Alphysian Krause

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Alphysian Krause
Undaunted - Dedicated Doctor - Innovative Alchemist - Unparalleled Tactician

Leader of the Krause family, famously known for being great innovators in medicine in Ala Mhigo, Alphysian works to create improved and combat ready medicine (far greater than the potions used currently) to aid in not only the resistance but also towards Eorzea's preparation against the Garlean forces.

Alphysian Krause
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"Mozt of vat I see in combat goes ztraight to my research, live rezults are far better than theory."
Gender Female
Race Highlander
Clan Ala Mhigan
Citizenship None
Server Balmung

Alphysian is often mistaken for a Midlander, despite having a tall figure. Most of it comes from her face, which is well rounded and possesses no roughness of any sort. Her long, curly brown hair which is often kept down also exemplifies this further. A very distinct brand is on her right hand, two horizontal lines struck over by a diagonal burned black into her hand. She is often seen wearing glasses, usually of the smaller reading kind but has been known to wear regular sets as well. Her attire is quite simply, she tends to favour dresses and well made suits when not walking around in her lab coat. She has a love of jewelry, having quite a few matching sets for many occassions and all of them range in rarity. It is quite easy to state that Alphysian likes to make a good impression when it comes to attire.

Alphysian's manner of speaking is quite formal, but she has been known to slip profanities on the odd occasion mostly due to frustration. Her Ala Mhigan accent is extremely thick, mostly due to travelling with her family whom values tradition strongly, and it has gotten to the point that many Eorzean words are distorted (( In reference, I like to think that the Ala Mhigan culture is a mixture of Germanic and Scottish. Her accent appears Germanic, replacing some but not all letters accordingly to how she would speak)). Her personality is ultimately crude at it's core, she does not handle idiocy well, often insulting those that do not think first before acting and has been known to be rather rude to people who consider violence first over much more logical options like diplomacy. That doesn't mean she is a pacifist, there have been many times where she has opted to fight instead of talk peacefully and Alphysian is not afraid to take that option should the need arise. She isn't cold hearted either, she has been known to help people selfishly when they cannot afford to pay even an untrained doctor but she has been known to purposely overcharge the rich for the sake of abusing their assets to aid her own, as well as others that are poor. Sarcasm and humour are among her favourite attitudes when dealing with people, making her an ideal pub partner and she is quite capable of holding her own liqour without abusing medicine.


The Krause family has been known for generations for being innovators of medicine in Gyr Abania, to the point that they were appointed to work with royal alchemists in Ala Mhigo to come up with better solutions with current medicine. Such prestige however began to dwindle as the King's mental health began to deteriorate, the signs of paranoia and insanity looming over the poor leader. In a sudden burst of paranoia and perhaps betrayal by others, the King ordered the Krause family to be branded and exiled under the suspicious of treason and attempted murder on the royal family. Alphysian was only four years of age when she and her family were branded on the right hand and had departed from Ala Mhigo. They simply set off to travel around the world, instead of sitting and being shamed for something they did not commit.

The Krause family was extremely fortunate when the Garlean invasion began, they had already left the country and embarked to the north which allowed them to completely avoid the entire war. Instead of returning to their homeland to assist, they traveled across the world to further improve on their research and to pass on any medicine or techniques that others would need in the future. This carried on for over two decades, when the family finally turned around to return to Gyr Abania only to see it overrun by the Garlean Empire.

Alphysian took the mantle of head of the family a few years prior to her arrival in Eorzea and made a vow to continue on with the Krause family's goal. The goal to find and create superior combat medicine that could give an edge to war, should it be given in the right hands. To further that goal, Alphysian and her house took voyage to Vesper Bay in order to arrive at Ul'dah and their Alchemist guild. Currently she is often found helping any Ala Mhigan on the streets, offering them a job in assisting her family's goal and helping them survive the unfortunate events that have occurred to her kind.

Current Medicine

Hyper Serum

A very specific concoction with an extremely powerful effect, the ability to augment a living being at the cost of draining their aether. There is no control on the strength, nor what is augmented, however the current effects have been recorded as:

Muscle strengthening, between twice to four times the normal subject. Varies on the amount of muscle on the subject, the more naturally strong they are the stronger the effect. No muscle tissue is affected when all effects die down. Quickened blood stream, heart rate and brain function. Many subjects have experienced "the world slowing down", the experience of their blood stream and functions working harder as if under the influence of adrenaline. All subjects have reacted to situations at an alarming rate, many even completing extremely difficult questions in less than a minute.

At the correct amount, 1.2 ounzes, subjects experience the effect for near five minutes. Side effects of the drug are:

Exhaustion, entirely physical. Muscles are not damaged, but are extremely worn from the drug. There is a possibility of migraines as a result due to straining the brain. Aether readings low. The drug drains aether to augment the body. The correct amount causes no danger of death, however increasing the amount/concentration increases the likelihood of death from the lack of aether/aether poisoning. 1.2 ounzes is the safest amount, only causing the user to be exhausted without outright causing unconsciousness.


Type 1 Rejuvenation Serum

Currently a prototype, the T1S or Type 1 Rejuvenation Serum is an enhanced healing potion in the form of a shot. The strength is set at the potency of common hi-potions, with a quickening rate of almost five times the potion due to the use of catalysts for the blood to absorb. Effect is as planned, healing occurs extremely quickly but is currently weak in strength and is only useful to prevent bleed-outs on heavily injured personnel. Tests to increase the potency is currently underway, but no version will be used on field due to inconsistency and unpredictability.

Alphysian's drive is success in the medical area of alchemy, to find ways to improve on current medicine and to create ways to make superior combat ready consumables in preparation for Garlean invasion.
  • Strategy over impromptu.
  • Thinking before acting.
  • Formality.
  • Expressive rather than reserved.
Intellectually gifted. Devoted once motivated. Her privileged background supplied her the training to interact in high society, thought it does not deter from her ability to speak with those less fortunate. Her knowledge of alchemy and medicine make her an excellent doctor, both on the field and off. Her patience and will of steel allows to her to handle any situation calmly, coming to a logical conclusion faster than most. Her knowledge of arcanima, specifically the knowledge of invoking disease and the creation of traps, makes her quite a foe to deal with when she's been given a tactical advantage (able to plan on the go, rather than be stuck in a brute force fight).
Despite her way of speaking and usually calm presentation Alphysian does tend to be quite rude towards those that lack the ability to understand "common sense". Idiocy is heavily insulted on, but not stupidity. Alphysian also lacks combat skill, while her combat talent revolves around arcanima (specifically the ability to create magical traps), she has no strength nor great stamina which makes her extremely weak in a brute force fight.