Allistyr Warren

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Ishgard.jpg Allistyr Warren
''Fine. We'll do this the hard way..."
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 22
Marital Status Unknown
Height/Weight 6'1"/190 lbs



Allistyr stands over 6 fulms tall and weighs approximately 190 ponzes. He typically wears longer hair to disguise the scar over his left eye. He gravitates toward gear that is both imposing and useful.


Allistyr is quiet and seemingly rude by default. It's never intended that way, but he shies away from conversation simply because people tend to ask more about him or his past, and he's not necessarily eager to share. Allistyr prefers instead to focus on the challenges in front of him.



To those unfamiliar with him, Allistyr quickly proves himself to be proficient in many aspects of combat. He is just as quick to shield his allies from harm and heal them as he is to destroy his enemies with fire and disease. He does whatever it takes to accomplish his goal or mission.

His current efforts are all to track down his sister, Priori. They had kept in regular contact, despite being separated by land, sea, and war, but he has not heard from her in moons. An accomplished heroine in her own right, Allistyr is highly concerned by Priori's sudden disappearance and is seeking out her allies with the intent of following her footsteps, tracking her down, and freeing her from whatever it may be that is keeping keeping her from her usual activity.


Both taking after their mother with a natural knack for magic, Allistyr and his sister received training in arcanima early in their adventuring careers. Unlike his sister, this led Allistyr to a preference for darker magics, though he's dabbled in all kinds for the sake of developing strategies. After his mother died and Priori left for Eorzea, Allistyr found himself more at the whim of his father, a general, and took up sword and shield as a soldier, for which he also discovered a natural, if deadly, ability.



  • Combat
  • Studying
  • Strategy
  • Warm baths
  • Sightseeing


  • Unwillingness to help oneself
  • Complaint without action
  • Unnecessary brutality


  • Combat
  • Research
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Flight
  • Crafting



  • Priori Warren, sister, missing
  • Lyria Warren, mother, deceased
  • General Vickard Warren, father


Friends are a stretch for Allistyr, preferring to rely only on his own ability, but in the search for his sister, he has begun to value the assistance of some other people.

  • Jais Merillo
  • Loki Sigyn


  • General Vickard Warren - Allistyr's hatred for his father isn't well known. Both the existence of it and the motivation for it are only shared with those closest to him.


Common Rumors

  • "Don't provoke that man unless you've got a death wish." - Allistyr is ruthless in combat. He is quick to strategize and find weaknesses, but in the event that fails, he also has a penchant for simply powering through situations that most see as hopeless.
  • "Don't know much about him. Approach at your own risk." - Only having arrived recently, Allistyr is relatively unknown to those who are native to Eorzea. Since he carries himself in a stoic manner, that tends to give the impression that he doesn't like people.
  • "Think 'e's look on' fer summat. Keeps askin' folk about some girl." - The one thing Allistyr is open with is his search for his sister, Priori. It is his primary pursuit. He makes the urgency of finding her clear to anyone who is willing to listen.
  • "The man's got many talents. I've seen 'im cut as many monsters down with his blade as I've seen 'im engulf in fire and disease." - Allistyr has made no secret of his many talents either. He's accomplished as a swordsman, with black magic, healing magic, and arcanima. He's known to have dabbled in many areas, stating "The best way to form the best strategy for a situation is to know what strategies will be used against you. This allows you to identify them and counter them quickly."

Moderate Rumors

These rumors are only available to those with fairly regular contact with the Garlean Empire.
  • "The Warrens are not to be trifled with." - Warren is name that is well known. One of the generals responsible for leading many of the 'acquisitions' of the Empire is General Vickard Warren. General Warren is well known as being ruthless. His right hand and son, Allistyr, is equally ruthless.
  • "Once the shadow of death falls upon you, it's too late to run." - Known as "Death's Shadow," the General sends Allistyr ahead of the forces proper to surgically strike at key opposing figures. He's also been known to send Allistyr to resolve lesser disagreements. It's said that is how he ascended to the lofty post he holds today. Regardless of reason (which often is never revealed), Allistyr always gets who he's after.
  • "There used to be more of 'em, but the lady folk disappeared." - The General had a wife, but shortly after their daughter was born, she mysteriously disappeared. Many assume it was murder, but no one says that to the general's face. Then, upon coming of age, his daughter, Priori seems to have abandoned the Empire in favor of Eorzea.
  • "There's only one man that could get away with strikin' Death's Shadow that way and livin' to tell the tale." - Allistyr's facial scar is said to have been given to him at early in his military career by the very man he serves: General Warren, his father. It was the result of some argument they had. Apparently, Allistyr needed a reminder of who was in charge. It's said he's not argued wth his father since.

Rare Rumors

These rumors are only available to those in regular contact with the Garlean Empire.

  • "That girl keeps interfering! There's only one way she knows our every move!" - Since Dalamud fell, there has been a standout amongst the Eorzean resistance: Priori Warren. After her inference with the Empire's interests in Azys Lla, General Warren and his son have both come under fire for possible traitorous acts. The General's most vocal opponents have been silenced, possibly by Allistyr, but the rumors still abound.
  • "The boy's gone soft. He wouldn't sooner hurt a fly these days." - At the other end of the spectrum, many think "Death's Shadow" has lost his will to kill. Rumors fly of those to whom he has shown mercy and let live. He's even said to have healed a few! Several of the Empire's failures recently have been thought to be because key opposition leaders weren't removed beforehand.
  • "I heard he done went and got hitched!" - One of the more quickly dismissed rumors flying about the Empire's watering holes is that Allistyr Warren married and had a child. Of course, no one can find evidence of either a spouse or child, so this is thought to be more fiction than fact.

Very Rare Rumors

These rumors are only available to those in frequent contact with the Garlean Empire.

  • "His dad's Imperial through and through." - In recent moons, Vickard as used his considerable influence to cement his status as thoroughly loyal to the Empire and its causes. Despite efforts to frame him, Vickard was able to recently prove all of his detractors wrong. One of the ways he did that was to publicly test the loyalty of his son.
  • "If he was so loyal, why'd he leave?!" - Shortly after the failure of the initial operation in Azys Lla, in an effort to prove his undying loyalty to the Emperor, Vickard forced Allistyr to prove his own by way of a public trial. In it, Allistyr was presented with a bound young man and a girl, the man's daughter, who were reported to be traitors to the Empire. Allistyr, to prove his fealty, was ordered to kill the pair in service to the Emperor for all present to see and to do so without any proof of said treachery. He did so with no hesitation. Allistyr and Vickard were then both absolved of all charges of betrayal. However, in a confusing turn of events, Allistyr went missing the next day.



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