Akashimo Hakubi

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Akashimo Hakubi
We are what we make ourselves.
The Shadow
Gender Male/Female
Race Miqo'te/Varies
Clan Seekers of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah
Height 5'9"
Sexuality Pansexual
Romantic Preference Heteroromantic
Current Status Its complicated. Open relationship.
Server Balmung
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Basic Info

A complete flirt, yet respectful to read the atmosphere. Hates himself for what he made himself into, but doesn't hate what he can do because of it. Often aloof while recouping in the major city-states, can be seen in his many alternate forms depending on the job at hand. Always for hire, as his gil is often spent on keeping attire for his forms, and a place to sleep.


Barely recalls anything prior to the calamity. Was picked up by loose company consisting of, Ryn Nalsh, Fylnir Frostwyght, Lneti Silnalus and Resym Gemblade. In exchange for helping him regain himself, he served to whatever means to an end they required. Ryn as a sparing partner, whom noticed his quick uptake with the blade. Fylnir and Resym as a research subject, starting with glamours, and different sources of aether to enhance them and their effects. Lneti used him as her punching bag when she's feeling irritable, at the same time, practice her taunt and flaunt routine upon. When finally in-control of himself far as the experiments upon him done by Fylnir and Resym, he made his way to Limsa Lominsa. There he joined the Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss, the rogues guild to better make use of his skills, both in combat and self-glamour. From them, it led him to joining shadows as a Shinobi. While still in Ul'dah he had joined the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, part in wanting to see more of just the sands of the desert, also in part to see if anyone knew who he was before the calamity.

Through the various missions and campaigns that he joined with one left him questioning many things. His counter with Lady Iceheart, Ysayle, the primal Shiva. He felt smitten by her. Not soley for her beauty, but rather how she sees to end the war of man and dragon. But the means of which she does so, only makes him sadden having to face her in combat. He cannot openly support her, but does begin work on how he can from the place he's become accustomed to, the shadows. Until the events of the Ivy, and the attempted assassination of the Sultana, he found himself with others making way for Ishgard. From there, did it lead to a plan to ultimately end the Dragonsong War, thus needing to locate Lady Iceheart. Never did he imagine that events would line up to where she would be a comrade for a journey to the same end goal. How well it fare remains to be seen. Though their relations at best are reclusive.


A dreamer. A waker. He sees the reality before him and desires to continue it, but doesn't stop dreaming how he can change whats before him. Wanting to feel whole, his comfort is in an embrace of women, whom he either lucks out with in seducing, or they see him as a play thing for a night and to pay him a coin to keep quiet for a next time. While in his glamoured female forms, Akashimo feels more inclined to go where ever the night takes her. After becoming comfortable within the female body as the change becomes natural as taking on a pair of socks, the gender of the partner hardly matters, as only long as they do obverse the importance yes and no. She becomes vindictive afterwards and to match the severity, goes from grotesque mauling, to full on knife in the back. (That trait seems to have been picked up from both Fylnir and Lneti.) He spends his time often taking stock when outdoors and patrolling for either a mark, or to wait for an employer. When around or helping kids, he'll do anything for, wanting to keep their smiles, or to give them memory worth making them smile. Trying to act as the hero, despite his past and actions. He sees what they could be and the hope they would become as they grow older in years.


  • Scions of the Seventh Dawn
  • Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss
  • Doma Shinobi
  • The Maelstrom
  • Ul'dah
  • The Voidlights
    • Unofficial name for the group of Ryn, Resym, Lneti, Fylnir and himself, as they each used void in one form or another and each taking up the Darkness of being a Dark Knight.
  • Ysasyle - The Lady Iceheart

Glamour Ability

This led to the unique ability he has of which allows him to change races after a mixture consisting of captured (namely a succubus) voidsent aether, voidsent blood and Ceruleum infused within a high grade fantasia potion. The effect at first seemed to be uncontrollable, was Resym led him to believe, it will only change him back to normal after a waiting period of thirty days. Changing into the female form was thought to be only because Resym can cast a spell to activate it, or as she led him to think, for her amusement, that he had to had anal intercourse. (Resym first tested slugs to see if it matters on what or who, giving him the fear of slugs after the week of them she had upon him.) Though after half a year of testing upon him, Fylnir and Resym finally admitted that the change back was his own mind set. Having believed the initial lie of the 30 days, only made him believe, thus only able to revert after the time expired. Which further instructions he is freely able to change, though only limited to females of all the, civilized, races. During the testing phases, it is found, that the change is on a complete biological level, thus, if not careful, can be capable of conception. No actual testing whether or not the change to and from would have any effect, out of all sides fearing possible permanent damage. Though he needs little in terms of materials to change, its difficult to do so without a large crystal on hand in areas of low residual aether. Leaving him to think, what if these glamours are becoming a form of summoning.

Other Notes

Specialties by his different racial forms

  • Doing single jobs of biting stolen goods.
    • All forms
  • Tracking down people; Bounty Hunting
    • As Elezen or Miqo’te female glamour
  • Occassional nights for sale in Ul’dah
    • Only as Au Ra or Hyur glamour
  • Assassination Jobs
    • Au Ra, male Miqo’te and Roegadyn forms.
  • Artists muse and model
    • Hyur and Elezen forms

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