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 Akira Dhavha
The Wraith
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship None
Age 26
Height 5 fulm 0 ilm
Server Balmung
In game Sporadic times - Around often!



Akira Dhavha is a very cold and isolated sun seeker. She is incredibly scarred, from head to foot. Though she doesn't exactly wear clothing that covers a lot of flesh, her scars are always on display for the world to see. Even though she has a very cold and icy exterior, she doesn't seem to care that she so evidently shows the stories of her past. They are there, and she has no interest in hiding them from the world.

The woman is for all intents and purposes a mercenary. She does contracts, hunt marks, and protection detail when the money pays well enough.

What the wider public doesn't know, is that she is an incredibly well trained assassin.


The diminutive redhead is beautiful. Even her scars don't take away from her short and lithe figure. The woman holds herself gracefully, and moves much like a dancer would. All fluid movements and grace. There is no true arrogance to her stance, almost a laziness that comes from true time and patience, as well as knowledge of how her body works. Within moments the woman could have a blade to your throat, and by the way she seemed relaxed - you would not have expected to see it coming. Her flesh is sunkissed, matching her amber eyes beautifully. The woman generally chooses to wear tight fitting clothing, and generally not much of it. Easier to be seen as a house cat than the killer underneath.


Akira has no true social skills. From a young age she decided that people were simply a means to an end, and the best way for her truly to survive was to simply go on without feeling. Because of this, she has earned herself the .. rather self proclaimed title of 'Ice Bitch Queen.', though it seems that she is slowly thawing. She doesn't have the social grace of those who have spent a lot of time interacting with others. She is quick to anger, and will more quickly go to that than any other emotion. If there is a situation which she doesn't know how to handle, she will flick the switch and either just go completely cold, or start growling and snarling. When approached she is likely to either ignore you, or force herself to be polite, depending on the company she is with.


"If you remember fighting me, then I doubt it was me..."


At a very young age, Akira had to learn how to protect herself and her baby sister. Quite quickly it turned from a means of simply protection, to survival, to a need. A bloodl-lust that slowly stripped away the humanity of the woman until she became nothing more than a blade to anyone who paid her enough money. She has no magical affinities, and prefers to get up close and personal. She has been trained in the art of being a quiet and deadly killer. Taking her time and using patience in order to get done what she needs to do, with a concentration and flow that is both beautiful and deadly.


"I don't need to think... I need to survive."

The redheaded suncat has more of a love for combat than she does for other people. She is more likely to be seen training or at a bar quietly drinking coffee than anything else. She is naturally reclusive, and prefers solitude to large groups.


  • Coffee
  • Silence
  • Respectful people
  • Cold


  • Sunlight
  • Feeling powerless
  • Most females - simpering pussbags.
  • Arrogance


Akira is trained in most herbal remedies and healing techniques, as well as being trained in different forms of self defence, and breathing exercises. Though she doesn't show it, the woman has a wide range of knowledge of poisons, and is very adept at producing anti toxins for different kinds, though she cannot make the poisons themselves. She is incredibly well trained in combat, and this is her main talent.


"... Relationships? I don't need them. They don't need me."

Mated     Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire    Friendly     Neutral     Hostile

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implies both and

The Loved

W'sano Bajihri - Even though they have not known each other more than a month, Akira has never met someone who could get behind her defenses. In her long years, she has spent most of them alone, or surrounded by people that walked away the second that she put up her walls or snarled at them. The moment she approached the redheaded keeper, things were different. When she had walked right up to him, getting right in his face for laughing at her, he hadn't stood down. He watched her with a quiet stillness that stopped her dead in her tracks.

She had seen something in his eyes, that she had only seen in a mirror, and he had told her to lash out. To break her mirror, to kill the reflection. She couldn't do it, she couldn't bring herself to hurt him at all. Since then, she has found herself more often in his company than out of it, and has slowly let him worm his way closer into her heart.

Elyse Dhavha - Akira's little sister is the second most important thing to her in the world. The much weaker and more naive woman always keeps the huntress on her toes, trying desperately to keep her safe. Though their relationship is often rocky because of the way that they both choose to live their lives, there is nothing that Akira will not do for the little kitten.

The Tolerated

Nataru Rahz - Originally, Akira met the young Keeper in the Quicksand when she was enjoying a cup of coffee with W'sano. She had attempted to be civil, and to simply speak to the woman in what seemed to her to be a friendly manner. Having got to a level of livid with another during that meeting, she had quite quickly left. A few meetings later, Akira ran into Nataru on the street. Not truly understanding it herself, the guarded and snarky Seeker had told the woman to come home with her, that she should be around friends and family. Having taken Nataru back to the Tavern, she soon came to realise that.. perhaps... gods forbid, she actually had a friend herself. Perhaps the woman wasn't simply around because of her relationship with W'sano, but because she genuinely cared for her as well. After a recent, angry encounter, the weakened Seeker was finally forced to accept that the woman simply wanted to care, when even though Akira had threatened to kill her, and had her in her grip to do so, she had only offered warmth and comfort. Not entirely knowing how to deal with it, Akira is currently hiding out, trying to figure out what feelings are.

The Abhorred


"... I'm meant to care what people say?"

Common Rumors (Easily Overheard)

  • "Some rumor." - Someone

Moderate Rumors (Uncommonly Overheard)

Rare Rumors (Very Difficult to Discover)

PC Rumors (Feel Free to Add IC Rumors)






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