Aki Nakajima

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 Aki Nakajima
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Hingashi
Age Mid 20's
Marital Status Single
Occupation Traveling swordswoman/Guardian
Height 5 fulms 5 ilms
Orientation Pansexual

Basic Info

Aki may appear to be a traveling fishmonger or swordswoman-- when in fact, within her mortal flesh lies a fox-spirit, incognito.
Aki is inspired by the "Foxy Lady" FATE in Yanxia, as well as the fox-spirit featured in the Stormblood Astrologian job quests. She is a somewhat more benevolent fox-spirit, being a guardian of nature and peace, determined to relinquish those who threaten it. Also, because the fox has taken over the body from birth, it is not a matter of one possessing the other-- they are one in the same.
She is not immortal, yet she is able to withstand attacks and mortal blows better than most.


Hunting and fishing
Traditional music


Threats to the balance of nature
Malicious voidsent
Being taken lightly


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Favorite Food: Sushi, rice balls
Favorite Drink: Doman tea
Favorite Color: Red

Appearance & Personality

Aki may be easy to spot in a crowd, thanks to her affinity towards wearing reds both bright and dark. As far as fashion goes, she likes to match her cherry red hair and eyes. Her skin and scales are pale, almost pure white. At the corners of her eyes are traditional red markings-- which appear like makeup, but she was in fact born with them. For an Au Ra, she is on the taller side of the height spectrum.
When faced with challenges, she holds herself with a confident and steadfast air. Otherwise she may come off as calm, even sleepy at times. Tending to keep to herself, she seems aloof, yet she is not mean-spirited nor cruel.
Her gaze is sharp and penetrating-- even when attempting to be cordial, there may be something unsettling in her intensity. Her voice is smooth and nearly monotone. Her tail is more emotive than she is; tending to give away her true feelings.


"From the sea shall emerge a guardian. From its waves shall rise a new hero."

Long ago, a powerful fox-spirit fought an enraged sea serpent at the Ruby Sea. Though the fox emerged victorious, it was gravely wounded and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. An underwater village was not far and so, with its remaining energy, it entered the closest home. There, a distraught mother held her recently born child, which was weak and dying.

"Your daughter will not survive like this," the fox stated, "Not without my help. Allow me to become one with her, and she shall be saved."

Wrought with desperation, the mother agreed and the fox, with the last of its strength, entered the child and became her soul. Once again the infant was lively and well. The mother was grateful to the fox and vowed never to divulge their agreement to another living being.

The child grew, yet she behaved beyond her age. Her friends were few, many off-put by the gloomy, piercing look in her eyes. Her reflexes were swift, her strength paramount. With her abilities realized, she quickly started to train with the blade. Her determination, though unsettling at times, was becoming of a true warrior.

By then the mother knew that it would not be long before her child took off on her own. However, she accepted it-- content to at least know that her daughter was alive and could protect herself.

Aki was still the fox, after all. After the long wait for maturation, she would finally be able to set off on her own and protect her lands.

Now, there seems to be little supernatural threat to her homeland, so Aki has decided to take a much-needed vacation and traverse the realm. With her love for dining on fish, she has taken on the job of a fishmonger.



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Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
Hatsue Nakajima : [NPC] Aki's mother.



RP Hooks


What I will RP:

- Dramatic scenes
- Dark themes
- Violence and gore
- Rivalry/tension

What I will NOT RP:

- Interaction with minor-aged characters in adult circumstances
- Permanent death
- Casual ERP

About the Player

- Aki is not actively seeking out a relationship. It may be possible through character development, but please do not contact me in hopes of "getting with" her. I, personally, am not interested in relationships either.



Theme Songs

Persona 5 OST - A Woman
Okami OST - Rising Sun
Okami OST - Battle of Ninetails
Okami OST - Theme of the Celestials

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