Akama Kharn

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This article is now defunct. The character in question is no longer active, and has been retired by the player.

Ul'dah-transparent.png Akama Kharn
"Honor is in the heart, not the name."
The Red Shadow
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah
Server Leviathan
Age 24
Guardian Nald'Thal, the Traders
Namesday 17th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Alignment Lawful Neutral


♦ General

♦ Appearance

Akama is a young, lean man, with short, slicked back red hair and orange eyes. He wears red and black armor with a black cowl covering his mouth, and often times a crimson eyepatch. He bears a myriad of Eastern tattoos going along the right side of body, red clouds and oriental dragons adorning his arm, ribs, and neck. Artwork given to him by a travelling merchant when he was but a small kit.

♦ Behaviour


Echo Power:
Forbidden Chakra; The Eight Gates


As a monk of lil' Ala Mhigo, you are taught but one thing: Power. Power through nature, through one's body, and through Chakra. Learning under the teachings of the chakra paths, Akama abhorred the ruthless way that Monks would drain the environment around them of aether in order to unleash their seven paths. As a boy, he was always gifted with enormous aether. He wondered why Monks would expel so much just to destroy, and thus with the practicing of the Second Wind - Akama slowly discovered a way to seal these paths, for use at one's own will. Where there are Seven Chakra Paths, there are Eight Chakra Gates. The echo has irreversibly changed his aether as a result of rigorous training and breathing exercises, an aspect of him that allowed him to create the eight gates to vanquish his enemies. What they do? Well that's to be seen in battle, for this Kharn has only ever had one student to survive using them.



Respectful manners
Far Eastern Culture


Bad manners
Frizzy fur
Unnecessary conflict


Brewing Tea
Martial Arts


Favourite Food: Shark Fin Soup
Favourite Drink: Doman Green Tea
Favourite Place: Near waterfalls
Favourite Season: Summer
Favourite Color(s): Pink, Orange, and Red (In that order)
Favourite Weapon(s): His Kotetsu

♦ Relationships

"The wind blows, water flows... people come and go, yet there are always those special few."

In love with Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing


Qubh'li KharnBrother. "Who are you really?" Akama truly wishes to trust this man. The man who proved that blood could be nothing more than water. Family? Love? These were words that Qubh couldn't even begin to understand. He was the man that scarred him for following dreams of his own. It wouldn't be the first time he's attempted to take Kama's life. A brotherly duty, he must've felt. This male recently came back into his life. Now one of the Fangs and another member of his true family. But for how long would this peace last? His words may be sweet... "The eyes never lie."

Surilian BluWife. "The Wanderer isn't always lost..." The most important person in his life, little did Kama know how this Captain would steal his heart forever. Many challenges have been thrown on their path since he met this woman on one fateful day in Ul'dah. Fiery. Determined. Passionate. Stubborn. She's the girl of his dreams; His Wife, his terrifying Pirate-Captain, his best friend, and his partner... He looks forward to whatever the Twelve have in store for them both, be it capricious merchants or energetic kittens.

Nataru RahzBig Mouth. "You owe me a pirate adventure!" Perhaps his first true friend in Ul'dah. A boisterous miqo'te not unlike himself, she lifted him off the streets and threw him onto his path of a comfortable life of piracy, tea merchantry, and balance. He looked up to her like an older sister and loved her like a partner. If it wasn't for her, he would've never met the woman that would change his life forever, though he wonders if his eyes truly were the spark of his Captain's notice. "Thanks, Nat..." -huffs-. His best friend, he never did get to say goodbye on wherever her journey would take her...


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♦ Footnotes

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Theme song: