Alexis Amariyo

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Alexis Amariyo
Alexis Taylor.png
"Willingness to fight is not courage."
Sultansworn of Ul'dah
Gender Transgendered
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun, Keeper of the Moon (Hybrid)
Citizenship Ul'dah
Alignment Lawful Good
Age 19
Occupation Sultansworn
Nicknames Alexis, Alex, Kitten
Birthplace Central Thanalan
Nameday 24th Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon, 1554
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Basic Info

An individual who values a strong sense of justice, Alexis Taylor makes for an ideal guard, and is in the Sultansworn's ranks as one of their most elite members. Ready to give her own life at a moment's notice for the Sultana and those dear to her, she has sworn an oath that her shield will protect her comrades against any and all enemy blows.


Alexis Amariyo was born to a Keeper of the Moon named Alamh Amriyo, who was unable to raise Alexis by herself, as the Seeker of the Sun who sired her had abandoned them. Alamh entrusted the newborn to her best friend, Olivia Taylor, a Hyur Midlander who had always wanted two children, but only managed to have one before being informed she couldn't have any more.

The newborn, named Alexis Taylor, was raised in the farm life in Southern Thanalan. However, she found the life to be incredibly dull. What she wanted to do was become a Paladin, a choice her family did not support. Many times, Alexander Taylor -- whom Alexis had obtained her name from -- kept trying to show Alexis how horrible life would be in the city. She ignored his warnings, and often practiced in secret with a wooden sword given to her by the local U Tribeswomen near their farm, who often came by to purchase vegetables for their clan.

Despite the discouraging words, Alexis had a happy life, until the Calamity occurred when Alexis was nearly 14. The Fall of Dalamud brought with it much sorrow; the Taylors lost their entire farm, and were unable to live off the now desolate land. Alexander and Alexis' sister, Britannia, abandoned Olivia. Olivia, left with Alexis, had no choice but to abandon the teenager, as she was unable to afford to take Alexis with her back to Limsa Lominsa, where Olvia was born.

Alexis lived a harsh life afterwords. Starving and unable to afford anything, she was sure she was going to die. She moved to Ul'dah, hoping life would be better there. Unfortunately, it was worse. Many children would bully her, fight her, and take her things. But no matter how infuriated they made her, Alexis never made the first blow. And when the bullies chose to pick on smaller children, Alexis would stand between them and their prey. In one particular incident of Alexis defending a young Hyur girl, a Hellsguard woman witnessed Alexis shielding them. The Hellsguard, Steel Bloom, was a bodyguard for hire. And it just so happened that the young Miqo'te had perked her interests when she saw Alexis taking a beating just to protect someone frailer than herself. Steel Bloom intervened, and her size intimidated the bullies to flee.

Taking Alexis into her wing, she trained Alexis to use a sword and shield. She taught her how to fight, how to protect herself and others with her shield, and furthermore, taught her the creed she lived by: "Willingness to fight is not courage." Over the next couple of years, Alexis learned all of Steel Bloom's tricks, and had even began to go with Steel Bloom on escort missions.

Unfortunately, there came a mission where they had to protect a witness to a crime committed by the Alacran from danger. It was this mission that Alexis was required to be extremely cautious. It was also the last mission the pair would go on together; despite delivering the man to safety, Steel Bloom had been shot with a poisoned arrow, and eventually succumbed to the concentrated poisons that were strong enough to kill an Auroch.

Alexis, after losing her mentor, was forced to work alone. But due to her dealings with the Alacran, no one wanted to hire her, let alone be around her. She thought all hope had been lost, until she was approached by a Sultansworn who had heard of Alexis' deeds.

The Sultansworn, who did not disclose her name, decided that Alexis should be brought into the order. Brought to the Palace, Alexis was inducted into their order, making her swear their oaths and taking up sword and shield for the Sultana, Nanamo Ul Namo. For the rest of her life, Alexis has dedicated herself to protecting the Palace, and those she has made friends with as she became older.


Alexis is kind-hearted and caring, passionate about the safety of others; she would risk her life to save or protect someone else's, especially if they are very dear to her. She can be seen as shy sometimes, but is outgoing with friends. Despite times where she thought hope was lost, she has the courage to stand against all odds.



  • Alamh Amariyo - Alexis' mother by birth. She has just recently discovered she is adopted, and understands Alamh's reasons for giving her up.
  • Alexander Taylor - Alexis' adopted father.
  • Olivia Taylor - Alexis' adopted mother.
  • Britannia Taylor - Alexis' adopted sister, biological child of Alexander and Olivia Taylor.


  • Valirelia Ferox - Easily Alexis' best friend, she has served as an open ear and comfort giver when Alexis has needed them. She would give her life for her.
  • Lilele Lile - Alexis sees her as more a lover than a friend.
  • Raine Rylin - Raine is another of Alexis' best friends whom she'd give her life for. She is also the head of the Free Company, The Grand Watch, of which Alexis is a member of.


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Other Notes

Alexis is transgered, due to a semi-prank pulled by another Miqo'te, who placed Fantasia in Alexis' whiskey and told her to make a wish. Alexis made the wish that she wished she could be better than any man... the rest is history.


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