Alix Rythe

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Alix Rythe
Poisons expert.


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NAME... Alix Rythe

BIRTH PLACE... North Shroud

RACE & CLAN... Elezen - Duskwight

GENDER... Female

AGE... 46

NAME DAY... 32nd Sun, 3rd Astral Moon





OCCUPATION... Alchemist


HEIGHT... 6 fulm 5 ilms

WEIGHT... 160 ponze

EYE COLOR... Light blue



Alix stands taller than most and is built athletically. She's pale to the point that many veins that are not usually visible are rendered so. Her eyes are lacking pigment. She’s usually clad in dark hues of green and blue, and prefers leather and chain-mail over plated armor. A braid of raggedy twine hangs around her neck always, and dips beneath her shirt to connect to a pendant. At any given time, a number of scrapes mark her skin over older scars. Her fingernails are short and clodded with dirt. She doesn’t seem like the city type, and looks as if she feels out of place in buildings.

She carries herself with the sort of pride that could be easily mistaken for snobbery, though she rarely verbalizes it. Her cheekbones are prominent and beneath them the skin is slightly sunken, giving her a stern and angular appearance. Her quick gait is trailed by the scent of chemicals more often than not, ammonia coupled with the more delicate scent of herbs.

She brings with her a stick about the length of her forearm. Though she treats it as such, it isn’t too clear how the stick might be considered a weapon. She is often seen with a bow, plain in design but well kept.



In the Alchemist Guild’s directory, her name isn’t present in sections of salves, cure-alls, or any other sort of boon production as she so often claims as her specialty. Instead, she’s recorded as a poisons expert and the entry has a triangle with a line through it drawn nearby. The Twin Adders’ grand company and Wood Wailers’ records don’t contain her name. However, they do list someone with the same last name and the first name ‘Arivette’. This individual is classified as ‘kill on sight’ and is sited in the involvement of several murders and robberies. The entry seems outdated, and hasn’t been added to in quite a few years.