Alice the Red

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Alice the Red (Alice The-red in game)
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Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsan
Age 19



Birthplace: Limsa Lominsa

Current Residence: The Silver Nexus. (Lavender Beds Free Company Mansion.)

Eye Color- Green

Hair color- Blonde with red highlights.

Body Type- Lithe

Muscle mass- Low.

Age: 19


Alice is a fair skinned midlander, almost always clad in red with her favored cavalier's hat adorning her head. Her golden shoulder length curls usually sport crimson highlights along the tips, lips curled into a warm smile, emerald eyes warm and inviting. Ever the showman, Alice attempts to present herself as spry, energetic and charming at all times.


Alice always seems to be fully of energy. Eccentric, bombastic and ever curious. Rarely does she seem to have an 'off button,' often to the irritation of those who believe silence is golden. She'll often go off on (to herself0 interesting tangents, or get so wrapped up in a task she forgets what she was doing prior.



Alice will try to avoid combat whenever she can, whether by avoiding trouble, talking her way out of it, or any other non violent means. However, when pressed into a fight, the petite midlander proves to be a skilled, if not particularly experienced, arcanist. Conjuring forth a ruby carbuncle to defend her, while her spells weaken and wear down her foes. Often she'll attempt to slip away once a foe is weakened rather than finish them off.



  • Singing, Dancing, Performing
  • Triple Triad (Casually)
  • Good stories
  • Flashy clothing. (Red preferred)


  • Boring stories, even if true
  • Blood


  • High magical potential in arcanima
  • Quick on her feet
  • Outstanding fashion sense


  • Physically petite and slightly frail
  • Low physical stamina
  • No formal education



Adopted family: The Chromeria Troupe, a wandering group of entertainers that took in a young orphaned Alice.




None, yet.


Common Rumors

  • Whenever speaking about her deceased parents, Alice's story is never consistent between the tellings, other than painting her parents in a heroic light.
  • Given her skill in arcanima and seemingly little formal training, she seems to have a natural talent for the art.

Rare Rumors

  • Insisting that her clothing is some sort of non red color, be it pink, violet or otherwise, riles her temper.
  • Sometimes she can be seen with a more somber or serious expression whens he believes herself alone, quickly replaced with her usual energetic personality.

OOC Info

Combat RP

I tend to avoid this with strangers, but it can be fun when everyone is an adult about it OOC and nobody godmods or tries to 'kill' other characters without consent. Someone may well TRY to kill Alice, that's fine. You can try just about anything. But I'm not going to let the character be killed off, so if that's your goal OOC don't bother. Whenever I engage in combat RP it's usually with Grindstone rules. To elaborate, both parties roll, highest gets initiative. Then the two people go back and forth rolling for attack and defense. If the attack roll is higher, the defender takes a hit. We go back and forth attacking until one part takes three blows, at which point they lose, but are not killed. It should be noted that the attacker will describe the attack, but leave the response to the defender to determine how they are either hit or how they evade the attack.




A commission of Karen during her first gladiator match.

A commission of Karen in her current armor.

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