Akiba Dojima

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Akiba Dojima
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Gender Male
Race Au'ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Limsa Lominsan
Server Hyperion
Age 19
Marital Status Single
Occupation Warrior/ Part-Time Botanist
Height/Weight 6'9", 265 lbs
Orientation Bi, female leaning
  • Akira Dojima (Father)
  • Shikha Dojima (Mother)

Basic Info

Akiba is an Au'ra man who lives in and operates out of Limsa Lominsa. He is currently ranked Second Storm Lieutenant in the Maelstrom, and works as an adventurer for hire. Despite not bearing the blessing of Hydaelyn, he has helped fell many primals, often without realizing how monumental of a task that may be. He isn't one to think too hard on things, and often does what he's ordered to without much fuss or questioning, which has led him to be particularly popular among the Limsans. He is unsure of why some call him a "Himbo", but he can tell they have good intentions in doing so.


■ Chocobos
■ Yelling "timber!"
■ Protecting others
■ Pirate fashion


■ Magitek
■ Ul'dah
■ Cold weather
■ Arrogant "heroes"


Alignment: Neutral Good
Vice(s): Crone's Catsfoot Chew
Favorite Food: Salmon Muffin
Favorite Drink: Spiced Cider
Favorite Color: Green

Appearance & Personality

Akiba is a Raen Au'ra, and is appropriately quite tall, measuring around 6'9" in height. His musculature may seem somewhat lanky and lacking, but what he lacks in bulk he more than makes up for in enthusiasm. Always sporting a bright, winning grin that shows off his pearly white sawtooth teeth, he takes his role as a Tank very close to heart. He has sharp green eyes, and a warm skin tone. Though he has not injured, nor has he lost an eye, he has a penchant for wearing eyepatches, both to look like a fearsome pirate, and in solidarity with his best friend who has lost his eye. When he isn't dressed in his Maelstrom Elite uniform,







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