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"I don't want to hurt such a cute girl! So...can you please stop fighting." - Fai D. Flowright, Tsubasa.

Ul'dah-transparent.png Alekse Sevantai
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Ul'Dah

Basic Info

Full Name : Alekse Sevantai
Aliases : None
Namesday : 10th Sun, 6th Astral Moon, year 1550
Age : 28
Marital Status : Single
Current Residence : Ul'Dah.
Occupation : Researcher


Complexion : Light
Hair Color : Red
Eyes Color : Green
Height : 6'6"
Weight : 200 ponze.
Voice : Subdued and shy at first, but with an aire of command when speaking on a subject he knows.
Clothing Style : Casual
Armor : None, occasionally wearing robes when needed.
Preferred Weapon(s) : His mind! Big on strategy, followed up with Black magic.


Alignment : Lawful Good (LG)
Motivations : Growing stronger, proving his theories, impressing Rowe and Elenore.
Disposition : Reserved and quiet, very shy around women.
Outlook : Practical
Intelligence : Is fairly logically minded, and a decent strategist
Religion/Philosophy : Menphina, The Lover.

Sexuality : Heterosexual
Strengths : Smart, loyal and calculating
Flaws : Shy, unsure
Fears: Disappointing those he cares for
Misc. Quirks : Alekse wears a pair of silver spectacles. When uncomfortable, he can be seen pushing them farther up his nose as a machination to hide behind.


Ancient Ruins
Planning and strategic thinking
Rude/Obnoxious people
Being weak or needing protection
Being wrong on a theory
Having one of his plans fail
Disappointing friends
Skilled with Elemental magic
Skilled in Summoning Rituals
Learning the basics of White Magic
Skilled at Scholarly pursuits.
Reading and writing
Studying Magic
Learning Languages
Learning History
Favorite Food/Drink: Steak, Red Wine
Favorite Scent: Salty Coins
Favorite Color: Silver
Favorite Place: Blackbush Station
Favorite Fesitval: None



Even Alekse does not seem to know much of his origins. Quiet simply, he was found on the streets of Limsa when he was four. He has no memories of his life before this point. He does know that he was taken in by a member of the Arcanist guild and raised as the man's child. However, this new father soon perished on a dig. Rather then turn the boy over to the Maelstrom for placement, the guild as a whole decided to keep him and raise him to be one of them.

Before Dalamud's Fall

Before the Fall, Young Alekse was working to prove himself as both a researcher and a strategist. His skills were rather impressive for one of his age, but when you have an entire guild as a parent, you tend to get very little slack and even more expectation. The lad worked hard to prove himself, wanting not only to make those who had raised him proud, but to honor the memory of the man who had found him so many years ago.

After Dalamud's Fall

It is after the Fall that Alekse's desire to make a name for himself kicked into high gear. He began to develop his own theories on what happened to the Warriors of Light. He researched the interactions of Primal aether, crystal magics, and the various aether and metamagic in the area from the battle. His main theory was that when the great Sage tried to save the hero's, his magic encountered and mixed with forces he didn't anticipate. His theory came along well enough, but a theory is just that, its an unproven 'I think.' 'I think,' wasn't good enough for him. He needed 'I can prove.'
Having recently learned a Ruin spell, and how to summon Carbuncle, he sat out for some ancient beastman ruins, hoping to study the arts used by these creatures to summon their Primals. He was far to sure of himself, confidant his meager skills could hold him up and win the day against any silly beastman that might stand against him. He learned the hard way he was not.
The beasts were unhappy at his intrusion into their territory, and they made it well known. His summoned creature was doing its best, but the endless waves of beastmen were quickly becoming to much. Alekse knew he was surrounded, and that his own magics would soon fail. Seeing the end of his life, the young mage sighed at his own miscalculation. He let his tome slide from his fingers into the dirt and prepared to accept the end.
Then she was there. Like an angel descending from the heavens. A flash of steel and a cry of pain is what caught his attention first. When he saw her, it was like staring into the rising sun. She blinded him, in a way, she was all he could see for that moment, watching as this stranger wove through beastmen, cutting them down as if they were nothing more then blades of grass. She laughed and seemed to dance among them, almost toying with them, never once did her eyes land on his.
He would decide to track her down. Learn her name, thank her. In time he would know her to be Yaaris Rowe, and though it would be a blow to his ego.. she had never even seen him. The young miqo'te had no idea she had saved his life, but that did not matter to him. He owed a debt, and so he swore to repay it. There, in front of Rowe and her wife, Elenore, he swore to serve them as a squire, always at their call when needed.

Recent History

Since joining Rowe's service, she has encouraged Alekse to put aside his research and take up a book of magic. He's learned to harness the forces of the Black, becoming a mage of no small power. With each new spell he learns, his confidence and pride seem to grow.

Character Relations

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Wife: None
Child: None
Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Platonic Love     
Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing    ! Recent Standing Change
 :Yaaris Rowe and Elenore Weaver

Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to message me rumors you've heard!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
He was raised by the Arcanists guild.
Found as an orphan at a young age.
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
He recently had a near death experience.
He seems shy around women
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
He's pleadged his service to Yaaris Rowe and Elenore Weaver as repayment for his life
He's started working on a theory for what happened to the Light warriors.
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)

The Immortal Flames
(Flame Sergeant)



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