Akhi'ra Minokawa

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The knight of grey, pure of heart and sound of mind is making you his prey.
The knight of grey, pure of heart and sound of mind is making you his prey.

He looks like...

A stuck out of time Keeper of the Moon. His clothes are more often than not tattered or simply worn out, to be used, not to be presented - much like the rest of this odd creature. His hair is, most of the time, hanging from his head like a bunch of wet noodles, only by the grace of a messy and more or less useless pony-tail is he even able to see at all. And even with him keeping 'some' of his hair in check... It seems like he only ever sees about half of the things going on around him.

At first glance, this may make him look like a docile and overall useless little creature, but second, or even third glances may help in highlighting what else sticks out about the unusually grey Keeper. Should he expose some skin, for example, it's easy to tell that right under that first layer lies a respectable amount of muscle. He may not look it at first, but somehow he seems to keep his body in check. Something that paired with his, for Miqo'te, aboove average size could help in underlining his, seemingly, more tribal nature.

Despite the fact that his looks could be construed into that of an un-cultured brute, he seemingly has no intention of causing trouble. A fact that's accented by his constantly low-hanging eyelids, general tired expression and slouched over stance. In light of all this, there is not much more to be said, other than this one last thing... The way he paints his face. It's an odd combination of very traditional Keeper facepaints and some other, nearly unintelligible swirls.

He knows...
  • Nobody.

He owns...
  • Some sort of eastern blade, heavily damaged.
  • The clothes on his back.
  • Not enough gil. For anything. Help.
  • A few bags full of odd looking berries.
  • The worlds biggest payload of dust bunnies.

This is nothing more than a temporary lapse in judgement. Once it's over, once nothing is left. Finally, after all these years, the moon will be swallowed whole.

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Akhi'ra Minokawa [Sober]


Worthless as the sun above clouds

Glaring at the moon's domination.

Bathed in the beloved, fake light.