Ahrah'to Rirau

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 Ahrah'to Rirau
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Moderately Okay Ninja
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keepers
Citizenship Goblet
Server Mateus
Age 19
Height 5'9"
Weight 160 Ponzs
Profession Odd Jobs
Patron Deity Menphina, The Lover
Server Mateus

Ahrah'to Rirau is a Keeper who goes on adventurer's with his mate Mehleh Vunoxo. He currently lives with his mate in the Goblet.


Standing at around five fulms and nine ilms, Ahrah'to is tall for most Keepers. His navy blue highlighted purple hair is usually long and runs down to his shoulders whilst the front shapes his face well enough. Dressed mostly in simple dark black colors, he can usually be seen in simple shinobi wear. Besides that, the only discerning features are his odd coloured eyes: blue in his right eye and red in his left. HE also has a vertical scar marked down along his right eye from training. His tail is similar to a wolves ironically, fluffy and thick furred, as well as the same purple colour as his hair.


He was born in the Shroud. He met his mate in the Shroud. He learned his skills in the Shroud. He has family in the Shroud. The Shroud holds many good memories for Ahrah'to. Despite the above statements, the Shroud is not his favourite place.

Anything more about his history will have to be found out in RP.


A casual and carefree individual, Ahrah'to is kind and playful, especially around his mate. He does what he has to protect himself and his loved ones, willing to stand up to anyone and everyone especially for Mehleh. When he has to he will be serious and act his age, but besides that he's usually a playful, joking, and kiddish individual. His lover only further consolidates these personality traits within him.

Affiliations and Known Associates

Mated to Mehleh Vunoxo and member of Crossroads Haven


  • Nicknames: None
  • Age: 19
    • Nameday: 23rd Sun of the Fifth Astral Moon
  • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Straight
    • Marital Status: Mated to Mehleh Vunoxo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 160 Ponzes
  • Body: Toned
  • Hair: Dark purple with navy blue highlights.
  • Eyes: Blue (Right Eye)/Red (Left Eye)
  • Skin: Pale
  • Clothing: Shinobi Wear


  • Mehleh.
  • Fishing.
  • Reading.
  • Practicing with his blades.
  • Popoto Soba


  • Anyone who harms those he loves.
  • Being crushed by giant fat chocobos.

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Ninjutsu and the use of swords and daggers.
  • Crafting: N/A
  • Other: Fishing


  • Kind
  • Patient
  • No hesitation to stand up for his loved ones and himself.
  • Blade usage. (I.E Daggers, short swords, katanas)


  • Can be distracted very easily sometimes.
  • Can be compromised emotionally if something involves Mehleh.
  • Can be compromised emotionally if something involves Nomnom. (Giant Fat Chocobo)
  • Sometimes can be sub par at being a ninja.

Other Notes




He has a Lominsan accent and is playful to a fault sometimes.


  • Daggers
  • Throwing Knives
  • Collapsible Shuriken
  • Hidden Short Sword
  • Map
  • Portable Chronometer
  • Waterskin
  • First Aid Supplies
  • Healing Potions
  • Ether Potions


The following rumours can be heard about Ahrah'to, predominantly in the Shroud or the Goblet.

Common rumours

  • Sometimes you can see him with a big fat golden bird.
  • Someone in Fallgourd Float told me he's proficient with blades.
  • He looks kind of cute, but apparently doom spells to all those who go after him.

Uncommon rumours

  • Apparently he has a childhood friend who he keeps close to all the time.
  • In some places within the Shroud when one asks around for his name, they only get another name in response: Nomnom.
  • I've seen him around the Shroud fishing along some of the rivers.

Rare rumours

What PCs are saying

Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know Ahrah'to from:

  • Staying at the inn in Fallgourd Float.
  • Travelling within the Shroud.
  • Being a fellow fisher within the Shroud.
  • Living in certain areas of the Goblet.

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