Akihiko Kayaba

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 AKihiko Kayaba (young)
Gender male
Race Hyur
Clan none
Citizenship Gridina
Server Balmung


Given name: Akihiko Kayaba

Pronunciation: first name : aa-"key"-"he"-"co" last name: “Ka” – “Ya” – "Ba”

Nicknames/Aliases: "Aki" - a simple shorten version of his name, usually used by friends. Given to him by his old FC, which met their graves at the hands of Gurada, which was at her extreme battle. This name means the world to him, and willing to only share it with those he trust and will give his life for. --Akihiko Kayaba (talk) 17:41, 14 October 2014 (UTC) 'AK - Name he gives out to the members of his battle group. Keeps it simple for quick call outs and needed attention

Nameday: 12th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon, 1550.

Age: 28 according to his nameday, ask him though and states “it doesn’t matter” (picture shown is of AKI at the age of 21)

Place of birth: Ul’dah is known to be the area, but where exactly is unknown.

Current residence: nomadic by choice but secretly desires a home life

Starting City: Ul'dah.

Grand Company Allegiance: Twin Adder, Gridinia due to its peacefulness.

Employment: Hired killer, Guide and grinder

Marital Status: Single as of now

Religion/philosophy: lost hope in it all …..


  • Warrior / Paladin – As a young boy growing into adulthood, fire rage with in his soul as a warrior rages in battle. Careless with the attack, every swing is meant to hurt without care. He understands his limitations and tries to exceed them every time. As he enter adulthood overtime the fire and rage of an adrenaline rushed warrior changed into a different cause. He realizes he could contribute to bigger cause than his own personal glory. To protect the innocence, to protect the heroes of tomorrow, to protect the ones he cares for, and to bring justice to the evil he judged.
  • Conjury – This job comes with being a paladin. Has decent skills at keeping those alive through magic but tends to wonder off in the thought during a long run. Must be kept in line. No complaints but not his first choice.
  • Other – Handful of jobs he plays around with just to understand the class. Nothing to serious but this may change. Bard has always been a like but never gave it a go.

Less Useful:

  • his random knowledge or better said as half the knowledge of the whole truth

His ability to make some one laugh, or taken the wrong way and cause an award situation