Ailerana Galanadel

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Ailerana Galanadel
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Server Balmung
Height/Weight 5'7" (170.18cm)/143lbs (65kg)
Hair White
Eyes Left is blue, right is sightless and is milky white
Nameday 3/13
Age 26
Sexual Orientation Polyamorous Pansexual
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Basic Info

Born in Limsa Lominsa to Lugar and Rin Galanadel, she started life as a joyous blonde haired lass with eyes the color of rust.


Ailerana, or 'Ai' as she is preferred to be called, was raised by her fisherman father after her mother died giving birth to her. Raised in Limsa Lominsa, and practically raised on the deck of a ship, the love of the sea was instilled in her from her earliest memories. Those few times her father had to go to deeper waters too unsafe for a young child, she would be left with friends at the Fisherman's Guild. Though she would occasionally play with the other children in the area, most often she would simply sit and wait at the end of the pier, dutifully watching the horizon for the sail of her father's boat and waiting for his return.

All that changed one night a scant three months after her ninth nameday. One night, without explanation, her father bundled her up, and took her to his friend's home before he disappeared into the night. She would never see her father again. The next morning she overheard the yellowjackets telling her keepers that her father had been found murdered in the small hours of the morning, the only witnes being a young girl, barely older than Ai herself. From her, they learned that Lugar had come upon a group of slavers trying to kidnap the youth, and had intervened. She was able to escape, though it cost him his life.

Horrified by the news, she fled the home, not wanting to believe it. She hid around her home, waiting for her father to come home, and after a few days of loneliness, she went to the pier, watching the horizon, hoping with a child's faith that her father's sail would emerge from the horizon at any minute and her nightmare would come to an end.

It's a hard thing to learn at nine that reality cares not for the dreams of children.

One night, after returning home from the pier, she discovered her family's belongings being crated and carted off. With a cry of rage, she charged and knocked over a create, spilling it's contents on the road. Barely evading the angry workers, she managed to grab the first thing her small arms could carry, a small lock box the size of a thick tome, and ran of into the night.

The next few years were hard on Ai. The hardships of life growing up on the Lower Decks are not something a child should have to endure, but endure she did. Her love of her father, however, and the reverence of her father's memory led her down an even harder path. That of a protector.

Stepping into fights not her own, all for the sake of those younger, weaker, and smaller than herself taught her early on how to take a beating and fight dirty. Her undying will is the only thing that kept her going, and allowed her to drag herself from those streets and into a better life. Her tenacity got her her first meeting with a ship's mate, and her knowledge of seamanship taught to her by her father finally earned her a position on a crew, captained by a surly drunk that never looked at her twice.

At sixteen years of age she made her first voyage, and gained a love of the ocean that those short fishing trips with her father could never have prepared her for. It was also during this voyage that she met her first love, a green eyed miqo'te lass with hair like flames, though it was not to last. less than a year later, during a cargo unload in Vesper's Bay, X'tahlia was called away to care for her ailing mother in Thanalan.

Returning to Limsa Lominsa heartbroken and alone once again, Ai wandered her streets. The sound of brawling pulled her from her depression and she rushed in as always, ready to spare another from pain. She had finally bitten off more than she could chew as she charged the group of five drunken goons beating one screaming man, but heedless of the danger to herself, she drew there attention.

She might have died that night had someone not intervened. The last thing she saw before blacking out was a shadow stepping from its bretheren and cutting down the group.

She woke up days later in the care of a local apothecary and healer named Lagertha. Fascination with the woman's skills led her to barrage the old woman with questions until finally she was told to shut up and either submit herself as an apprentice, or go away.

Never one to back down, she offered herself into apprenticeship.

The hardships of her life prepared her well for the grueling instruction at the hands of Lagertha, but as ever, she endured. And learned. For six years she learned everything Lagertha would teach her, even when she began to resent the woman for denying her wish to rush of to Carteneau, knowing her then limited healing knowledge would still have been invaluable to those fighting and dying on the fields, still she learned.

Finally at the age of twenty three, she left the home of her teacher, ignoring threat of punishment and promise of still greater knowledge. No longer could she ignore the call on the wind, the whisper of her name on the breeze. A bitter parting from the only real home she had known since the death of her father, she left for Gridania, and the Conjuror's Guild.


For all her hardships, Ailerana displays a remarkable happiness and joy of life. Quick to laugh and smile, and always with a kind word, one would never know the nightmares that plagued her. She is the type of woman to hope for the best, but is pragmatic enough to know that hopes aren't enough.

Tenacious, loyal, and sacrificing to a fault, she'll always step in to save another from pain regardless of the cost to herself.


A member of the free company "F.A.T.E.".


Haruka Uesugi: Her anchor, and her love. Always considering the elegant woman as being above and beyond her, she never considered trying for more than friendship. A tragic occurrence changed that. Ailerana may have lost sight in her right eye, but she gained the most important woman in her life. Quite an unfair trade, in her estimation. She'd have given both eyes. Being the sentimental type, Ailerana wears an amethyst ring on her left hand to symbolize her love and devotion to Haruka.

Destiny Boudreaux: A woman of passion and impulse, Ailerana has her hands full with Destiny as her girlfriend. Though only eighteen, some could be forgiven for thinking Destiny was the elder with how much she looks after Ai's well being. Quite the task the young woman has set herself with how often Ai throws herself headlong into danger for the sake of others. Though neither is she bonded to the young Boudreaux, the danburite ring on her right hand symbolizes her love and devotion to Destiny. Ai has taken it hard, now that Destiny has left to continue her duties elsewhere, but she still waits for the woman to return.

Xy'la Galanadel: Ai's half-sister. Though they had met long before learning that they shared a sire, Ai and Xy bonded quickly. Only Fate itself could have ensured that the very box that Ai managed to rescue from her home so many years ago would contain the evidence of their shared parentage, and that leaving for Gridania to bring home a daughter he had never known was the reason Lugar Galanadel rushed away in the night. Only Fate itself could be so cruel as to kill him before he could reach Xy'la, to claim his daughter and bring her home.

Altani Khatayin: The closest friend a woman could ever have. Ailerana would unquestioningly give her life for Altani, and very nearly has. Though Altani has claim to a piece of Ai's heart, the bonds of friendship have remained true. They have bolstered, encouraged, and stood by each other through terrible hardships. Such is their bond that Altani chose Ailerana to be the one to deliver her children.

Faith Stormstrike: Leader of "F.A.T.E." and elder sister of her girlfriend, Destiny, Faith is another trusted friend, and has saved Ailerana's life when a complication with aether left her slowly dying. Ailerana puts her medical skills to use in "F.A.T.E.'s" clinic when she's needed, as well as giving whatever aid she can when Faith calls upon her.

Benedict Whiteraven: The best drinking buddy a lass could ask for, Ai doesn't hesitate to rush to his aid when he needs it. She may not know a lot about his past, but the man has managed to find a place in her heart as a dear friend.

Alyria Winchester: "Boots" as Ai's sister has dubbed her, and "Boots" she remains. Boots is a steadfast and loyal companion, and Ai has enjoyed the time she's spent working together behind the bar of the Wayfarer's Rest. Having also fought beside her, Alyria is a woman Ai trusts implicitly.

T'ahlia Chelewae: A newer member of the Wayfarer's, Ai took a quick liking to the beautiful miqo'te woman, likely over their shared love of fish. Having spent some time with the woman, though, Ailerana has just as quickly grown protective of her. Taly simply has to ask, And Ailerana will be at her side and ready to assist in any way she can.

Viola Ray'prachna: Being like a sister to Altani, she first met the young Xaela while walking the Aftcastle in Limsa Lominsa with the Khatayin. The shy woman instantly endeared herself to Ai (who happens to have a weakness for a good blush). Considering Vi a close friend, she was heartbroken to learn that Vi suffered a similar ailment that had left Ai herself nearly for dead. Let's hope that Ai never learns that Viola suffered the same ailment a second time, though this time as a gambit to save Ailerana's life when she was grievously wounded and infected with a darkness that was consuming her very soul.

Yari no Suna: An unpredictable Raen met through Haruka, Suna has become an important person in Ai's life, though she knows little of the woman. The spearmaiden and engineer none the less holds a special place in Ai's heart, and she finds it difficult to resist the allure of the scaled woman. She may not think herself very important or intelligent, but Ailerana would (and has) argued otherwise on several occasions.