Alastor Orpheus

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 Alastor Orpheus
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Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Clanless, born as an A' clan orphan.
Citizenship Eorzean
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1553 - Baby A'rifar was found by a Doman couple in the wreckage of a cart deep inside black shroud. His swaddling cloth were embroidered with his birth name.

1554 - Adopting the boy as their own, the Hyur couple give him the Doman name Akayuki. His adoptive parents were both Shinobi escaping Doma for unknown reason. For the first year they were travelling before his adoptive parents settled down near Bronze lake. He was taught by his parents the seventy-and-two arts of shadow and taught to follow the ten tenets of honor since early age

1562 - Long since contracted the creeping death. His mother succumb to the illness.

1570 - Completed his Shinobi Training, his father revealed the reason why his adoptive parents escaped Doma. At the same year, he set out on his own.

1571 - Arrived in Ul'dah, started apprenticeship with the Gladiator guild. Took up the name Alastor Orpheus in the registration form of his apprenticeship.

1572 - Joined the volunteer militia guarding Ul'dah during the year of Carteneau battle. After the calamity and the militia disbandment, he set out to travel. Providing relief everywhere he can for the victim of the calamity.

1577 - Started a drifter life as a sellsword.


Just a common sellsword you'd see flooding Ul'dah everyday. Often found himself without a job, he yet carry himself with determination and somewhat a sense of purpose.


Of average Miqo'te height, nothing is too special about this one except few times when you look at his yellow eyes, you'd notice some sort of melancholy that is quickly replaced with a tinge of sharpness when he knows you are noticing.

Born with crimson hair and yellow eyes, he always kept it trimmed in a simple, modest way. His face is clear of any scars, sometimes people mistaken him for a new apprentice in the way of the sword. Always have a pair of thin dagger hidden somewhere on his person.


Spent most of his year in a remote island near bronze lake, he rarely have social encounter thus he can be awkward when in the company of people.

Strict discipline and the virtue of the ten oath of honor instill in him a sense of righteousness. Often time he'd rather go hungry rather than accepting a job that conflict against his principle.

His adage is "Even in their most powerless state, a life is not without meaning" Despite all of this, he is not scared or hesitate to dirty his hand with the blood of his enemy.


Somewhat good skills with a sword and a shield but his true nature is a Shinobi.


Frequents the quick sand in-between work. Would just sit on one corner of the bar while looking at the wall. Occasionally looking at Horolog (clock) for his appointed time.


  • X'Zanza


  • Sweet
  • Aldgoat Milk
  • Sleeping with full stomach


  • Anything that goes against the ten oath of honor


  • Sleeping
  • Reading books on battle strategy


  • X'Caelo
  • White Chrysanthemum


The ten tenets of honor A'rifar lives by :

  • First tenet : "The honorable shall find themselves want for naught"
  • Second tenet :
  • Third tenet :
  • Fourth tenet :
  • Fifth tenet :
  • Sixth tenet : "Honor is not blind,nor blinded by money or adversities"
  • Seventh tenet :
  • Eight tenet :
  • Ninth tenet :
  • Final tenet : "In time of need. Honor wields a blade."




  • X'Zanza Yamah -

Alastor met her one day, after following a scent of baked cookie across Ul'dah. Daughter of the Lyx tribe, She can be counted amongst the first he talked with and counted as a friend in his life as a drifter and a sellsword.
The cheerful Miqo'te share the same liking of sweet as him and often they'd be found sitting on a bench in front of Quick Sand, enjoying a bag (or two, or uhh...three) of cookies. Other times they'd enjoy the well kept secret of the coffin and coffer : Flan pudding.
After being together for a while, he found himself falling in love with her. Her kindness and her innocent ways opened himself and teached him many things.



Common Rumors

  • "When most men come to a bar to order booze, he orders Milk. Must have seen a lot of bloodshed, that one" - Momodi of the Quick Sand
  • "That damn punk will either cooperate with us or he will find himself forced out of Ul'dah" - One corrupt Brassblade official
  • "He's not much but i always trust him to escort me on a trading trip. That one carry honor in him. Something that is rare nowadays" - A particular merchant frequenting Ul'dah and Silver Bazaar

Moderate Rumors

Rare Rumors

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