Aldeus Lightsong

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Aldeus Fenix
Hope is never lost until we throw it away.
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Guardian Halone the Fury
Age 26
Nameday 6th day of the 3rd umbral moon
Orientation Lawful Good
Occupation Adventurer, Scientist, and Gentleman Knight
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Physical Description

"That Aldeus sure is one handsome lady." ~ Ul'Dah Citizen

Poised and dignified like a courel matriarch, Aldeus leaves young girls blushing in his wake, and grown men rolling their eyes. Every detail from his manicured nails to the polish of his armor speaks of a man who read one too many fairy tales as a boy. Daily baths with rose petal soap further the narrative. Not particularly tall, nor well built, Aldeus nevertheless strives to the standard set by knights of legend. Rigorous training has rendered him lithe and athletic like a trained dancer, lending a graceful elegance to his stride.


No one quite knows how the four-year-old son of a Garlean aristocrat came to be in a war zone, but that was precisely where he was when Sir Baras found him, clinging to a woman's corpse, during the Empire's conquest of Ala Mhigo. Without hesitation, Sir Baras brought the boy to safety, figuring him to be an Ala Mhigan. By the time his mistake was realized, there was no going back. Aldeus became his charge, to be raised in Ul'Dah, amongst the Knights of the Twelve.

Aldeus thrived under the Knights' care. An enthusiastic learner and dedicated pupil, he rose through the squires' ranks despite his inability to manipulate aether. By the time the Empire resumed its march on Eorzea, Aldeus was a front line fighter, shoulder to shoulder with his comrades at Carteneau; until a grievous wound saw him taken from the field. That wound saved him from the slaughter wrought by Bahamut's fire, but the rest of the Knights were not so fortunate.

Distraught over the loss of his surrogate family, Aldeus poured himself into his training. He fought for the Holy See until the end of the Dragonsong War, and now travels the world, helping all those he comes across.


Rarely seen without a wide, inviting smile, Aldeus greets everyone like an old friend. Though the Knights of the Twelve are gone, he upholds their code of honor and chivalry, showing respect to even the lowliest beggar and never turning down someone in need.


Knights of the Twelve

Other Notes

- Aldeus keeps a strict diet and exercise regiment.