Alacia Phantasmagoria

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 Alacia Phantasmagoria
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Apex Predator
Race Miqo'te Vampire
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Server Mateus
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Basic Info

The head of an ancient and powerful vampire clan who walks among the living. Unlike many vampires though Alacia is not content with being locked up in some fancy mansion and living in fear of the sun. So she simply does the unthinkable. She leaves most of the affairs of her clan to her trusted vassals. Rarely is she ever home as she prefers adventuring across the land. In addition to this she walks in the daylight among the living. How is this possible? By the aid of the magic gem she wears upon her head she is able to negate the weaknesses of being a vampire in exchange for also negating most of the benefits. Her aging is still halted however all of her vampiric abilities no longer exist while she wears the gem. But Alacia doesn't mind this at all. Rather than complain about the limitation she was excited of all things. Why? Well in her own words:

"So it's just a handicap right?"


Hindsight is usually 20/20. The vampire who turned A'lasha probably would agree with this. He had intended to take another fair maiden as a concubine. What he instead did was turn one of the best hunters of her tribe into an undead monstrosity. Needless to say retribution was swift but not before the assailant begged for his life. He offered to take her as his queen. A'lasha agreed and left her old life behind. But when they returned to the manor A'lasha struck once again; this time without mercy. By slaying the leader of the vampire clan A'lasha offered them a choice. "You have crossed me and changed the entire course of my life without my permission. In order to remedy this you have a choice. Serve me or die."

And so A'lasha drove out those who opposed her. With those remaining she changed the clan. They would no longer follow the ways of their old leader. A'lasha, now taking on the name Alacia Phantasmagoria, would lead the clan under new rule. The Phantasmagoria clan was formed from the ashes of the old. By all accounts this was just what they needed as well. The clan had long since been in decline and Alacia's new perspective and ideas were just what they needed. Though they had grown a lot more savage as a result. Indeed the Phantasmagoria clan was one that evoked fear in the hearts of any who heard the name.

But one day Alacia simply vanished. She had grown tired of the same scene and yearned for new experiences. And so she left with naught but a promise to keep in contact should it seem necessary.

Now she travels the land in search of new experiences.


Alacia is a bit difficult to pin down. She's whimsical yet deathly serious. She's willing to help but enjoys feasting on the living. She recognizes what must be done when it is necessary and yet will still complain to Hell and back if it's boring to her. She is a woman of contradiction. Though if one lived for several hundreds of years perhaps they would be the same way. Alacia enjoys interesting things and new experiences. This is what led her to become an adventurer. For all intent and purpose she acts like a typical adventurer at most times. However if she is disrespected Alacia will make it a point to take whoever did so down.


The Phantasmagoria vampire clan.

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