Akira Aridan

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Akira Aridan
"Knowledge and life are more valuable than any amount of Gil or Gems"
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age Seventeen
Guardian Rhalgar
Nameday First sun of the Second Umbral moon
Profession Doctor/Healer/Alchemist


♦ General

Akira is an Au Ra in the mercenary company of The Order of Ravenstar. She fulfills several roles among their ranks. Among them, She's one of two head medics (Though she considers the other her superior) and the company's Head Alchemist. Most of her effort and time is put into the development and production of medications, Such as pain relievers, Anti-biotics, Anti-venoms and sleep potions for painful procedures. Her Aetherical Prowess leans towards the healing side of Arcanistry such as using barriers to protect allies as well as using Physick spells to round out her arsenal. Recently she's been honing the offensive side of Arcanistry as well.

Her past is one of pain and suffering but it only motivates her to advance her skills to help others. Her friends in Ravenstar mean more than the whole of Hydaelyn to her.

♦ Appearance

Upon Approaching this woman from the front the first thing most would note would be the vibrance of her eyes. Her Irises are a stunning amber in bright light, though appear to be a lighter gold tone in dimmer light. Her hair is a similar light gold tone. She looks to be of average build from a first glance, but upon further inspection one could notice that she does indeed keep herself more than "In Shape". She looks to be in her early Twenties and has two black marks (One on each side) just behind the hinge of her jaw.

Most commonly she can be found wearing dress shoes, thigh high stockings and a blue skirt under an Ink blue Cashmere robe. In colder climates such as ishgard and beyond to the north, she wears black heavy robes. Regardless of what clothing she's wearing she always has at least two things: A large satchel that's strapped to her hip and supported by clips that keep it from sliping. The straps that hold the bag firmly to her person are lined with various vials of what one can assume to be various potions or Elixers. The bag may be seen squirming as if something living resided inside it. And then an Arcanists tome which may or may not be visible, along with any other weapons that she might have. One set for instance would be a pair of daggers with rose engravings and deep blue gems in the hilts.

♦ Behaviour


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