Alana Dawnstar

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Alana Dawnstar
Alana 2.png
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah
Place of Birth Unknown
Guardian Menphina, the Lover
Nameday 10th sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Marital Status Engaged
Occupation Cheif Flame Sergeant of Immortal Flames for Healing Division

Basic Info


  • Ally
  • Lana

Current Residence



Height: 5 ft 2 in

Weight: 110 lbs

Complexion:  pale

Hair:  Red

Eyes:  crystal blue



  • Writing
  • Singing
  • Fishing
  • Taking care of animals


  • Animals
  • Knowledge
  • Healing
  • Likes shiny, Wants Shiny, Must have Shiny


  • Crowds
  • Loud noises
  • Water being she almost drowned


  • Food:  no preference
  • Drinks:  water
  • Scent: fresh linen
  • Place: wherever her love is


Alana's personality depends on who she is with. With Renathian she can range from being spontaneous and spunky, to quiet and reserved. Whereas with friends she is usually quiet and will talk occasionally if not spoken to directly. In a crowd of people she doesn't know, unless she is working to heal someone she will be usually dead silent from fear and shrink into the background of the crowd usually unnoticed.


  • Not great in crowds
  • Can't swim
  • Great hearing, but it can be sensitive
  • Can't heal herself


  • Water
  • Losing her friends
  • Losing Renathian


  • Can Talk and understand animals
  • Extraordinary Healer
  • Has a calming aura about her

Abilities and Skills


  • Staff
  • Dagger


  • Has great Conjurer healing abilities

Family and Relationships


  • Mother: unknown
  • Father: unknown
  • Siblings: Unknown


Many of Ul'dah and Gridania know her to be kind and are friendly with her

  • Varys
  • Calliope
  • Selarian
  • Gustas
  • Azreal


  • Piperlily
  • Devyn
  • Makoto


Unknown at this time


Lawful Good



Early Years

If you ask Alana about her family, she would most likely reply with. “Well I have parents but I don’t remember them.” Not because they are dead, but because they had to give her up when she was still very young. That is where her story began. When Alana was but the age of five her parents noticed she had a rare talent, a talent that with their skills they didn’t feel they could properly protect with all the chaos their world was still fighting off and recovering from. With that, they met with the conjurer guild master residing in Old Gridania and asked him for aid with the child. Alana’s healing even at a young age was fairly decent, and with age would only become stronger and more potent. She had a strange connection with nature she could hear the elements and even communicate with the animals, but didn’t know what this power was until she was much older.

As she grew older, the people of Gridania became like her family. She still didn’t know many people growing up but the ones she did took good care of her. She met even a few people here and there like Selarian, Calliope, and Gustas but her distance with living in the woods and their they didn’t really get to know each other very well or remember each other. As she further progressed in her nature and healing magic with outstanding progress. She could heal people flawlessly, however with her great ability to heal others, she had a few flaws that also could prove quite dangerous. No matter how hard she tried, she could only heal minor wounds on herself at most which left her very vulnerable to attacks on herself, and with no abilities in battle other than healing she was an asset to others but a danger to herself.

She was explained the risks various times, but she had made her decision long before being told this about helping others. She found herself in nature so much, she ended up residing in a large tree, where she made a door in an old hollowed out tree and would mend the wood to be sturdy and stable to house herself.

At the age of twenty though, she would be given reason to have her first fear of humans, the way she became fearful of crowds. She was warned that she was a target, for her ability to heal and her inability to truly defend herself, but she put trust in humanity and fate to guide her to the right places to keep her safe and where she needed to be. She never quite expected to be walking in a town she knew so well, to find herself smashed into hard the next moment, her body being launched into a nearby wall where she fell to the ground. The world spun for a few moments, as she would begin to regain her bearings, but she was surrounded by a group of men at this point, who were searching for gold, or worse. Alana wasn’t dressed in anything fancy, but her staff was very elegant and decorated with crystals, a gift from the guild master. These men, wanted just that, her staff.

When she refused to give it up, Alana was ripped from the ground by her hair and thrown to the floor elsewhere , as she hastily got to her feet. She took out her staff swinging it at them , her sharp teeth bared, and her furry ears pinned down to her head in a threatening manner. Even like that though, they did not fear her, they drew weapons, speaking of things like teaching her a lesson. She fought the best she could, but it ultimately ended with one of them catching her down the back from shoulder to just below the mid way point on her back with a blade, leaving her to fall to the ground in pain as they surrounded her. By now it had drawn the attention of quite a few, as she felt a foot kick her hard enough to make her black-out. Someone must have come to her rescue though, because she woke up a long while later in the inn in Uldah with her staff resting on the bed at her side. She was bandaged up and healed for the most part but still sore and unable to move much. To this day she couldn’t remember who had saved her, but one day she hoped to meet him or her and repay the debt.

She couldn’t remember their faces , and vaguely remembered what happened because it happened so quickly, but that gave her the fear of crowds, and a slight fear of people touching her from that point forward. She wandered the towns less after that, but it never stopped her caring and reasons to aid those in need otherwise. When she wasn’t needed for healing, she was most of the time found back in the woods at her tree tending to animals, plants, and elements of nature.

Four years later brings Alana to her more current stories, at the age of twenty four. She was still pretty carefree and had a little less fear over time, returning to the cities a bit more frequently and even making some new friends, and rekindling some old friendships from Gridinia. Where the people she met and new adventures may lead her though is still uncertain...

Recent Years