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Ul'dah-transparent.png Alex Price
Alex Pic.png
The Dreamer
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 19
Namesday 8th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Guardian Byregot, the Builder



Alex is a young Midlander man who can usually be seen with a smile on his face. Through his upbringing, he has become quite the shy young man and can often be found avoiding crowded places and situations, or acting awkward within them. He tries his hardest to avoid those who label themselves nobles and wealthy, and takes great issue with those who are corrupt and take advantage over others. Finally leaving his home and exploring the world is what drives this young man forwards, with the promise to help those who aren't able to help themselves always in his mind. He is quick to jump to conclusions, despite being educated, and his inexperience with the world often causes him to find more trouble than he's ready to take on.



Alex is slightly shorter than the average Hyur of his age. Due to this fact, when debating with others he has developed the habit of standing on the tips of his toes to create the illusion that he's slightly taller than he actually is.


Alexis is a little below the average weight for a Hyur man of his age.


Alexis' body structure is rather slim. His arms, stomach and legs are all thin but don't appear toned, suggesting this man takes more time caring about his diet rather than spending time exercising his body.


Alexis' skin colour is very dark and matches that of his mother. He has no visible tattoos, scars or piercings - leaving his skin in a smooth and healthy condition.


Alex's silver necklace that he is always found wearing.

Alex is almost always found with his bright blonde left in a messy style. It's fairly long, the fringe covering the majority of his forehead. Although he keeps it in a messy style, every time he is seen it is almost the exact same, suggesting he styles it this way himself. 


Alex's eyes are both a deep green colour. He has large, round eyes that can be seen darting around with curiousity whenever he finds himself in a new place or city.


Alex's fashion is at both ends of the spectrum. On some days, he'll be seen wearing a long robe embroidered with fancy symbols and sigils. On others, he'll be seen wearing what can almost be labelled as rags, claiming he's moving to "comfort over style".

The one thing that never changes about his style, however, is the silver necklace that is always found around his neck. The necklace has been carved into the shape of a flying bird, which rests a little below his neck.


Due to his difficult upbringing, Alex is often labelled as a young, inexperienced man. He has several issues with expressing his disagreement with others, and often finds himself falling quiet in heated arguments because of his fear of confrontation. He also has a hard time with obtaining friends due to his awkward social behaviour when he is meeting new people.

Underneath this, however, lies a caring youth who is simply trying to change and reinvent himself to avoid becoming something he hates. Though the process is taking time, he is slowly but surely making progress and beginning to develop into the person he wishes to be.

Should he feel others are in need of help, he will usually be the first to charge straight into the issue. At times, he is generous with things such as gil and clothing, sometimes forgetting that these days he doesn't have as much as he used to.

Although he most likely comes across as an inexperienced and shy young man upon first meeting, beneath this appearance is a young man who is trying to learn a new way of life and is struggling to let go of his old one.



Due to his wealthy upbringing, Alex hasn't seen a real combat experience in his entire life. Using their wealthy position, his family had always hired loyal guards and mercenaries to handle any combat situations that required the family's attention.

Saying that, however, Alex was able to befriend one of his family's loyal guards when he turned seventeen. He convinced the guard to teach him basic swordplay in the dead of night, far away from his family's manor. However, the experience only lasted a month before his mother became aware and the guard was later killed in what was described as a terrible accident.

Although Alex is now able to wield a sword in some form, he currently isn't a useful ally to have on the field of battle due to his lack of real combat experience. Despite this, there are times where he has been known to protest and force others to take him with them on dangerous escapades - with often disastrous results!



  • Company
  • Children
  • Stories
  • Respect
  • Friendship - though he often finds himself struggling to make friends!
  • Watching combat


  • Being told to wait
  • Swimming
  • Corruption/Bribery
  • Assumptions


Alex's main hobby during his life in Ul'dah was to watch combatants at the coliseum fight each other. He has always enjoyed watching combat, especially swordplay, from a young age.

His main talents lie in his education. Alex is well educated and as such, he is able to read, speak and write fluently.


Alex is often known to become quite shy around any situation that requires a removal of clothes. Be it simply changing in front of another, stripping down to go swimming or anything else along the same lines. He becomes even more quiet and awkward, often laughing nervously and doing whatever he can to avoid the situation.



  • Father:  Harvard Price (Deceased) - Alex's father who he adored greatly. His father passed away shortly after his eighth namesday. The majority of Alex's facial features, including his eye and hair colour, come from his father's side. Alex describes him as the greatest man he ever knew. A lover of all people, no matter their background. Losing him took a great toll on Alex and caused the strain between himself and his mother to become even worse.
  • Mother: Isabelle Darlon (Alive) - Alex's mother. The two have never seen eye to eye, and despite the similarity in their skin tone, many people agree that they look nothing alike. Isabelle Darlon was widely spoken about at one point shortly after Harvard Price's death, due to the fact that she remarried within a single month. Alex describes her as a hateful woman who only looks out for herself.
  • Step Father: Leonan Darlon (Alive) - Alex's step father who he has hated ever since he moved into the family manor. Alex has never approved of Leonan's marriage to his mother, especially with how sudden it was after his father's passing. Alex describes the man as a scheming manipulator who will do anything to get what he wants.
  • Nurse: Elna Caselle (Alive) - Alex's carer. The woman has been in his life since Alex was a child until he finally ran from his family's manor. Alex cares deeply for the woman, despite the amount of times Elna was forced to reveal Alex's antics to his mother. Despite not being related by blood, Alex still views Elna as part of his immediate family.


  • Anton: Anton was Alex's first true friend. While Alex came from a wealthy family, this boy was the son of a rather poor baker. The two of them became close friends almost immediately and played together often throughout their childhood. After their friendship was discovered by Alex's mother, Anton and his father have not been seen in Ul'dah since. (Anton is a minor NPC character in Alex's history. Saying that, there is an option for him to return later in the story. If anyone is at all interested in playing him, please let me know!)
  • Keilan: Keilan was the young guardsman that Alex befriended shortly after he turned seventeen. He convinced Keilan to teach him how to wield and use a sword during the night, always training away from the family manor. After meeting every night for two weeks, the two began to develop feelings for each other. Each night Keilan taught him again and again, until one night they finally ended up going the entire way with their romance. Shortly after their night of passion, Alex's mother hinted that she was aware of Alex's relationship with Keilan. During a trip to the coliseum, Alex watched as Keilan faced another guard from their household in a spar. Towards the end of the fight, it is claimed that Keilan lost his balance and slipped at a disastrous moment, causing his opponent's sword to pierce his neck. The young man died within minutes, while Alex screamed in horror from the stands. Onlookers say that despite her son's immense grief, Isabelle Darlon wore a smile during the whole event.


  • Isabelle Darlon: As of late, Alex has come to realise that his mother is a rather sinister and corrupt woman. He strongly suspects Isabelle's involvement in Keilan's death and loathes his mother for agreeing with Leonan's idea of arranging a marriage between Alex and a fellow noble family's daughter without his own input. Alex has escaped his family manor to make a new life for himself, but the image of his mother and her betrayal always lingers in the back of his mind.
  • Leonan Darlon: Like his mother, Alex also suspects that Leonan himself is quite sinister and also corrupt. He has shown the similar tendencies of his mother in abusing the situation of poverty to keep themselves elevated highly above others. He also loathes the man for suggesting the arrangement of a marriage between Alex and a noble family's daughter without his own input. Alex isn't entirely sure if Leonan is as big an enemy as he thinks he might be, but he is still incredibly wary of the man.


Common Rumors

These rumours are pretty easy to overhear. They'd likely be heard around Ul'dah, especially in taverns!

  • "The blonde one? Oh, I know the one. Yeah, y'see him out with his mother a lot. Mother's always smilin' but the boy always looks so tense. Looks as though he can't stand bein' paraded around like that, if y'ask me." 
  • "Did you hear? His mother remarried after his father's death within a month. A single month! That's far too soon, if you ask me. No wonder the two are always arguing."
  • "Oh! I've seen him once. The coliseum. The poor boy was in pieces. He knew one of the fighters or some such, I believe. You remember? It was in the Tonberry's Lantern at one point. The guard slipped as his opponent lunged. A terrible accident, died within seconds I hear. The poor boy must have been quite attached. He screamed and bawled. I remember watching as his guards escorted him out. It was a sight to see."

Moderate Rumors

These rumours are a bit more difficult to overhear. If one was to eavesdrop on a gossiping wealthy member of Ul'dahn society, they might overhear some of these!

  • "I've heard that he disagrees with the way his mother runs things. He wants those people to have an equal chance. What a naive little thing! He doesn't understand. If we gave everyone what we have, then we'd have nothing. Let's see if he can live life like that, hm?"
  • "I remember him attending a banquet in his younger days with just his father. He was so happy back then. All you ever hear about him these days is that he's so rebellious against his mother. Whatever happened to the sweet child I remember?"
  • "Well, don't share this but I heard that he had a relationship with that young guard who died in the coliseum. It makes sense. Why else would he react so strongly when it happened? I've not seen him grieve so much since his father passed. His mother must be so ashamed."

Rare Rumors

These rumours are very difficult to overhear. They would likely only be overheard from those who work at Alex's family manor, or very close friends.

  • "I overheard the Mistress talking. It looks like Alex will be marrying the girl after all. What a joyous occasion! The two houses will merge, it's going to be great for business. Maybe there'll be a pay raise? Oh, of course Alex won't be happy. But it's not as if it's up to him, anyway!"
  • "Have you noticed how tense the Mistress is the past few days? Don't say anything, but I heard Alex is missing. There's less guards around too, if you haven't noticed. I bet he's bolted because of this wedding! There's never a dull moment working for this family, let me tell you."

PC Rumors

This area is for other players to place their own rumours of Alex! Please feel free to post any here that your character would have heard, either from RP or just hearing about him IC!



  • Harvard Price takes control of the family business after his mother passes away.
  • Isabelle and Harvard meet and become very attached almost immediately.


  • Isabelle pushes Harvard into proposing and the two marry later within the cycle.


  • Alex Price is born on the 8th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon to Harvard and Isabelle Price.


  • Alex has a wealthy upbringing at his family manor within the city state of Ul'dah. Harvard's business continues to boom and improve.
  • Elna Caselle begins working at the family manor and is assigned as Alex's Nurse.
  • Isabelle Price forces herself to become more involved in Harvard's business. She pushes for them to become co-owners, but her husband refuses.
  • Leonan Darlon, a friend of the family, begins visiting the manor on a regular basis while Harvard is out on business.


  • Harvard Price falls ill during the 5th Umbral Moon. Alex stays by his father's side for the majority of the illness.
  • Isabelle Price begins running Harvard's business on his behalf after he falls ill.
  • Alex is given a silver necklace as a gift from his father during the illness on his eighth namesday. It is carved into the shape of a flying bird.
  • Harvard Price passes away during the 6th Umbral Moon, shortly after his son's eighth namesday. Alex locks himself away to grieve while Isabelle Price continues running the business.


  • Isabelle Price remarries during the 1st Astral Moon, one month after her husband's death. She marries Leonan Darlon, friend of the family. Both Alex and Elna disapprove of the marriage, though Elna says no word.
  • Alex's relationship with his mother becomes severely strained due to his disapproval of Leonan.
  • Alex meets Anton early in the cycle. The two become good friends upon meeting and play together almost every day.
  • Shortly before Alex's tenth namesday, Anton and his father disappear from Ul'dah.
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  • Alex continues living at the family manor with his mother and step father. Though he often sees girls and boys from other wealthy families to socialise, he considers himself having no true friends at this point.
  • Elna continues to care for the boy as he begins his change into a young man.
  • Alex is well educated in reading, writing and speaking. He is raised as a noble man.
  • The Calamity occurs. Many suppliers and outposts of the family business are destroyed, causing Isabelle and Leonan to lose a large portion of their wealth.
  • Isabelle and Leonan Darlon continue running Harvard's business after the Calamity. The business begins to grow once more, though becomes well known for corrupt dealings.


  • Shortly after his seventeenth namesday, Alex befriends one of his household guards known as Keilan. After some convincing, he agrees to train Alex in basic swordplay during the evenings away from the family manor. The two develop romantic feelings for reach other and finally spend an evening in bed together.


  • After one month of seeing Keilan, Alex's mother hints that she's aware of the boy's relationship with the guard.
  • Shortly after his mother hinting that she knows of Alex and Keilan's relationship, Keilan is involved in a horrific accident within the coliseum that takes his life. Alex is struck with grief and again locks himself away. 


  • On Alex's nineteenth namesday, to restore their wealth lost in the Calamity, Leonan announces his idea of arranging a marriage for Alex to a girl from another wealthy family. Isabelle Darlon agrees with the notion. Alex isn't asked about the matter and is expected to go along with the decision made for him.
  • Alex approaches Elna Caselle and begs her for help in escaping the city and his family.
  • After many moons of careful thought, Elna begins setting plans into motion to help Alex escape Ul'dah and his family.

1577 (2.0 Begins!)

  • With Elna's help, Alex manages to obtain and complete a letter of admission to the Vylbrand Academy in Limsa Lominsa.
  • Alex finally manages to escape Ul'dah with his Nurse's help. The pair share a tearful goodbye outside the city gates and Alex thanks Elna for everything she has done.
  • Alex sets out on his journey to Limsa Lominsa to deliver his letter of admission to the Vylbrand Academy. The young man is now determined to change himself as a person and avoid becoming the very thing he now hates as his adventure finally begins.


Theme Song: Though I prefer themes for different moments in a character's life, if Alex had to have one theme song it would likely be Finding Beauty - Escala's version

The Player!:  You can find out more about my RP style right here! I am always up for RP so if you ever see me running around online, please don't be shy!

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