Alaena Miura

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Alaena Miura
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Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Nameday 25th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Age 20
Eyes Heterochromic - Fuchsia/Violet
Hair Blonde
Skin Fair
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Basic Info

Physical Appearance: Alaena is a scholar and she looks every bit the part. She is tall and willowy to the point of appearing somewhat awkward and not particularly muscular, with skin that is fair from long hours indoors and fingers that are slender and well-manicured. Her eyes are two different colours; one is deep violet while the other is a shade of fuchsia, giving her a slightly exotic appearance despite her otherwise unremarkable features.

She wears her blonde hair short (thought not entirely by choice) and dreams of the day when it will grow long enough to braid, but that day never seems to arrive

Place of residence: The Quicksand, Ul'Dah

Place of Birth: Black Shroud, just outside Gridania

Known Relatives: Mother, Mirabelle; Father, Orin; Two older brothers, Darius and Elgin

Friends: None yet

Enemies: None yet

Likes: Books, warm rain, fine dining, small animals

Favorite Foods: Baked goods

Favorite Drinks: Hot Cocoa

Favorite Colors: Pastel lavender

Fashion of Choice: She prefers casual, loose-fitting, well-tailored clothing and tends to avoid the traditional mage's robes, which she considers stifling and uncomfortable

Weapons of Choice: Magic

Dislikes: Dishonest people, slavery, large crowds, raisins, spiders (phobic)

Hobbies: Reading, Writing prose and poetry, Standing in the rain during thunderstorms

Special Abilities: Aside from a talent for the arcane arts, nothing particularly outstanding

Positive Personality Traits: Generally friendly, helpful, intelligent

Negative Personality Traits: Very shy and difficult to engage, easily distracted

Misc. Quirks: tends to lean on a staff that she carries around, as though using it as a barrier between herself and whomever she is talking to


Alaena Miura was a mistake. At least, that's how she felt throughout her childhood. Born to a merchant family who regularly made trips between Ul'Dah and Gridania, Alaena was the unplanned third child and a source of great consternation for her father and mother. Unwilling to postpone potentially lucrative business trips to deal with the inconvenience of pregnancy, they were passing through the Black Shroud when Alaena was born.

With two older sons already being groomed to inherit the family business, Alaena was allowed to pursue her own interests, and quickly displayed talent for magecraft. Glad to be free of the distraction of raising a third child, her parents sent her off to a boarding school as soon as she was old enough.

Unfortunately, Alaena's natural timidity made her an easy target for bullies, who tormented her for most of her formative years until she finally retaliated by unleashing a powerful fireball that nearly burned the dormitory to the ground. Despite her pleading that her reaction was self-defense, she was expelled from the school.

Knowing the reception that she was likely to receive when she returned home, Alaena did not take a direct route back to Ul'Dah and instead took a longer route that took her far afield. She remained missing for months, and with the eruption of war and subsequent calamity, she was presumed a casualty and mourned by her family, whose business had been all but decimated in the aftermath of Dalamud's Fall.

They received the shock of their lives when, nearly five years later, Alaena's father answered a knock at his door to find her standing on the doorstep