Aisha Aurica

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Aisha Aurica
Aisha Aurica.jpg
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 26
Marital Status Single
Occupation Adventurer/Underworld Boss
Height/Weight 5'3" / 135 lbs
Orientation Bisexual
  • Aishlenn Soatski (Adoptive Mother-Deceased)
  • Alexia Soatski

Aisha Aurica is an orphaned miqo'te raised by a hyur mother with an adoptive sister, in her teenage years she fell through the cracks into the Lominsan Underworld and ended up in the infamous Coerthian "Cathouse" where she escaped was trained by the U Tribe and has since become a powerful adventurer and underworld figure in Limsa Lominsa

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Basic Info


Rainy / Cool Days
Clear Starlit Nights


Hot / Muggy Weather
Constables / Authority
Spicy Food


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Vice(s): Gambling
Favorite Food: Seared Sundrake Steak with Sabotender Nectar and Fronds
Favorite Drink: Hibiscus or Mint Tea sweetened and chilled
Favorite Colors: Black, Red, White, Gold

Appearance & Personality

At 5'3 with a gentle face and lips that seem made to be kissed, Aisha presents a deceptively demure figure. However her small stature

conceals an explosive physical power similar to a coiled spring, but her general preference for revealing and body hugging attire makes it easy

to note her toned musculature and lithe grace

In her travels Aisha has seen some of the worst aspects of society however this has not dampened her cheerul demeanor and belief in people

and as a result she is very open and friendly even with the newest of strangers.

Beneath Aisha's obvious physical attributes lies an astute mind, natural tactical acumen, and an iron will. She is very intuitive and

intelligent but often hides these attributes in order to suprise others who may underestimate her, favoring instead to keep her words simple,

her insights brief and her clothes revealing.


Aisha was found in the hold of a Lominsan trade ship that had ports of call in territories occupied by the Garlean Empire, she was found

crying and cradled in the arms of a dead female miq'ote that is believed to be her biological mother, no identification was found on the woman.

Assuming the pair to be displaced refugees fleeing Garlean Occupation somewhere Aisha; who at the time was only called "Little Goldeyes" by

the assessors at Melvaan's Gate, was remanded to the custody of the Yellowjackets. She was soon after adopted by a hyur woman named Aishlenn

Soatski who accepted the mewling kitten into her home and named her Alisha.

Alisha was well tended and cared for by her adoptive mother for 4 years, when another orphaned miq'ote girl was found undersimilar

circumstances by the Yellowjackets Aishlenn wasted little time in adopting that girl as well. The little Keeper kitten was brought into the

Soatski household and named Alexia, and she became the apple of Alisha's eye. Alisha took her responsibility as a big sister very seriously

and knew how lucky both she and Alexia were for having been picked up by so kind and loving a woman as Aishlenn, she set about making sure that

her little sister was just as happy and well loved as she and as time went by all the members of the odd family lived a peacefullife of love

and laughter

Soon after Alisha's 15th birthday, Aishlenn grew terribly ill. The local physickers and healers had little to offer to help and the

Soatski's were too poor to outsource to places like Gridania for advanced medicine and healing. As a result Aishlenn died while her

heartbroken daughters watched over her and cried. The next morning the Soatski Sisters buried thier mother on a hilltop near thier home and

Alisha took her place as the head of the household. In order to provide for herself and Alexia, Alisha travelled to Limsa Lominsa and began

taking odd jobs as an entertainer with her beautiful singing voice and graceful dancing and also as a jill-of-all-trades providing basic gopher

services and the like. This meant she had to spend long periods of time in Limsa and away from her sister, but she always sent money and

correspondance when she couldn't be ther herself while her sister maintained the modest family home.

The Cathouse
Alisha's reputation as an entertainer earned her a growing following in Limsa's taverns and alehouses and in those places she made most of

her money and developed contacts, it also earned her a share of fans and admirers. One of those fans was an escaped Ul'dani convict named

Gerulf Goldsong. Gerulf had escaped the Ul'dah Colleseum and made his way to Limsa, starting a small time gang called the Black Label Boys.

The Black Label Boys' main source of income was slavery, particularly "white" slavery. Kidnapping comely men and women and selling them to

rich merchants and nobles with perverse tastes was the Black Label's bread and butter, and in Alisha Soatski Gerulf found his latest


Kidnapping the girl was simple, she was an entertainer, and though she knew how to defend herself in a scrap she had no chance against the

toughened thugs in the Black Label Boys. Soon after her 16th birthday Alisha found herself in the back of an auroch-drawn wagon with a

blindfold on. Gerulf had quickly sold her to a frequent client of his, a vile Coerthian noble named Dorineaux, as Alisha's wagon approached an

imposing structure built in the Coerthan Highlands she cried and hoped desperately to see her sister again.

Dorineaux was a powerful noble scion of Coerthas whose displays of piety in the halls of the Holy See disguised his perverse tastes, which

he financed with his family's considerable wealth and prestige. He had an obsession with miq'ote, males and females alike, he found thier

bodies to be fascinating and disgusting at the same time and he satisfied his urges by building a complex hidden in the Coerthan mountains that

was known to those in his perverted circle as "The Cathouse". In that place Dorineaux kept more than a dozen miq'ote slaves and subjected them

regularly to demeaning physical tasks, bizzare medical experiments, and disgusting sexual theatrics. For four long years Alisha was kept there

enduring and witnessing things no young girl should her only sources of hope being the thought of escaping and reuniting with her sister, and a

warrioress of the U Tribe kidnapped while hunting in the Sagolii named U'tsomii, her only friend

The Calamity which wreaked havoc over all of Eorzea spared not a single ilm, this was true too for The Cathouse where Dorineaux and his

circle of friends huddled and hid beneath a haze of drugs and debauchery as they waited for the world to end. Not satisifed with dying as

slaves to these perverts U'tsomii, Alisha and others decided it was time to do or die and as the sky broke and the stars fell they rose up and

attacked thier captors. Many of them died on the spears and swords of Dorineaux's guards, but Alisha and U'tsomii managed to break into

Dorineaux's chambers where he had just finished strangling one of thier "sisters" in the Cathouse in a moment of drug-fueled ecstasy and

desperate malice. Enraged and no longer caring if they got out alive Alisha and U'tsomii tore Dorineaux apart with thier bare hands and broken

furniture, each blow exhausting 4 years of pent up hatred and rage. When there was nothing left but meat on the floor the two decided no

better time than now to put an end to The Cathouse for good, and along with the other survivors of the uprising burned the complex and let it

be buried beneath the encroaching snows which would soon plunge the highlands into perpetual winter.

Finally free of the Cathouse Alisha and U'tsomii wandered from Coerthas on foot, surviving off the land as they could and helping others who

had survived the destruction. Eager to check on the status of her dear sister Alisha convinced U'tsomii to travel with her to Limsa Lominsa.

Upon arrival however Alisha was met with the spectre of grief and loss as the modest home she had shared with her sister had been utterly

destroyed in the Calamity and Alexia was nowhere to be found, after many weeks of searching Alisha was forced to admit that her sister was

killed and she now had no family left, also she was confronted with the knowledge that Gerulf Goldsong was still alive and his Black Label Boys

were still plying thier trade. In a fit of rage Alisha attempted to kill Gerulf as he was holding court with his gang at the Drowning Wench

though she managed to injure a few of his men she was handily beaten by Gerulf himself; ready to die in her failed attempt for revenge Alisha

was stunned further when Gerulf didn't even remember who she was heartbroken and impotent in her grief Alisha prepared for the end until

U'tsomii arrived and managed a rescue taking her outside the city. Alisha; frustrated and filled with hopelessness to make any recompense for

her past cried until she had no more tears. U'tsomii; devastated by her friend's grief suggested to Alisha that she return with her to

Forgotten Springs, whose distant location would have allowed it to be spared some of the desolation left in Bahamut's wake and start a new life

as a member of the U Tribe. Stricken with grief and with a mind for vengeance against the man who ruined her life Alisha had only one

question: "Will you teach me how to fight?" U'tsomii knowing the look in her friend's eye smiled and said "Alisha my sister, we will teach

you how to kill."


Alisha and U'stomii made thier way to Forgotten Springs the home of the U Tribe where U'tsomii was welcomed by her sisters and the Nunh.

Recounting her tale to the tribe the young huntresses of the Sagolii embraced Alisha and U'tsomii and the Nunh allowed Alisha to be accepted

into the tribe. Feeling not only hopeful but welcomed Alisha decided to discard her old name and her old life save for the chance to avenge

the woman she might have become had it not been for Gerulf Goldsong. She changed her name to U'aisha and began training in the ways of fist,

bow and spear with the Huntresses of the Drake Clan.

U'aisha struggled at first to learn how to fight. She had only ever fought out of desperation or blind rage and so did not have the

instincts needed to be a capable warrior, her natural grace and athletics had atrophied while in the Cathouse so training with the other cubs

of the U was arduous and brought her to the brink of death on more than one occasion. However the brutality of the training scoured her

weakness and pain from her like a sandstorm and every day she did not die was a breath of new life and it invigorated her. The pain of her

physical trials helped to ease the pain in her heart and in the desert she thrived. Before long she had achieved a clarity of mind and a focus

which rivaled that of her older sisters and reached a prodigious about of proficency in the span of only a year. However her goal of returning

to Limsa Lominsa and killing Gerulf Goldsong remain a constant and whe she felt she had learned enough she requested the Nunh allow her to

leave to seek her vengance. At first he was reluctant to allow her to leave on her own but when U'tsomii offered to go with her and help her

sister seek vengance he agreed. U'aisha and U'tsomii departed Forgotten springs and headed back to La Noscea.




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