Ahris Shallowtill

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Ahris Shallowtill
Ishgardian Mutt

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Gender: Female
Age: Early Thirties
Race/Clan: Mixed Hyur
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Marital: Single
Deity: Byregot
First Impressions
Frigid as the tundra from whence she came, Ahris stands with shoulders rigid and chin held high. She never misses an opportunity to use a big word where a small one would do, and favors high heels with all her outfits simply for the sharp snap it grants her step.

A floral perfume adorns her, fighting a valiant but ultimately losing battle against the nasal sting of ammonia and ozone that have seeped into Ahris' garments. Those who dare to take a second whiff will detect the musty tones of parchment beneath the struggle.

Ahris keeps several alchemical concoctions on her person at all times. To avoid New Powers as the Plot Demands this tab records their functions and limitations. This information is to be considered OOC.

Curative Twin Vial: A single dose of highly potent healing and antidote medicines kept in two entwined vials.
Flash Powder: In response to a harsh impact the powder inside this vial violently explodes. There is a short, thunderous retort and a blinding flash of light potent enough to daze anyone unfortunate enough to be looking its way.
Alchemist's Fire: On exposure to the open air the thick oil ignites. It burns hot enough to melt gold for approximately fifteen seconds before expiring.
Gas Bomb: Pressurized liquid flashes to gas when the vial is broken, expanding into a cloud of thick smoke roughly twenty fulm across. The smoke dissipates quickly in the presence of wind.
Maiden's Prayer: Single dose, use within 12 bells.

PC Rumors
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RP Hooks
Ahris is an in-house healer at the Wanderer's Elysium (Mist Ward 11, plot 5).
Out of both the Elysium and her apartment in the Goblet, Ahris acts as an apothecary for any discrete, legal need.
Music: Kill la Kill OST: Satsuki Theme

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