Alfeaux Jeulerand

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 Alfeaux "Alfy" Jeulerand
"O-Oh...! Hello..."
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Born and Raised in Gridania
Server Mateus (main, Aether Datacenter),

Balmung (alt, Aether Datacenter)

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Basic Info

With his oversized spectacles, stuttered speech and general fear of most things, Alfeaux seems like a harmless bookworm. And for the most part, he is just that. He is, however, cursed with an ungodly strength by merit of an amorphous Voidsent, who subsists on his vast aether reserves, and in turn protects him. In situations of extreme distress, this sometimes leads to it possessing Alfeaux completely, transforming him into a specter of horrible power. This slime-like amalgam of Voidsent, dubbed 'Legion', also cause the Elementals to fear and revile him, in turn causing the Conjurers to treat him like a demon.

He can often be found reading to local children in the library/archival he lives in with his adoptive mother, or sketching flora and fauna outside of Gridania.


Alfeaux (birth name unknown) was born to a pair of Redbelly bandits in the Black Shroud. He was, unfortunately, too weak to survive. His parents, distraught and having no other options afforded to them, brought him to the ruins of their ancestors, the Amdapori, hoping the vast amounts of aether in the very stones of the place would resuscitate him. They succeeded, but at the cost of allowing an unseen presence to entwine itself to their son's very spirit. Not even four moons later, their hideout was discovered and raided by the Wood Wailers, forcing them to flee with their newborn into the stormy night. With the Wailers in pursuit, they again found themselves with few options. Realizing they had no choice, they hid their infant son on the doorstep of Rurula Lula, a Lalafellin scholar/archivist recently moved from Limsa Lominsa to study the Elementals of the Twelveswood. With a great deal of hesitation, she decided to take the Duskwight in, if only to deliver him to an orphanage later. She became incredibly attached to the child incredibly quickly, however, and decided she couldn't leave him to the hopeless future of an orphaned Duskwight in Gridania. Not knowing any Elezen names to give him, Rurula named the boy after a character from an old storybook, Alfeaux Jeulerand.

As a child, Alfeaux was bright and cheerful, but worryingly quiet. In fact, Alfeaux didn't speak a word until he had seen his eighth summer, instead communicating by gesture and scrawling on a notebook. It was around this age the symptoms of his 'condition' started to emerge. He was an easy target for bullies, as he didn't want to risk seriously hurting or even killing them by fighting back. The more abuse he suffered at the hands of his neighbors, however, the less he cared to hold in his anger. He became a nuisance to the Wood Wailers, by whom he was detained several times. One Wailer in particular, Eauvront, treated him with an unusual gentleness, teaching Alfeaux lessons of kindness he lives by even today. Eventually, he began to consider the Wailer the father he never had. However, Eauvront was using this facade of kindness to lure Alfeaux into trusting him. After drugging him, and chaining him to a cellar wall, Eauvront began to bisect him, from the top of his forehead downward. He only made it to Alfeaux's neck, however, before the pain and despair drove him into a blind fury. He broke his bonds, and leapt at a surprised Eauvront, tearing out his throat with his teeth. This incident seriously scarred Alfeaux, physically and mentally. Gone was the outgoing child he once was. He became withdrawn, afraid, and he stopped venturing outside. Rurula felt she had failed as a parent, and became overly protective of him as a result.

Years later, after much slow readjustment, Alfeaux started to accept the world again. In an effort to both curb his stutter and irrational fear, he started teaching and reading to children. He began to make friends who encouraged him to travel outside of Gridania, which has allowed him to begin broadening his horizons, albeit slowly. His mind has attempted to shut out the unpleasantness of his past in favor of almost naive optimism; he believes that if he is kind and compassionate, the people who hate him will come to like him.


Alfeaux is a childlike, gentle soul; he detests violence and views his unnatural strength as an unfortunate affliction. He is wary of strangers, but very affectionate and loving. While he doesn't anger easily, he has the potential to become a terrible engine of vengeance. Due to past trauma, he is very jumpy and nervous nearly all the time. He loves animals of all sorts (except dogs, who tend to attack him on account of his being a hive of Voidsent), but has a special place in his heart for birds. Additionally, he loves plants, and grows a variety of flowers and herbs around his library-home.

Occasionally, his 'affliction' will affect his behavior, leading to odd, beast-like mannerisms, ex: running on all fours and snarling with his teeth bared.

Other Notes

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