Ailred Nieel

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Ailred Nieel
Ailred pic.png
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Server Balmung
Age 26
Alignment LN


Ailred doesn't stand out from the crowd with his average height and build as well as a lack of any special facial features aside from his deep blue eyes. And he likes it that way. He prefers simple but elegant clothing mostly in black and is rarely seen without his trademark spectacles.

Often seems quite sleepy as he tends to spend a bit too much time tinkering with his devices, making blueprints, conducting experiments and reading books.


Straightforward, honest and curious. He doesn't easily trust people, but is willing to do anything he can for his friends, which has a tendency to lead him to witnessing (and taking part in) all sorts of disastrous events.

Tends to overthink things and miss essential facts whether it is about something that concerns people, politics and society or just another one of his devices.

Ailred is a calm person and it is not easy to make him drop his poker face, but can be quite destructive when angered.

Brief Biography

Ailred was raised as the only child of an ordinary family of an ordinary pottery merchant residing in a small house not far from Ul'Dah and firmly refused to inherit the business, which lead to neverending quarrels with his parents who were constantly trying to "reason" with their son. They gave up eventually, so he still maintains a reasonably good relationship with his family, but prefers to keep some distance.

Having next to no aptitude for magick due to his low aetheric capacity and no love for violence, he has been interested in mechanical and later magitek technologies for quite a long time. At first he was tinkering with and studying simple devices he could find nearby (such as water pumps and mills), then he switched to garlean magitek gear parts that he could either scavenge or buy.

Later on he made his way into the Garlond Ironworks as a part-timer and ended up being involved in the production of their personal equipment and customer service, which required him to perform all sorts of repairs and modifications of Ironworks products. That is when and where his life as a real engineer began. After spending several years working for the Ironworks and occasionally traveling around the world, certain events lead to experiments with his own magitek tech aiming to develop a way to efficiently store and manipulate aether.

Used to reside in Ul'Dah for quite some time, but had to flee to Ishgard due to constant pressure from a shady organization based somewhere in Thanalan. Still drops by the Quicksand now and then.

RP hooks

  • Anything magitek, especially related to airships as Ailred is quite fond of those
  • Aetheric research
  • Black magic, as for a short while he was involved with a group trying to find a way to use it
  • Repairs or production of any sort of mechanical devices
  • History and archaeology related to Sharlayan, Allag and Mhach
  • Etc.


Hey, thanks for reading! As a player, I'm looking for long-term story-focused RP and hoping to find interesting people. Not particularly picky about the themes (and all those "ERP" people will probably never open this page anyway). The character has a long history, most of which is not included here, and has got his share of stories to tell. You can find me (and a lot of other players) at the Discord server: , or me personally (again, on Discord): ninjakani#7283. Drop me a line anytime, I don't bite.