Aimee Mayuzuma

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Aimee Mayuzuma
The Bartender

Name: Aimee Mayuzuma
Alias: Lady Defoy, Ms. White, Aims, Cautious Shape
Age: 52
Gender: Female
Race: Elezen
Clan: Duskwight
Orientation: Sapphic
Marital: Married
Deity: 'Spirits'
Nationality: Ex-Sharlayan, Currently Hingan
Occupation: Bartender, Brewmaster
Alignment: True Neutral

At first glance, the Elezen's features can be described as eclectic, giving no accurate indication of her origins. Standing at 6'9”, Aimee is slightly above average for those of her kind, and towers over the other non-roegadyn races. One of her most distinctive features that one of her monikers derives from is her snow white hair; long, voluminous locks that extend a few ilms past her waist. She keeps her hair well groomed and maintained, utilizing a hairband to keep it tidy and in check. Her eyes are no less remarkable, crimson ruby orbs ever framed behind a pair of elegant, rimless glasses that are rarely removed. Despite the rather unusual color of her eyes, they appear soft in shape and mostly benevolent while giving off the occasional illusion of seeming sparkles, offering the observant a subtle glimpse as to her actual mood. Her ears are also atypical of most Elezen, barely sharp at their ends and much shorter as well, almost resembling Hyuran ears. Rounding off the unusual combination of features would be her skin, which stands in stark contrast to her hair and eyes, a tanned cinnamon which remains smooth and unblemished despite the passage of time upon them. This is all brought together by her ever present smile, blending the aforementioned features in a cohesive whole which is generally perceived by others as warm, understanding, and empathetic.

Complementing her face is her lithe frame, which undisputedly dispels any doubt of her race, despite her visage implying otherwise. Her bosom is relatively well endowed given her height, which makes them appear unremarkable despite their size. The woman's limbs complement her body as well, with her willowy arms and legs expertly manipulated to give off an almost ethereal aura of elegance and grace. Of particular interest are the woman's hands, which bear a few distinctive features that heavily imply her experience in her now-chosen profession. There are calluses along her ring finger and index finger of left hand, while her right hand's fingers are ever so slightly crooked. The cycles of being a bartender have irreversibly marked her hands as those of a bartender's, and the adaptations on her hands cause them to seem even more suited to the task than a pair of perfect digits. Her legs are quite long, and Aimee's gait can be described as almost floating, gliding across the ground in a quick yet deliberate manner. All in all, the demeanor of her body remains similar to her face, a calm elegance that exudes a subconscious sense of welcome and warmth to those in her presence.

Scars & Markings: Despite being quoted as seeing more than her fair share of action in her youth as a mercenary, she doesn't seem to bear any scars or markings to prove the fact. Aimee sports relatively few distinctive markings as well, the most salient being a beauty mark on her face, located near the bottom of her right cheek. There also seems to a small tattoo, too thin and fine to be inked via normal means, on her right ring finger. This particular marking is unnoticeable except to the most astute of observers, as they are covered by her two wedding bands.

Voice: Aimee's voice is cool and soothing, falling solidly into a versatile mezzo-soprano range. Knowing full well how a voice can be utilized to portray an image, her voice can range anywhere from soothing and melodious, to rather alluring, to downright cold should she choose to. Most would describe her default voice as deep yet light, carrying her words clearly across distances despite not raising her voice any higher than a normal speaking volume. While her speech patterns reflect her privileged upbringing, she is careful to enunciate each word in such a way to make it clear that she does not expect a similar response, welcoming all to a friendly conversation no matter the surroundings. (Voice Sample here)

Clothing: Over the recent moons, Aimee has slowly but surely added more clothing to her collection. Despite this expansion, her preferred palette still remains very much monochrome, as she can usually be found wearing a combination of white with the occasional black highlight. While out and about, she always wears something long and flowing, although this can now range from ponchos, longcoats, or robes. She does seem to prefer pants more often than skirts, although this does not preclude her from donning the latter. She eschews jewelry or any sort of display of opulence, donning a single scintillant earring on her right ear for ease of linkpearl storage. Her twin wedding bands on her ring finger stand in contrast to each other, with one being made of white sliver and the other made of dark volcanic glass. The glasses she wears don't seem to change the size of her eyes much, indicating that they most likely are worn as a cosmetic choice as opposed to fulfilling a pragmatic purpose.


Charismatic, Polite, Empathetic, Diligent, Relaxed, Perceptive, Enigmatic, Eccentric, Whimsical

Aimee at her core, is a woman very much defined by her profession as a bartender. Where others see it as simply the wanton mixing of various liquids in a glass, she sees the entire act, the ideals and concepts as an art, something one can dedicate their lifestyle to perfecting. Drawing a seemingly infinite amount of parallels from the bar to her daily life, she approaches her chosen lifestyle with the same fervor a nun would her deity, or a samurai for her code of honor. When behind the counter, she assumes the mantle of her ideals; this means that while her empathetic, polite, and welcoming demeanor remains constant, she'll tirelessly make little adjustments for her guests as she sees fit. After all, the job description of a bartender for her is endless in a way, for one day she may be needed as a friend and a confidant, while on others she must take the role of an adviser, mentor, or peacemaker. Her ability to seamlessly shift between such presentations makes her true personality rather difficult to pin down. Aimee's behavior while not explicitly at work is not much different than her behind the counter behavior, although close friends of her would add the words eccentric and whimsical to the list of descriptions. While the benevolent aura around her doesn't change, she does have a habit of taking in life and her surroundings at her own leisurely manner. This can sometimes lead to situations where she can be seen as stubborn, obstinate, or unintelligent. However, it would seem that this exterior is a ploy when she casually drops an observation or a statement that can cut right into the heart of the subject at hand. While these insights are usually small and lingering, by the time they're recognized she would usually be gone, or have moved on to a new and completely unrelated subject.

An introspective woman, Aimee would be hard pressed to list anything she truly hates, feeling that such an emotion is unnecessary and would taint the drinks she serves. This can make her seem apathetic or infuriatingly neutral at times, as swaying her to a cause can seem to be quite difficult. While she can be particularly persuasive and manipulative, she always ensures her machinations come at root from those she affects, believing that she has no place to directly guide anyone in their walk of life. Another remarkable trait of hers is her understanding that her behavior is a choice and her choice alone; the hospitality and kindness she shows to others is in no way demanding reciprocation of any sorts. Those who take the time to befriend her and earn her trust would realize that underneath the appearances and facades, lies someone with a storied past who has seemingly stopped to be living explicitly for herself. After all, as Aimee herself would say, 'One can find great comfort simply in the act of comforting others.' As to why she requires that great comfort is an enigma that remains to be seen by most.

Perhaps as a nod to her origins, she is particularly well read and well versed in a vast majority of topics aside from spirits and teas. Her reason for doing so is once again tied to her profession; if one is to an excellent conversationalist, then they must be able to hold their own in any subject of conversation, from art, to philosophy, to modern times, to the nonsensical, most absolutely batshit insane conversations one could think of. She also seems to have a large collection of highly advanced, almost lifelike, mammet creatures of various sorts and sizes that she is all too willing to give away, usually to destitute individuals needing company. While she still remains quite proud of her Sharlayan origins, she for some reason keeps quite mum about her reasons for being at her station, deflecting to another topic as soon as she is able to. What's in the past remains in the past after all, and she would much rather consider how to advance and better herself in her chosen lifestyle than to reminisce on what could've been.


  • Anything pertaining to drinks: Alcoholic or non alcoholic, history, trivia is all fine with her. Considered by many to be a walking encyclopedia on spirits, teas, and juices.
  • Idly wandering in the wilds: The beauty of wandering is in not having a destination in mind, without a destination each step becomes a meaningful event of its own, and not having to adhere to a rigid sleep schedule gives her plenty of time to indulge in this habit.
  • Marks of Culture: Be it books, arts, or ruins, she has a particular fascination for anything that displays the signs of existence for spokenkind.


  • Being called barkeep: She considers the word to be a cold and empty shell of her ideals, lacking the etymological grace compared to the word Bartender.
  • Shrugging off mistakes: No matter how small or trivial, a mistake to her is something to be owned and learned from... but it doesn't seem like anything is truly trivial to her anyways.
  • Ostentatious attempts to show one's tolerance: Attempts to impress her when it comes to tolerance usually end in vain; Aimee has probably already met someone that can drink more than you in her many summers of experience.


  • Often inserts words from other languages in her speech: Because it's pretentious to think that set of thought can be neatly captured in combinations of twenty six symbols.
  • While being quite knowledgeable about a wide range of culinary practices due to experience as a sommelier, her practical knowledge of applying them is limited at best.
  • The Duskwight trait of extremely keen hearing is possessed in full by the woman, and she liberally uses (and abuses) it on a daily basis.
  • Aimee is an excellent liar, while she prefers to err on the side of truth, the ability of the woman to unabashedly lie without batting a single eyelash is remarkable.
  • Aimee is often accompanied by an extremely lifelike mammet in public, ranging from a bluebird to a bear cub.


  • Favorite Food: Shrimp Dumplings
  • Favorite Drink: Martini
  • Favorite Color: White

"The greatest gift that power offers us is the ability to show mercy to our transgressors. How fortunate is it that I'm a generous soul, hmm?"

At the end of Aimee's seemingly infinitely long fuse lies an exiled Sharlayan mage, cast out due cloudy circumstances at the age of seventeen summers. Having no other option than to wander Eorzea, she realized that for her, the most lucrative and reasonable way for her to earn her living was by living the life of a mercenary. Convenient for honing her survival skills, as well as learning to defend herself against the occasional unsavory Sharlayan zealot that would rather see her exile brought to an abrupt and premature end. While it is highly unlikely that Aimee now would find herself in a combat situation of her own volition, those unfortunate enough to witness her would find themselves receiving much more than what they bargained for.

While seemingly benign, the innocuous automaton that can often be seen around Aimee carrying her groceries on her morning shopping trip is far more dangerous than it would appear to be. Or maybe not, as designing a mammet of such size and ability weighing well over two tonnes is too eccentric for even Aimee herself. Regardless, this advanced mammet is a centerpiece of Aimee's combat ability, boasting incredibly strength and durability combined surprising agility for a contraption of its weight. Standing over Aimee at 8 fulms, Inori (as Aimee calls her) is proficient in wielding a variety of melee weapons, but it tends to default to an oversize axe or greatsword, sometimes wielding both at once if necessary. While it lacks the sheer range of a bow or a firearm, its ability to hurl said weapons as make shift projectiles weighing fifty ponzes makes up for this perceived disadvantage.

Not one to settle for a fair fight, Aimee is far from one to stand idly by to observe Inori's rampage. The reason for the linings of silver in her traveling wear become clear when she is forced into unfortunate circumstances, allowing her to call out Inori with a quick snap of her fingers. The intricate weaving and runes also contain another summon, a set of eight hand like constructs brought to life via Sharlayan spellwork. Despite Aimee's lack of training in any sort of melee combat, these disembodied white hands allow her to hold her own fairly well, allowing her to attack and defend via the theory of quantity over quality. Working in tandem with Inori, the automaton's slower strikes and swing suddenly become much more likely to hit their intended targets. Despite all this, her combat style still suits her vow of pacifism, even if it errs on the side of technical pacifism as it is never her that lands any sort of blow directly against an opponent.

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Aureliaux Defoy ( ) ( NPC ) - Strict Taskmaster
The head of the Defoy family, which is well known for their skill in both alchemy and animation. He held Aimee up to his exacting standards, which she easily met and surpassed, to his great pleasure. She doesn't speak of him or her family much since her forced departure, but seems to be on good enough terms with him despite the lack of contact between the two.
Argentie Defoy ( ) ( NPC ) - Benevolent Scholar
An extremely talented magus in her own right, she chooses to spend more time delving into more focused research of her own interests as opposed to ensuring that the arts of her family would not be lost. This may have affected Aimee's upbringing, with unorthodox bedtime stories of intricate details of various magical arts. While Aimee has more or less lost contact with her parents, she still holds them both in high regard.
Aimie Defoy ( ) ( NPC ) - Her better half.
Aimee and Aimie were inseparable, as close as twin siblings could be until fate would have it that one would pass away well before her alotted time. While Aimee doesn't mention her dead sibling much to anyone, she knows deep down inside that her passing was the catalyst that lead her down the winding path to her current station.


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Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "Aimee of Bar Saisei? She's a certainly is a bit eccentric, but her genuine good will and service sets her apart from the others." - Contented Customer
    "That 'thing' holding her groceries certainly is anything other than ordinary. I've seen strange things, but this seems to be something else." - Suspicious Shopkeep
    *Holds up a suspiciously lifelike plush toy* "The white witch gave me this present!" - Overjoyed Orphan
    "For someone that runs a business in Shirogane, she sure seems to have a lot of time to be traveling to other continents for the most whimsical reasons." - Badgered Barfly

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "I heard she's in a relationship with two Xaela. Disgusting if you ask me, especially when she's older than both of them combined... shameless woman." - Gossiping Gridanian
    "It was as if an angel appeared from the raging sandstorm to guide me out of the desert and into the oasis. I don't eve know if it was real or just me delirious from the lack of water!" - Stranded Scavenger
    "Aimee Defoy? She was quite the charmer, the hosts and hostesses of our club certainly have enjoyed the time they spent with her despite the fact that she was poor." - Hingan Hostess

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "The Defoy twins? Aye, I remember Aimee and Aimie. Shame that Aimee went insane after her sister's unfortunate death. Exile was too good an option for someone so dangerous, but that's the power of an important family for you." - Sharlayan Septuagenarian
    "When you accept defeat from the bottom of your heart, it gives rise to neither regret or humiliation. What rises from the ashes is a sense of grudging respect, the understanding of the difference in capability. That was the sort of the perfect defeat we suffered at the hands of the that witch, but at least she spared us all." - Mauled Mercenary
    "She appeared a few moons back ago and disappeared as quickly as she came, leaving a trail of veritable destruction in her wake. While she had the looks and mannerisms of an angel too good for us degenerates in such a den, her play could only be described as monstrous, straight from the maws of hell itself. She didn't simply win, she was able tear away at the very foundations of your mental state, to cause the seed of doubt to blossom and metastasize into every single one of your thought processes, to cause you to dance on her palm like some damned puppet while she toyed with your mind with her discards." - Gaunt Gambler


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"I can't say I hold a job as of the moment, but I can say that I do live the life of a bartender.