Akari Kurokawa

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Akari Kurokawa
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Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Garlemald
Age 29
Guardian None.
Namesday 5th Sun of The Second Umbral Moon
Occupation Imperial Shadow(Ceturion)


♦ General

Akari is a Doman Ninja who works as an Imperial Shadow due to a conscription of her family as ninjas in service of the Garlean Empire. Her brother was also an exceedingly talented ninja who dedicated and sacrificed his life in order to find the lost mudra. After the loss of the lives of her brother and mother when Garlemald retaliated, she seemingly lost any hope of resistance and is a loyal soldier of the Garlean Empire.

♦ Appearance

She is of average height for a female Au Ra, her eyes are deep-crimson, with white limbal rings. She has well defined muscles from her life of training to be a ninja, especially on her lower limbs. Her scales are especially thick on her forehead, neck, forearms, and forelegs. She wears anything depending on the job, but she prefers her ninja garb or her Garlean commissioned officer attire(Decurion of an Imperial Shadow team).

Her hair is usually kept in a neat ponytail, so it doesn't get caught in her front-fancing horns.

♦ Behaviour

She is always calm and collected, even if not outwardly seeming so. She also often wears masks upon masks, which often leads to her being very happy when she can talk to someone in a casual setting. In the field she can almost be called the definition of efficiency, she plans for most situations, even the most unlikely outcomes, often being the key difference when she fights a more powerful opponent.

That said, Akari cares fiercely for her subordinates and will go to hell and back for them, as they are her only semblance of family now.


While attempting to avoid direct combat, Akari is highly trained in the eighteen ninja skills, with varying levels of skill. She focuses in assassination and stealth, and above all, Ninjutsu. She also trained herself in martial arts to combat larger opponents and to roll with the attacks of her foes, lessening the damage she takes. When needed, she also is able to use a type of ninja medicine known as Suiyaku, that rapidly heals the user, but is very hard to procure normally.

Her mastery of ninjutsu extends beyond simple use of the three mudras, and has learned to hide her presence and meld into the shadows almost completely. If a foe is powerful enough and she has sufficient time to perform the series of mudras and draw energy and aether, allowing her to perform the Chimatsuri jutsu.

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