Alina Caelum

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 Character name Alina Caelum
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"Remember, the stars are ALWAYS watching."
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age (25)


♦ General

Alina Caelum is a child of Destiny. Born under the stars, Alina would dream of one day traveling that great distance and live amongst those who watched her birth. At the age of 24, Alina finally gathered the courage and said farewell to those she loved waving goodbye as she said "Remember, the stars are ALWAYS watching." None of the other Lalafell knew exactly what she meant by that, but it brought warmth in their heart every night knowing somewhere Alina too was looking up at the stars just as they were.

♦ Appearance

Alina can never decide on how she wants to look, her outlook on life is far more important than that of her hair color. Presently she stands tall with long flowing blue hair, but it seems the stress of becoming a great White Mage has brought a few white streaks mixed into her valiant blue hair. She seems content with this though, as if it is a mirror image of the night sky full of wonderful bright stars.

♦ Behaviour

What makes a joke so funny? Is it the punch line? The build up? Whatever it is, Alina finds everything about a joke funny. Life, she believes, is too serious enough with all this destruction that is going on daily. Alina likes to take life as a grain of salt, a laugh at the face of danger. You can find her exploring the most amazing and wonderful places, and even sometimes the dark and scary places too. She is the best friend you've always wanted, and your greatest ally. She'll share stories with, laugh with you, cry with you, and if you tell her something special or do something special for her, she will reward you with a gift...if you're lucky.


Echo Power

Echo Power:


★ Recent RP events ★



Stars, Balloons, Flowers, Jokes, Dancing, Boys


Bad guys, Spicy food, Cold weather, Bugs


Dancing, Auctioning, Writing


Alina loves grape juice, sweet treats, and anywhere outside under the night sky.

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So far, Alina has been enjoying life and adventuring on her own. Though she is now apart of The Zodiac Bearers, there seems to be a special someone that has caught her eye, though she dare not speak his name in that way in fear of him not feeling the same.


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Enemies & Rivals

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Rumor has it, Alina is an upcoming Healer...maybe it's because she enjoys caring for one another...or is it something darker...maybe she enjoys the thrill of defying death and laughing in it's face.

Rumor has it, Alina wasn't always a A secret source says she was once another race but bare fondly of a Lalafell and changed who she was so he would like her more.