Alaraien Eldryn

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 Alaraien Llebenydd-Dracondrian Eldryn, ap Ala Mhigo, of Perscion, Firstborn
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I am the waves that bear, I am the winds that guide, I am the evening stars, I am the morning sky, I was born of the sea, and there shall I die.
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ala Mhigo*
Namesday 15th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
Age 25
Residences Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah, Gridania (Hrethknell)
Notes *abandoned


Selective breeding comprises this man's features. His hair is long, falling down his back. Even when he is armored, within a city, it is almost always let down. It's as straight as arrows, and always tidy. When in the field, however, it is bound tightly into a wrapped tail and kept well out of the way. His eyes are as blue as the sky. He seems to suffer from a rather severe form of albinism. He is a nobleman's sort simply by glance, holding a regal air to his gait-- one instilled in him undoubtedly from his early youth. He is very tall, standing at six feet and six inches in height. He is a broad-shouldered fighter's type-- this notion reinforced by the heavy armor usually seen weighting him, and the scars that litter his face. Though he is a younger man, one would not mistake him for a fresh-faced youth. He is well into his prime.

He seems to be scowling everywhere he goes, surveying around with a pinched expression, as if the world simply was never satisfactory to gaze upon. He has an upright and arresting demeanor, one that simply demands attention.

General Behavior

When spoken to, Alaraien responds in his usual pattern of speech and tonality. Regal words spoken from a noble's tongue, only the most proper of mannerisms. Ladies will often be bowed to, and are spoken to generally in a more cordial manner.

On the day-to-day, Alaraien is a bit reserved to his own endeavors. He walks and acts as though he is above most around him until he is approached, but because of this, it may not entirely be common for someone to simply speak to him at random without much purpose. He has a slightly cold exterior, and his resting glare helps little in making him appear open to conversation. It is often difficult to place his emotions based on expression alone.


Alaraien is a member of the House of Eldryn. It is a rather large noble line of Midlander hyur that has portioned representative families in two of the three remaining city-states. Alaraien, as his name and title state, is a member of the Ala Mhigan branch of House Eldryn. He is the son of Perscion and Elleth, and is an only child.

In documentation, Alaraien was adopted at the age of 10 by a Melandin and Persea Eldryn, a cousin family in the Ul'dahn branch of the House of Eldryn. He has limited recognition and rights as a member of the coalition within Ul'dah.

Military Record

  • Documented as a freelancing Paladin of the Sultanate, 10 years ago.
  • Enlisted in Maelstrom command, 2 years ago.


Alaraien is fully trained as a paladin, but works under a freelance contract with both the sultanate and the Maelstrom. His training is a result of prior knowledge and his own name.


Alaraien is a follower of all of the Twelve, and devoted to each in equal. He is a paladin, and because of this, holds the Twelve above himself willingly. He is a defender of the Light of Eorzea, however, his most related to deity would be Llymlaen.


  • As a hobby, Alaraien practices goldsmithing. Because of this, he is a semi-accomplished artist.

Men and Women of Service

A wealthy man, Alaraien has many attendants that see to various affairs in his lifetime. These individuals are listed here.

  • Talali Lali - Market attendant in Ul'dah, financial manager, regional affairs clerk.
  • Neneroto Leleroto - Home attendant in Ul'dah, residential manager, personal attendant.
  • Alina Morray - Home attendant in Gridania, maid.
  • P'elahshe Kovahs - Home attendant in Limsa Lominsa, maid.


  • "Bex" - Seen often tending to this White Mage and generally being within his vicinity.
  • "Cardinal" - A woman slightly above middle age with whom his relationship has turned sour.
  • "Envras" - A name only occasionally muttered in his sleep.


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