Alais Chalahko

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 Alais Chalahko
Stormy Petrel
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship N/A
Server Balmung
Nameday Ninth Sun/Fourth Astral Moon (Approx. Early 20s)
Guardian Menphina the Lover
Birthplace Limsa Lominsa
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Occupation Machina scavenger, tinker and seller
Timezone UTC-7
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Alais Chalahko is a machina enthusiast city-born and forest-raised. Displaced by the calamity as a child, she now wanders the realm of Eorzea with little more than herself to call her own.

Appearance & Personality

Height: Under five feet; shorter Miqo'te spectrum.
Weight: Approximately a hundred pounds.
Body Type: Wiry on the skinnier side; lissome as a hunter's, but missing a few meals.
Hair: Blanched-flaxen with soot-black bangs, matted in places to the point of looking dreaded. Yarn and baubles are sometimes among these knots. Ties it back for most activities, where it will reach her mid-back. Favours twin-tails and headbands.
Skin: Keeper pallidness dotted with freckles and moles. Commonly sporting superficial injuries. Prone to flush. Hands can present a hue of grey, due to poor circulation.
Eyes: Piercing, aetherial-crystal blue. A tired shade of purple underlines pensive, probing eyes.
Bearing: Dainty and measured mannerisms. Ceaseless hands, clenching and fidgeting. Gait eerily quiet with a predator's nimble step.
Voice: Sweet-sounding and disarming; kittenish.
Clothing Style: Wears her wardrobe to the threads, though occasionally can be found in cloth tailored well and only slightly dirt-hemmed. Favours dark and muted colours for her clothes, and her mixture of city and tribal upbringing is apparent in her preference of style. Dresses for long travels with layers that suit a variant of terrain and climates, and, depending on her plotted course, ones she may bundle herself up in for tent-less sleeps. Goggles and bandannas are staples of her wayfaring garb.
Notable Features: Mischievous expression; beauty mark punctuates right eye; ears tapered like knives; long and slender tipped-tail; always bruised and nicked; hands often dyed by herbs and spices.





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