Alexeon Drachenseele

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 Alexeon Drachenseele
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Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 27
Guardian Halone
Namesday 17th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon


♦ General

Alexeon is a swordsman from Gridania and the current leader of the HOMRA Company, a vigilante group. He was originally a metal-worker with a workshop in the Black Shroud; however, that all ended in 1572 after the fall of Dalamud. About a month after the near-apocalypse, a troupe of unsavory bandits came upon his workshop, demanding of him that he forge them new blades. When he asked for the purpose of said blades, and why he should meet their demands, they responded with great hostility, avowing only that they would kill him if he were to refuse them. While the disturbingly clandestine conditions were enough to set him on edge, Alexeon was able to gather from murmurs among the peons that the troupe was planning to raid nearby camps and settlements under the cover of Bahamut’s still-reigning chaotic aftermath. Knowing that his life depended upon it, Alexeon agreed to the commission under false pretenses, making made many instruments of death. After Alexeon had finished, the stout-hearted metal-worker called in the leader of the bandits, so that he might inspect the quality of the swords. Whilst turned around, Alexeon took up his strongest blade and drove it through the bandit’s exposed back, killing him in a single blow through the heart. Upon pulling the sword out and seeing the crimson with which it was stained, Alexeon realized that he had committed the same atrocity that the bandits would've done to the innocent settlers. While still questioning where this put him amongst the evils of the world, Alexeon picked himself up and ran with a bundle of his newly crafted blades until he came upon one of the threatened settlements. Gathering up the majority of the frightened but curious settlers, Alexeon managed somehow to swiftly deliver a breathless warning of the trouble to come. The people thanked him for his forewarning, and collectively decided they should strike preemptively. The biggest foreseeable problem, though, was their lack of arms to do so... The people of that camp would later become the founding members of the HOMRA Company.

Following the preemptive strike on the bandits, Alexeon returned to his workshop, now completely sacked and devoid of anything useful. Standing over the area where he killed the bandit leader, he could do naught to avoid the crimson memory, which flooded in with fresh emotion. He knew from that incident, still branded in his memory, that it would be impossible for him to continue as simply a metal worker. It was now clear to him that the most efficient tool of justice is one's own hand. Feeling as though it was the only possible choice left for him, the metalworker decided that his purpose for crafting blades henceforth would be so that he might use them to fulfill his own personal sense of justice. From 1573 to 1575 he traveled to the sun-scorched lands of Thanalan to serve a two year enlistment in the Immortal Flames under the Free Brigade to gain true combat experience. Stationed at the garrison in the Ceruleum Processing plant, Alexeon became familiar with the swordplay styles of both Eorzean and Garlean soldiers. After his tour, he returned to his old abandoned workshop to find the area surrounding it occupied by a few dozen people with tents and small makeshift huts scattered about. As he approached them, the camp sentries stood up, brandishing their worn and beaten swords... swords of Alexeon's making. They could be none other than the people from the settlement long ago. The sentries seemed to recognize Alexeon just as quickly as Alexeon concluded the identities of the settlers. He was heartily welcomed into the camp, and soon found himself surrounded by what seemed to be most of the settlers, all curious about their savior, the mysterious metalworker who had come and gone like a summer gale. Upon sharing his tale, the settles returned in kind, and Alexeon gleaned that during the past two years, the weapons he had made had been protecting the camp from numerous bandit and poacher raids. Alexeon shared with them his ideals for a better Black Shroud, and the settlers agreed to lend him their strength. In this moment, HOMRA (red) Company was founded; currently it is currently operating in Gridania under the guise of a tavern, responding to any and all seemingly unheard calls for help.

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