Alaire Szynskii

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Alaire Szynskii
Alaire 01.png

Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Mid-Lander
Citizenship Limsa
Age 25
Occupation Adventurer/G.C. Jobs
Free Company The Zodiacs
Primary Character Job Free Paladin


It's 4 a clock in the morning, as you walk down a forest trail looking for botany spots to harvest some of natures treasures, as you walk around you notice a some smoke in the distance, curious where it might come from you wander off towards the smoke. After walking for a few minutes you find a lit fireplace with one chopped up stomp, with 4 eggs frying on a hammered out iron plate that rest on the rock circle of the fireplace, just above the smoldering. A few feet away from it you see a tent, and as you approach closer you hear a clattering sound as you see an armor covered man surprisingly swiftly leave the tent as he hold a pair of slices of bread in one hand, and a fork in the other. He look at you and say with a friendly voice as he pick up 2 eggs and place it on one of the bread slices.

Greetings traveler! You came just in time for breakfast, have a seat and enjoy some egg on toast.


Alaire is a 1meter and 77cm tall hyru, he is lean and mildly muscular from his training as a gladiator. His face is chiseled, seamed and almost sculpted looking that match his bodily appearance quite well. Decorating it is a pair of sea blue eyes and perfectly trimmed 'dirty blonde' hair, that he spare no gil in preserving its classiness. His skin is quite light much like most mid-lander's, but somehow refuse to tan, regardless of how much time he spend outdoors in the sun.

Clothing wise he try to refrain form wearing expensive clothing and armor, in an attempt to appear more peasant. Thus usually wear his battle armor as casual clothing, and mere underwear’s and light top under it, but he will during some occasions dress in more fine wears for special events.


Besides whatever armor, shields and swords he finds (and use) in his travels, Alaire carries quite a lot of equipment that are useful for surviving when exploring the wast wildness of Eorzea.

  • A bag of Limited Holding: An old birthday gift from his younger days, it was had made in collaboration with Ul'dah's weavers, alchemist and Gridania's leatherworkers guild. As a way for him to store clothing and other personal belongings inside when camping. Its great for stuffing useful equipment, items and gear in!
  • A huge stack of ARUB Hair Gel™: The secret behind Alaire's fancy hair, a magical hair gel that is part of the SzynMeure brand. Not only do it make it flame resistant, it makes it soft and shiny to! Provided for free because of his family ties and is delivered on monthly basis using his MognetPrime subscription based shipping.
  • A Stainless Steel Comb: A quite sturdy but not to sharp steel comb, for dealing with dire emergencies like bed hair.
  • A Notepad: Great for taking notes, reading reminders, and scribble cool things in! It have a fancy generic sword and shield emblem on it, and a little removable pen attached at the top of the metal spiral holding the pages together.
  • A full set of Camping Equipment: Complete with a 4 man tent kit, 4 sleeping bags, FIR3 Campfire Lighter™, ICE2 Mini Icebox™, botany, carpenter and culinarian equipment!
  • A set of ProRing™ Weapons+Armor Maintenance Gear: Consists of armor polish, dark matter and basic blacksmith and armorer gear. User guide not included.


For being born from a wealthy family he is quite humble, and fully capable of handling things by himself for the most part, as long as he don't bite more than he can chew. Having met people of many races from all corners of the world during banquets and other events during his youth, he don't usually judge people based on their blood nor origin, but the few times he dose it's from personal experience as an Ul'dah guard. He is also quite capable of keeping his head cool, being able to shrug off insults and harsh words tossed at him by frustrated citizens and royalties alike, but if they speak dishonorable about his family name or parents, he wont hesitate protecting his parents honor. In normal cases he is quite of a silent person but if someone begin talking with him he is more than capable on keeping the conversation up from dusk till dawn.

… You know, most people would probably curse at me for choosing a life full of danger and deadly beasts who wish nothing more but to rip ones heart out, over a life of wealth, comfort and expensive meals. But hey, this has far less paperwork and snobbish people bragging to you about how high their silly shares values are on daily basis!

Alaire Szynskii 02.png


  • Mossop helping out
  • Protecting others
  • Conversations
  • Buying gifts
  • Fancy swords and armor
  • Going out


  • Sad things in general
  • Being clumsy
  • Being a burden
  • Being picked on
  • Being taken advantage of
  • When people mess with his hair


  • Deep water (can't swim)
  • To be judged by his wealth
  • Ruining his hair
  • Losing those he hold close


  • Drink: Orange Juice
  • Color: Celeste Green and Honey Yellow
  • Food: Honey Muffin's
  • Season: Spring
  • Holiday: Moonfire Faire
  • Creature: Sylph
  • Flower: Black Shroud Sylphic
  • Element: Earth


  • Fencing
  • Dancing (Waltz)
  • Exploration
  • Baking pastries
  • Camping
  • Maintaining swords and armor


💕{100% Love}💕{Crush}💕{Besties}💕{Good Friend}💕{Friend}💕{Acquaintance}💕{Stranger} {Good Standing}{Poor Standing}

NPC Relations

Frederick Szynskii { 💕 } -
The father of Alaire Szynskii and husband of Lira, he is a man who believe in hard work and fair trades and is the proud owner of SzynMeure brand. Annoyed with the fact his son is wasting his life playing hero, he still try to respect his sons life choice.
"Even if I feel thou arth but a stubborn fool, merely try live thy dreams. I hope ya find joy in life."

Lira Meure { 💕 } -
The mother of Alaire Szynskii and wife of Frederick, the once proud owner of the jewelry store Meure Trinkets, but is now the co-owner of SzynMeure brand. Taking her sons life choice less seriously, believing his actions are merely a phase in his life, and that he will take on the family business in due time.
"… One of these days, you will grow tired of the silly knights and dragons thing, and come back and become the loving, responsible son I brought you up to be."

Mossop { 💕 } -
Alaire Szynskii's man servant/retainer, a short but skilled and equally cunning lalafell who take his job as Alaire's servant with pride, knowing if it wasn't for the Szynskii he would still probably be living' on the streets. None is quite sure what his last name is, not even himself.
"… Don't cha worry sir, ye uncle Mossop got ya covered! If I amn't cuttin it for dis yoke none is."

PC Relations

Iiro Iro { 💕 } -
The one who saved Alaire arse more times than one can keep track of, whenever there is too much trouble for him to handle she seem to always be around to save the day. He sometimes got a feeling she is mildly stalking him but find it more than welcome, as he don't mind to be the center of attention at times.
"... Hahaha. Wait... you're serious? Are you bloody nuts!? Can't you just give up and go home...? No? Your skull is much thicker then it looks... You damn idiot... You're goin' to get yourself killed."

Fell Krieger { 💕 } -
A close friend to Iiro who seem to talk on his link shell a lot, he have no shortage of stories and seems to be quite a family man. Don't know a whole lot about him besides the fact he is a great Black Mage who have no shortage of tricks up his sleeve.
"Alaire! Watch where you're going- argh! Please watch yourself.... If I came home with your body, Iiro would kill me."

The Story of Alaire Szynskii

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Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

  • "Oh, Pretty boy? I haven't seen him for a while, he went out adventuring didn't he."
  • "How on earth do he manage to keep his hair so… perfect? I want to meet his barber!"
  • "Apparently he is from a rich family... Is he trying to prove something or are he trying to pull an insurance fraud?"
  • "What's his obsession with swords? One would think having those slashed at him at daily occasion would make him tire of them."
  • "… I'm not sure if he just got very high standards or if what I just said went way over his head."
  • "… Those legs of his ain't much for running errands with but they sure can dance!"
  • "… How in the 7 hells did that man manage to become a Paladin? He look like he can't even tie a pair of bloody shoes!"

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

  • "… That guy sure loves camping, I have never seen a man so content sleeping in a shoddy tent in the middle of a damn swamp."
  • "Bah, fancy pants ain't even man enough to drink ale, let alone surviving on his own!"
  • "I love his muffins. No! Not those, his pastries you dolt!"
  • "The reason he don't wear a helmet is due to the fact his thick skull is rock hard enough as it is..."
  • "He may seem like all talk and no skill, kind of guy but the moment you challenge him to a sword duel you will realize that is not the case..."

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

  • "… I wonder how long he'd last without that lalafell shadowing him around the clock. Probably not too long by judging of his obvious shortage of common sense."
  • "… Is that the famous '10gil whore' accompanying him, or are my eyes deceiving me? I'd expect such a rich kid to have a bigger budget when hiring a White Mage to help him tank."
  • "… I once did a dungeon run with him as he fooled around as a Conjurer, he almost made our whole party wipe by running off casting 'stone' on some 'dumb flames' rather than healing my ass!"

Event Themes

Extra Information

  • Server: Malboro
  • Timezone: EST
  • Character Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Character Inspirations: Captain Gordon (Disgaea: Hour of Darkness), Gordon Tracy (Thunderbirds), The Captain (Star Control 2 & 3), Emile Szynskii (Front Mission: Gun Hazard)
  • Ideal Voice Actor: John Hansen (Voicing the Captain, ICOM and the Utwig in Star Control 3)(Voice Sample)
  • Ideal Actor: