Akuma Asami

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Akuma Asami is a Highland that was raised in the Southern Shroud. Troubled by his past he has since moved to Ul'dah.

Gridania-transparent.png Akuma Asami
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Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Gridania
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Extra Info

Akumas theme song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDMiuMARLAs Battle song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB2Ad04mukI



Akuma Asami is a very quiet individual. Never staying in one town long he has very few friends. Akuma has been a Mercenary for the past eight years of his life learning how to wield a sword an axe and his fists to win battles.


Akuma has black hair with red highlights. On his face he has two tattoos, markings from his days as a Merc. Along with the Tattoos are three scars that are visible. When remembering a painful part of his past or angered Akuma's eyes change from blue to a blackish red.


Akuma is a very kind man until you get on his bad side. If annoyed with you he will usually harass you until ether you walk away or draw your weapon. In battle Akuma is brutal and unforgiving. He takes no prisoners and if he does they are in for a night of torture till he gets the information he wants then they are disposed of. Being a mercenary for many years sometime Akuma often forgets how to act around people and is often thought of as an outcast. Though he has few friends he is very loyal to those around him.



Akuma is trained in most forms of combat. His two favorite weapons are his Sphairai. These two hand to hand weapons pack a serous punch. When he does not have these Akuma prefers to keep his enemies at bay with his Great Axe. Swinging in wide arcs he makes short work of his enemies. If he has nether his Sphairai or his Axe Akuma can make due with his folding sword. though not the best with this weapon he can still hold his own against a few opponents.When Preparing for a large scale battle Akuma will normally dye his hair a ghost White and dawn war paint. In battle Akuma usually is calm and level headed but on very few occasions he loses control and the power inside him starts to consume him. This has happened only twice in the past. Both times Shiro was invloved.



  • Heavy Metal Music
  • Fighting
  • relaxing
  • Drinking Rum (Blackberry is preferred)


  • Men hurting/taking advantage of weman.
  • Wimps/cowards
  • wine (thinks its a girls drink)


  • Blacksmith
  • Goldsmith
  • Carpenter
  • Miner
  • talented swimmer




Father: Unknown Presumed Dead

Mother: Unknown Presumed Dead

Brother: Shiro Asami Alive

Wife: Sara Blacke Dead

Daughter: Elyscia Blacke Dead


Orpheus Arkouda - One of Akumas best friends and closest allies. Orpheus has stood beside Akuma during many a battle. One of witch they where faced by hoards of the undead and there master, an Undead dragon. This is the one man Akuma would gladly lay his life on the line for. Unfortunately Akuma has not seen Orpheus in some time and needs to catch up with his old friend.

Oren Vorgan - Even though he just meet this young Miqo'te outside of a meeting with XI:7 Members Akuma instantly took a liking to the young lady who claimed to be friends with Orpheus. Soon after meeting her he felt himself drug inside the building where the meeting was taking place then found himself on a pier drinking with Oren and telling her war stories. Before he left he made a note to see this young lady again.


Shiro Asami - Akuma and Shiro have been after each other for sixteen years and the feud will not end til one of them is dead.


Common Rumors

  • "Did you see his eyes? Was it me or did they change color a moment ago?" Random idavidual
  • "You never see that man far from Orpheus i swear" Barkeep
  • "

Moderate Rumors

  • "Did you see the way he looked at the man before killing him? The Hyur was smiling like it was a game!" Assassination wittness

Rare Rumors

  • "I heard he and his brother killed their entire family just for power" Scared Bandit

PC Rumors


As a child he lived in the Southern Shroud with his brother Shiro Asami. One day the two boy where in an abandoned mansion when the came across a book and read from it. The book glowed a blackish red then both Akuma and Shiro where struck by the magic. It had given them incredible powers but at a cost. Akuma know this power to be evil and tried to contain it as much as possable but his brother did not. Shiro Enjoyed the power and eventually a battle broke out between the two. As the battle raged Akuma felt himself sliping into the darkness until finally he let himself go with the rush of power he struck his brother who fell to the floor. As Akuma rushed Shiro to finish him off shiro smiled and vanished. It has been sixteen years since the battle and Akuma still hunts for his brother to this day.


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