Aigiarn Kha

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 Aigiarn Kha
AiAndherMagitek Small webfriendly.jpg
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela of the Kha Tribe
Citizenship Undetermined



Part of the Kha Xaela Tribe, Aigiarn spent much of her youth traveling and living among the diverse cultures of Othard. As the Empire invaded the rest of the continent, Aigiarn was among those that adapted and became enamoured with the magitek of Garlemald. In the aftermath of Project Meteor and the political chaos it ensued, Aigiarn found herself journeying to the realm of Eorzea, which the help of vague traveling certificates, documents and referrals procured by her sponsor amid the beginnings of the Garlean Succession Crisis. Naively, Aigiarn seeks to follow the legend of Cid Garlond, whose legend only grew after his 'betrayal' of the Empire. In finding him, she hopes to learn of the unique paths that magitek has taken in the realm, while hopefully avoid being enslaved by the realm's uncivilized masses or eaten by eikons in the process. Now a member of Garland Ironworks by virtue of her background, but with Master Cid rarely in sight, Aigiarn has absolutely no idea what she should be doing anymore.


Aigiarn possesses dark-tannish skin, hardened by a youth amid the steppes and in the bright, explosive environments of magitek workshops. Aigiarn's eyes are dark red, with darker reddish limbal rings. Her dark black hair is typically tied up in a ponytail with reddish highlights along the edges. She is normally found in a variety of work clothes, although she reverts to her typical Ironworks battle gear during any outings she considers of lethal potential, such as walking through the major cities at night, going for a walk in the Shroud or fishing at the pier in Limsa Lominsa.


Aigiarn is naive and often overly cautious, although she is prone to impulsive behavior. She has weird misconceptions of the realm and its inhabitants, something her work with the Ironworks has not resolved. While she is fastidious with her work, she often feels the need to 'improve' items that she considerings 'lacking,' whether or not the improvement is actually needed. On the other hand, Aigiarn is most comfortable obeying precise orders, a side-effect of her time in Garlemald as a auxiliary.


As a Kha tribeswoman, during her youth, Aigiarn picked up a diversity of fighting techniques during her childhood; particularly, in travels around the now fallen city-state of Doma. While her melee fighting style is mere mimicry of those she observed in her youth, she has surprisingly become adapt at substituting gaps in technique with technology. Her primarily fighting style is with firearms and her assortment of magitek devices and explosives; a mixture of traditional Kha fighting styles and mimicked Doma ninjutsu, blended into a derivative of Garlean gun-weapon technique. Both her gun and her daggers are magitek constructs, and she melds their targeting abilities with automated turrets that track those she has bleed and/or targeted with her weapons. She's not that good at her Doman mimicry, but it often is sufficient for those unfamiliar with the combat style, as well as a melee back-up.

Her pride is a scavenged and customized Magitek Reaper, self-refurbished with 'borrowed' components from Garland Ironworks (she eventually convinced Jessie that the experience was worth it). From her time in Garlemald, Aigiarn has managed to repair its weapon systems, while substituting its magitek core with a Mammet Heart, a unique technique developed in Eorzea. The Reaper has taken on unconventional habits, mainly 'horse-like' mannerisms. Aigiarn has refused to name the Reaper, despite encouragements from other Ironworkers, mirroring the Xaela custom of not-naming their horses. Nevertheless, she is highly attached to the magitek mount and believes the relationship is reciprocated by the 'Reaper.'



  • Magitek.
  • Her customized Magitek Reaper.
  • Overly complex technology.
  • Assertive individuals.
  • Certain types of edible vilekin.
  • Flying.


  • Being Eaten or Enslaved.
  • Rude people.
  • The technology-phobic.
  • Gigatoads
  • Slimes and living slimy things, in general.


  • Professionally-trained Magitek Engineer.
  • Fastidious crafter.
  • Watching airships fly.
  • Making ominous-looking weapons.

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