Alexandre Larille

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Alexandre Larille
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
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A study in contrasts, this Duskwight is six feet, eight inches tall when standing straight, with a frame that is slim but fit, more wiry than bulky. Soft, platinum hair cascades down to his shoulders, the part of the hair framing his face and partially obscuring his ears, the long, pointed ends emerging through the silken strands like the hull of a boat plowing through water. His skin, however, is a dark chocolate that makes his pale hair stand out all the more. Snow white eyebrows curve over light blue eyes, the cerulean orbs vivid compared to the dark tone of his skin. His cheekbones are high and sharp, his chin stubbornly pointed, and his nose long and straight, giving the Duskwight's features a chiseled, almost otherworldly appearance. A single scar mars his left cheek, having healed a shade or two darker still than his deep skin tone.


Alexandre can come across as aloof and critical to the point of appearing unfriendly. He is typical for a Duskwight, having no love for cities and only frequenting them out of necessity. While he is more open minded about other races, it is only to a degree. They are seen as potential allies, a few that are well enough to hang around, but still as a whole are held to the faults most Duskwights' feel the others possess. His sense of humor is dry but sharp, and he will often take opportunities to remind others that these lands were originally his people's, and he feels much of what has been brought on is due to the influx of other races over the past centuries. While it is rarely given, he will keep his word, and dislikes having debts to anyone; monetary or otherwise.

His view on relationships tends to be practical, with a slant given his biased nature. Friends are few but kept close. He places a lot of trust placed in them, and there's little he wouldn't do to help them out. Romances tend to be surface level, enjoyable trysts, though his racial bias means few have a chance to kindle into anything more than that. Whatever family he has is never discussed, nor the situation that has led to him leaving the caverns that were home for so many years.



  • Nature. He appreciates the keen sense of hearing his kin have, and cities tend to allow one to not be able to appreciate the subtle sounds. The sea is a particular favorite.
  • Artistic beauty. Be they people, nature, paintings, books, or anything in between.
  • Animals. Usually far more than people.


  • Cities.
  • Boastfulness. Worth is proved through action, not words.
  • Flying. It simply isn't natural for those who like to dwell in caves!


  • Gardening, and collecting new species in the varied places he visits.
  • Sketching and story telling.
  • Archaeological digs.


Common Rumors

  • Alexandre is interested in any potential new archaeological sites, especially if they might be of Duskwight heritage.

Moderate Rumors

  • It'd seem Alexandre felt in the debt of Val Nunh for something, but whatever it was appears to have been settled between the two of them.

Rare Rumors

  • If you catch him in just the right mood, in the right spot, the man can weave some fantastical stories.

PC Rumors


Alexandre's upbringing was in a cave system in the far reaches of La Noscea. His family, solitary by nature like many of their kind, roamed around this system of caves, making infrequent but necessary trips to the surface to trade with people in the local fishing communities. It was beneath the surface, however, that came to shape the man, where the family often stayed in old ruins that housed a myriad of mysteries for those brave enough to explore.

His father was an imaginative orator, keeping the lore of the family alive through stories at night, ones that would captivate and meld the children of the family for decades to come. His father made certain to tell of the falling of the Wildwood Elezen, of the betrayal at the hands of their kin in creating Girdania, and of the birth right that should belong to the Duskwight -- Eorzea. However, these fire and brimstone stories were tempered with tellings of fantastical settings, of art and nature that captivated Alexandre's imagination as surely as those tales of prejudice and wrong doings against his kind. There were also stories of the power of Duskwight of old, centuries ago, of the protective shields that sheltered their kind in ages past both on the surface and beneath the caves. Alexandre always took these tales as truth, though there was little evidence to support the fantastical ideas.

As a youth, the boy was impulsive and hot headed, things that did not go over well with his kind. Both parents preferred to maintain a noble, distant bearing, something that Alexandre wouldn't appreciate until far later in life. As the rumblings of war grew to a crescendo, the Duskwight did all they could to avoid it, feeling that if the other races had left Eorzea as she was found, and in the capable hands of the Elezen, it would not be the target of wealth and cities that the other races had made it into. As the Cataclysm struck, Alexandre had struck out once more to explore the nearby ruins after a heated argument with his father.

When he returned, he witnessed first hand the destruction of what had transpired. He found several family members, including his father, killed by a cave in. The rest of the family had either scattered or suffered a similar fate. After weeks of searching, Alexandre was forced to make his way to the surface for supplies, and it was there that he was captured by the Empire as it withdrew. For nearly three years he labored under their hand, beaten but not broken. It was there he came to understand the true threat that faced Eorzea, and the Duskwight people, should they be successful in their bid to rule the lands.

His escape is something to this day he doesn't discuss, but however it transpired, once free he set out on a path to explore Eorzea, to find long lost artifacts or knowledge that might assist his people. He still believes in those stories of his father, perhaps out of nothing more than stubborness for how their last words had been ones of anger. Regardless, he now lives upon the surface, always searching.


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