Akayuri Geijutsuka

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Akayuri Geijutsuka
Artist, cook
Gender Female
Race Au'ra
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Doman
Height 5'3"
Weight 125 ponz
Hair color Red
Eye color Green
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Akayuri is a refugee who has very recently reached Eorzea along with an influx of others to Thanalan. Being only in Eorzea for three weeks, she knows very little of the language, other than what she picked up from merchants in Doma. She frequently talks about tebori, which is her primary means of trade and profession. She can also cook, and in Doma was essentially a ninja in 'reserves'. Part of the reason she fled to Eorzea was because she had heard that there was much fighting, there were also many people who didn't. She felt she had more of an opportunity to enjoy life outside of being called to action at any moment. Her family agreed with her decision, and her brother and sister also joined her in her journey. Her parents, however, felt they were too old and rooted to their home and did not come with them.


Akayuri is a short, slight thing, and although she reminds you of a thin sapling, the bit of muscle and calloused hands betray an obvious life of labor. Her hairstyle varies, but it's always a rich red; her eyes are a deep green with very bright green limbal rings. Her scales are a pale gold, only slightly standing out against her pale skin. Her horns are of the same color, curling forward daintily. If you can see her back, for instance if she's wearing a swimsuit or other clothing that bares her back, you can see she has a tattoo that spans the width and height of her back. It depicts two orangish-red and white koi fish on either side, seemingly to circle a pattern and a group of red spider lilies.


Akayuri is a bright, optimistic sort of girl, though at time she can be a bit feisty if pressed. She can be extremely shy, especially when there's no one around she knows. Her little knowledge of Eorzean language and slang is a cause of this, being that she doesn't want to accidentally insult or say the wrong thing. While she hates conflict, she does seem to enjoy tournament-style fighting, as it's not 'real' conflict and there are always healers on stand-by.



Akayuri's training as a shinobi started as a young child. Her family of the traditional variety, peasants trained in the arts to blend in perfectly with almost any village or town. Despising conflict, she will do whatever she can to avoid fighting, even going so far as to turn tail and run. In case she can't run, however, she has various tools hidden among her person, and she can slip into the shadows easily if able to utilize a distraction.



  • Reading
  • Listening to music
  • Art
  • Food
  • Flowers


  • Conflict
  • 'Mean people'/spitefulness/cruelty
  • Extreme Perverts


  • Tebori! (Traditional Japanese tattooing)
  • Cooking
  • Dabbles in music, but very much a novice







Common Rumors

  • "She's a refugee, like all the others, obviously. I heard she's having a bit of a hard time understanding certain Eorzean dialects."
  • "She likes to cook and practices some type of 'tebori' thing. Domans..."

Moderate Rumors

  • "I heard she was going to open a tebori and tea shop. She seemed very excited about it, it's sort of cute."
  • "I heard her haggle at a shop once, she seems pretty good at it."

Rare Rumors

  • "One day I could have sworn I saw her trip a guy up after he was stealing some poor woman's gil purse. She acted shocked about it when the Sultansworn showed up, and acted like he tripped on a rock. One of his kneecaps was busted out, though, and I'm not sure he got that from tripping on the street."
  • "I heard she doesn't much like Ishgardians, seems scared of 'em. Probably has to do with those rumors of those guys killin' and makin' life difficult for those lizard folk up north."

PC Rumors

  • "This woman seems to fear me for some unknown reason. It is very awkward to be in the same room as her. I will need to investigate this further before it becomes a problem for the Company." -Vallerin Hortimont


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