be cruelty to others. Those that choose the path of cruelty (in whatever form) will find themselves in direct opposition, and often times, in confrontation with her. She will not suffer the knowledge of those she deems cruel for long without taking action of one form or another to be sure that they cannot continue to prey upon anyone.
Disloyalty.A hold over from her time as a Dragoon, Ahelissa views disloyalty as a sin near that of cruelty to those that cannot stand for themselves.
Void. Being a White Mage, Ahelissa has a dislike for the void and void tainted and as such, she will go out of her way to expunge the world of void taint and save those that have been taken when she can.


Gardening. When not on official Seeker duty, she spends much of her free time tending the gardens of her home in the Lavender Beds.
Aetheric Study. Ahelissa spends most evenings, after the sun goes down, digging through her sizeable library studying Magic and Aetheric theory.
Sewing. Ahelissa's mother taught her to sew at a young age and it is a skill that she has kept up with since, making many of her and her husband's clothes herself.


Hearer. When in the Twelveswood she must obey the rules of the Hedge. She is extremely well versed in Conjury, White Magicks and Sharlayan Astrology. She has studied and is comfortable with Thaumaturgy, Black Magicks and Summoning. Her interests do not stop there, she is currently studying Ancient Nymian Magicks as well as the Red Magicks from Ala Mhigo. While her skill with healing magicks is unparalleled she is well rounded enough in the other schools to be considered a very competent opponent on the field. She has also shown a knack for teleportation spells, using them to great effect to place herself in close proximity to where ever she needs to be.
Echo. Ahelissa possesses The Echo. Unlike some, her gift does not allow her to dig within the minds so see people's pasts, nor does it gift her with the ability to understand all languages instantaneously. Instead, new languages take a bit of time before she can get the 'feel' for it, but it does come at a considerably quicker pace than having to learn the language naturally. The Strength of Ahelissa's Echo lies in her ability to mimic any spell cast in her proximity. Much like other people who possess the Echo with languages, Ahelissa learns magicks just by seeing spells cast, essentially making her 'multilingual' with schools of magick and explaining why she has such a large repertoire of magicks at her disposal..


PTSD. Thanks to the intensity of the fight betwen her and Chkra'sa at the Fall of the Stone Vigil, Ahelissa suffers from mild PTSD.
Sworn of Halone. Ahelissa has sworn to Halone to help those that could not help themselves and to protect those that cannot protect themselves, this can be used against her as the Knight would rather die than break this oath..


Sworn of Halone - Ahelissa swore to help those that could not help themselves to Halone, an oath she has every intention of keeping even though she's long since laid down her spear. She will not suffer cruelty to exist in the world and will go to any length to ensure that the young, defenseless and downtrodden are safe and protected from the evils of the world.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Auelin Harte, Mother. () - Her Matron
Character's Thoughts: "The woman that shaped me to who I am"
Auelin Wymen-Harte is the daughter of a chieftain of a Tribe of Highlanders in Gyr Abania. She met Ahelissa's father when he was a trader. The two fell in love and after some difficulty, convinced Auelin's father to let her marry Ricard. Together they have 5 Children and live in the Brume in Ishgard.
Ricard Harte, Father. () - Her Guardian
Character's Thoughts: "The Man who gave so I could live"
Ricard Harte, was born to the prestigious Harte family of traders in Ishgard 25 years prior to the fall of Dalamud. His heart was that of a farmer however, and after marrying Auelin of the morning light they built a farm and had 5 children. Ricard singlehandedly, with no martial training saw his family to the safety of the Holy See in the chaos after Bahamut.
Roysa Harte, Sister. () - Her Sister
Character's Thoughts: "The Sister that followed my example."
Roysa Harte, the second oldest child to Auelin and Ricard Harte, followed in her sister's footsteps to become an adventurer and serve House Savaliere. Unfortunately Roysa was injured gravely during an altercation with the mad (and then baron) Levidian Savaliere. She resides with her family in the Brume while she undergoes lengthy healing techniques ministered by her sister.
Enna Harte, Sister. () - Her Sister
Character's Thoughts: "The Sister that chose a differnt path."
Enna Harte, the third oldest child to Auelin and Ricard Harte, is an archer of unparalelled skill. She sells her skills to the highest bidder, which is currently the city-state of Ishgard. She was directly involved in the movement to overthrow Thordan, and has contacts in Ishgard's underworld. The two sisters don't always see eye to eye on how to deal with things.
Sely Harte, Sister. () - Her Sister
Character's Thoughts: "The Sister that probably won't go far from home."
Sely Harte, the youngest Daughter to Auelin and Ricard Harte, shy and quiet, spends a good bit of her time Weaving and reading. She shows little interest in anything else, she'll make someone a fine wife some day, but it's doubful she'll ever try to effect the world around her the way her sisters and bother have.
Kennard Harte, Brother. () - Her Brother
Character's Thoughts: "The Pride of House Harte."
Kennard Harte, the youngest child to Auelin and Ricard Harte, Kennard came into his own very young by convincing a knight of house Fortemps to take him under his tutelage. Since then, He has served as a faithful squire, eventually becoming a Ser in his own rite. The whole family is proud of the lad and what he has done for the house.
Domhnall Ainfean, Friend and Confidant. () - The Seeker.
Character's Thoughts: "The Wind."
Ahelissa and Domhnall met while working for Notre Ciel. Their relationship has always been complicated by Domhnall's dislike of magic and their attraction to each other. After the break up of Notre Ciel, Ahelissa agreed to sign onto the New Seeker Order at the behest of Domhnall and Ylaziel.
Europhos Hurltrach, Friend. () - The Black Mage.
Character's Thoughts: "The Teacher."
Creator and Leader of the Free Mages Guild and all around father figure for mages in general, Ahelissa and Europhos are diametrically opposed in schools of magic but despite this she considers him one of her closest friends while he was alive.
Miah Hurltrach, Friend. () - The Smiling Mage.
Character's Thoughts: "The Lost Patient."
Where her Husband is father figure for many mages, Miah is very much the mother figure, Ahelissa considers Miah to be among her closest friends while she was alive. Miah recently passed away durning child birth, Ahelissa, as the attending healer did everything in her power to stave off death's hand, but the Twelve saw fit to welcome her into their halls.
Thea Cromwell, Friend. () - The Student.
Character's Thoughts: "The Lost."
Ahelissa's first Conjury student through the Free Mages Guild. Thea has become a powerful conjurer in her own right. Mentoring a student in the ways of empathy and healing can be a very touching experience for those involved and as such, Ahelissa is very close to Thea.
Iona Falconsoul, Friend. () - The Student.
Character's Thoughts: "The Mender."
Another adept of Conjury met through the Free Mages Guild, After their initial meeting they became fast friends. Iona also helped Ahelissa nurse Domhnall Ainfean back to health after he was attacked by Sharlayan Assassins, for this Ahelissa holds a very deep respect for the woman.
Daro Zalahara, Friend. () - The Trainer.
Character's Thoughts: "The Homeless Warrior."
Being the trainer of House Savaliere, Daro was one of the first to put Ahelissa through her paces after she joined Notre Ciel, she has a healthy respect for the man as a warrior and considers him a good friend.
Kaine Fatalis, Friend. () - The Unlikely Partner.
Character's Thoughts: "The Dragon."
As Ahelissa's counterpart, she and Kaine have a close working relationship. A self taught Astrologian, Ahelissa has a respect for both the man's mind and spear arm. She considers him a good friend.
Deamon Tuteuf, Friend. () - The Guard.
Character's Thoughts: "The Stalwart."
Once a patient with a grave wound at the Clinic, Deamon has since become a guard for the doctors at the clinic, a duty he takes very seriously. She considers him a good friend and trusts him to watch after her on the battlefield should she need to take to the fight.
Ylaziel Thel Al'Qamar, Friend. () - The Mercenary.
Character's Thoughts: "The Shadow."
Originally a mercenary under the employ of Domhnall Anifean. Ahelissa met Ylaziel in earnest when both her and Isycar Heilrendre needed treatment at the Savaliere clinic. Ylaziel's small frame and quiet demeanor evoke a motherly feeling in Ahelissa giving her a soft spot for the little Au'Ra, she has since come to consider Ylaziel a good friend..
Kaelen Royeaux, Friend. () - The Student.
Character's Thoughts: "The Forestborne."
Longtime friend and fellow Conjurer from Stillfane Glade, Kaelen grew worried at Ahelissa's extended absence and came to Notre Ciel to find her. After some discussion, he agreed to join Ahelissa at the clinic to help ease the burden from his beleaguered friend.
Faedan Ashran, Neutral. () - The Confused.
Character's Thoughts: "The Fabricator."
Head Healer at the Dawn Frost Clinic, Faedan has helped foster Ahelissa's training as a healer throughout her career. Faedan and Ahelissa have grown apart in the past years and no longer speak.
Niketas Ashran, Neutral. () - The Medic.
Character's Thoughts: "The Doctor."
Faedan's brother and fellow Healer at the Dawn Frost Clinic, Niketas was also one of the first to befriend Ahelissa after she came to work for Notre Ciel. She considers him to be a friend despite his self-professed 'grumpy' attitude.
Kyo Kuza, Neutral. () - The Dark.
Character's Thoughts: "The Redeamed."
Captian of the Wraith squad, Kyo is a proficient user of void and a fairly competent warrior. While Ahelissa respects these things, she does not appriceate some of the man's past tactics in battle or his sometime brisk and unfriendly demeanor. Its because of these reasons Ahelissa tends to avoid interacting at length with Kyo when she can.
Jarek Savaliere, Neutral. () - The Power-Hungry.
Character's Thoughts: "Her Ex-Husband."
Jarek holds the dubious honor of being Ahelissa's first husband. Ahelissa saved him from years of servitude as the thrall of a Voidsent. He wished to prove his worthiness of Ahelissa's love, but took it to extremes that eventually drove them apart. Ahelissa left Jarek with his brother in Ishgard, with his brother Baron Killian Savaliere and swore never to return to Ishgard.
Isycar Heilrendre, Neutral. () - The Crass.
Character's Thoughts: "The Saboteur."
A Mercenary hired by Domhnall Ainfean, Isycar gained Ahelissa's ire quickly after coming into Domhnall's employ. Fiercely loyal to Baron Killian Savaliere, Ahelissa immediately took a dislike to the man for badmouthing the Baron.
C'Kalrune, Neutral. () - The Cruel.
Character's Thoughts: "The Vicious."
Ex-Guard and warrior for Notre Ciel, 'Kal' as he's known hovers in a unique spot among the people on Ahelissa's list. While she considers him a friend and capable warrior, she cannot condone some actions that he has taken on recent joint missions, and as such tends to keep him at arms length.
Levidian Savaliere, Enemy. () - The Adversary.
Character's Thoughts: "The Void-Thrall."
Levidian Savaliere was the head of house Savaliere when Ahelissa came to work for Notre Ciel. It was later discovered that Levidian was a Dark mage and at least one encounter with him and his minions left Ahelissa's sister, Roysa, injured badly enough she was unable to continue as a guard for Notre Ciel.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"The spirits of the forest called to her, she left everything behind and answered that call. May the Elementals guide and protect her while she does their bidding." - Kan-E-Senna
"That's that foreign Hearer, isn't it?" - Any Gridanian citizen
"Good Midwife that one, Heard she helped a bandit give birth under the canopy" - Woodwailer
"She blew up a Company Airship, just to save the lives of her entire team. That takes balls." - Domhnall Ainfean
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Some say she's delved the ruins of Amdapor and Mhach alone" - Free Mages Guild Mage

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"I've heard tell she braved the Gubal Library alone" - Unknown Mage
"She looks damned familiar, isn't she one of the survivors of Stone Vigil?" - Ishgardian Soldier
"That one spins odd magics, stand wary of her" - Free Mages Guild Mage


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.



Player Note
I rarely plan my characters future, so everyone she meets and interacts with has an effect on her, some are chronicled here - some not.
Personal RP Limits
I do not ERP, nor do I involve myself with story arcs that bring torture or harm to children. Yes, implying something happend in the past is fine, but Ahelissa is the sort of person that would instantly step in and put a wrench in the works for stories that revolve around those things.
I will playRescue of said suffering children.. Happy endings for the little ones is my only requirement, most other things I am open to if you send a tell first so that we can clear up any grey areas.
I won't playAhelissa and her family are off limits. I enjoy playing her as a character and intend on keeping her around for a long while hale and whole.
Little Tidbits.
I'm not unreasonable. Send me a tell and we can talk about what you have in mind.


Potential Plot Hooks
Ahelissa was sent home to Ishgard after the fall of the Stone Vigil and hailed a hero before she was granted her Knighthood with the Dragoons. People will occasionally recognize her for this.
A prolific healer, Ahelissa is always helping people whever she can - it's entirely possible she's treated you in the past if you've passed through Gridania and been refused treatment by Stillfane Glade.
She trains Conjury at Stillfane Glade, if your character is a Conjurer or White Mage it's possible she's helped you in your education of Conjury.
Ahelissa is a Hearer and recognized by Gridania as being a Hearer, as such, she does conduct official business for Stillfane Glade from time to time.
Ahelissa has fought with the Warrior of Light on at least two occasions, it's possible that someone who did the same fought at the same battles as them.
Character Lore Adherence
As a player I try to adhere to game lore as closely as possible, however I am willing to bend here and there in the interest of a good story.
No changes required.

Lissa 800.png
Name - Ahelissa Harte
Race - Highlander, Hyur
Age - 25
Name Day - 5th Sun 5th Umbral Moon
Deity - Halone

Alias: Lissa, Liss, Doc
Citizenship: Gridanian (Ishgardian by birth)
Occupation: Healer & Guardian of the Shroud
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Complexion: Light Tan
Piercings: Ears only
Marks or tattoos: Scars
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Key Items: Seeds
Favorite Food: Vegetables
Favorite Drink: Tea
Favorite Color: Green, Gold and Black
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