Ahran'to Linahl

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 Ahran'to Linahl
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of The Moon
Citizenship None
Age 27
Relationship Single
Alignment Chaotic Good
Occupation Mercenary, poacher.
  • Ahran Linahl(mother)
  • Zura'a Yoh (father)
  • Ahran'a Linahl (brother)
  • Noh Linahl (sister)
Guardian Nymeia, the spinner

Basic Info

Never quite able to settle down anywhere, Ahran'to is one of those people that pass by and disappear, keeping himself plain and unremarkable.


F'yogi Tia
Kicking back and relaxing, drink in hand.
Dice games


Wood Wailers
Gridania, in general
Unessecary fights
His eyes - the color bothers him.


Setting traps. -His primary source of income and tradeskill for quite a while.
Fishing - As he was never sure where his next meal would come from, fishing was handy in making sure he diddn't starve.



Appearance & Personality




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Several words could be used to describe Ahran'to. Brat, bad mouthed and kinda sourly would be some of them. He is slow to trust and generally tight-lipped about himself with strangers, but not afraid to throw his opinion on other things out there - often with a crass comment.

He has a strong sense of family, even as messed up as his own childhood was, and is loyal to a fault as long as you show him the same. Despite this, he has no idea how to act around children, and you'll likely find him attempting to hide away somewhere if expected to deal with any.


Early Years

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Ahran'to grew up in a small family group in the Dark Shroud. His family lived off the land as poachers, collecting and hunting what they needed to eat or trade. They moved several times during his early years to avoid the Wood Wailers, or other family groups.He was taught to make traps, skin and make use of everything they hunted from an early age, expected to take his part in helping them survive. While he sometimes went to bed hungry, he doesn't believe his childhood was terrible by any means.

During his early teens, their camp was discovered, resulting in a fight that killed his brother. Under their parents orders, he and his sister, Noh, made an attempt to escape, but they had recently moved here and the Wailers knew the land better than they did. Noh was captured, and he himself wounded, Ahran'to had no choice but to run north, eventually crossing into Coerthas.

Present Day

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Love    Family & close friends     
Friends     Deserves stabbings
F'yogi Tia. Though initially disliking him, have grown fond of his company. Would never admit this.


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