Alexia Woodley

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Gridania-transparent.png Alexia Woodley
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridania
Age 20
Height 5'5"
Weight Athletic (135 ponz)
Profession Botanist
Main Class Pugilist (Monk)
Patron Deity Rhalgr
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Alexia was but an infant when the Garlean Empire bore down upon her families home of Ala Mhigo. Her mother Shera Woodley (a monk) fought in the defense of the city-state, asking her husband Farias to flee with their child. Farias reluctantly obeyed her wish, taking their child and fleeing west. Seeking refuge in Gridania, Farias purchased a small home and awaited word from his wife. When the news that Ala Mhigo had been conquered arrived, he did his best to remain strong for Alexia- while struggling with the heartbreaking assumption his wife had fallen defending them. Farias was a woodsman by trade, so he was right at home in the Twelvewoods. Raising Alexia alone, he tutored her in the ways of botany. Accompanying her father on every foray into the forest, Alexia was quite adept at the art by the age of 10. Alexia had a burning curiosity when it came to the subject of her mother, so Farias would use bedtime stories as a means of telling her mothers story. Growing up hearing these, Alexia found herself aching to be just like Shera and learn the art of hand to hand combat. Her father, however, was utterly afraid that taking such a path would lead him to losing her as well- and so he forbid it. Largely sheltered from the world, Alexia was home-schooled and had very little interaction with others.

Alexia was 15 years old when Dalamud descended upon Hydaelyn. After Bahamut's rampage, her and her father began working to aid in the reconstruction efforts and helping repair damage in Gridania. It was at this time that Alexia began to interact with children her age, though as she had been rather sheltered she initially found herself brawling with a few boys after compliments towards her were misunderstood. Outmatched, these would end with her father consoling her and dressing her wounds. Quickly growing anxious at seeing his daughter harmed, Farias decided to teach her what little he knew of her mother's art in order to defend herself. An eager student, Alexia took these lessons with joy- and it was very effective. After a boy received a broken jaw for commenting on her appearance (cheap, ragged clothes), the brawls all but came to an end- with no one game enough to rile her up any more. After this, Alexia was able to form some solid friendships and her socialisation improved greatly. For the next few years, Alexia took on a carpentry apprenticeship under one of her father's associates. She sparked a teenage romance with the mans son, Heath Sawsmith, which ended abruptly when her father found out.

By the age of 19, Alexia was growing restless in Gridania. A flame of curiosity burned within her, she wanted to see the world- but also did not wish to leave her father to be alone. Sensing his daughters desires, Farias asked her what she wished to pursue in life. Alexia expressed a desire to learn more of her mother's art, so Farias reluctantly told her about the Pugilist's guild of Ul'dah. Showing an instant interest, Alexia asked her father if he would journey to Ul'dah with her. Farias declined, stating that it was time for him to "become an old man" and that this journey was one for her and her alone. And so, Alexia wished her father farewell, promising to return as frequently as she was able.


Alexia is good-natured, happy-go-lucky and flirtatious in nature. Easily approachable, she is quick to form friendships, though often confuses the line between friends and relationship. Fiercely loyal, she will lash out at anyone who hurts someone she cares for.


Alexia is a citizen of Gridania, though she spends the majority of her time in Ul'dah.


  • Nickname: Lexi
  • Age: 20
    • Nameday: 17th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon, 1558 of 6th Astral Era
  • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Bisexual
    • Marital Status: Single
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Height: 5 fulms 5 ilms
  • Weight: Roughly 135 ponz
  • Body: Athletic
    • Distinguishing Marks: None
  • Hair: Deep Brown
  • Eyes: Green
  • Skin: Fair
  • Clothing: Alexia dresses in simple clothing, never having acquired a real taste for fashion.


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