Altair Moonsong

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Altair Moonsong
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
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Known to the city-states as the thief and troublemaker called "Whistler", Altair seems to enjoy being a thorn in one's side. A dangerous rogue in his own head, he's nothing more than a pain in the arse to Brass Blades, Yellowjackets, and Wood Wailers alike. For some strange reason, the young miqo'te believes that a simple green bandana wrapped around his face is all he needs to hide his identity. Despite these obvious failings in logic, the rabblerouser has a tendency to elude and displays something resembling quick wit under pressure.

Whistler doesn't share his background, actively avoiding the subject intentionally. Those who know him, know that he's been beating the Ul'dahn streets since he was knee-high to a hyur man and ran with a squadron of riff-raff notorious for terrorizing the marketplace to steal food and other valuables they could later attempt to re-sell. The Brass Blades consider him and his cohorts more of an annoyance than a threat, chasing the rabble around but ultimately giving up quickly. Most notably, a little girl called "Oodles" was detained by the blades for stealing cakes resulting in the most dramatic show of urchin oriented force seen to this day. A cadre of Blades forced to back down by a veritable legion of homeless and orphans, with the tiny terror called Whistler standing at the head of the dirty phalanx. It would've been heroic had the youth not flashed his bare arse at the Blades for fun.

If one were to follow him around for a day, it would soon become clear that Whistler isn't merely a degenerate as suggested by most. An industrious young man, he's often worked odd jobs all day long from farming to freelance strongarm work only to turn around with it at dusk and treat his fellow destitutes to a slice of bread and cheese or a full cup of fresh water. The younger orphans are well provided for, considering their state, and the Ala Mihgan refugees look fondly on the miqo'te for his efforts in easing their plight. Ul'dah has not been as kind to them as previously perceived, but the thief makes it just a little more bearable when he can.

Recently, Whistler was offered a job with the illustrious Wandering Tonberry and gleefully accepted it with one proviso: He takes half pay for a weekly ration of a sack of bread and fruits from their larder. This is the core of the little rogue: Heart and nothing but.


A young, short miqo'te male of the Keeper clan, his bluish white hair is tinted in red at the tips and his tail is of a more wolfish persuasion than the archetypical cat. Yellow eyes are vibrant and wide, usually shining with mirth and his build is slight which makes the lad more nimble than most. He has no defining marks on his body save for a large sequence of tattoos that span from his right arm onto his chest and back.


A prankster by nature, most of his activities are petty and generally seem to revolve around buying food for himself and anyone he sees as less fortunate than his chosen mark. This adds a bit of chivalry to his ideals, misguided as it may be. He's quick with a joke and a snappy one-liner, but isn't particularly bright in comparison to others. With a streak of open childishness that wavers between adorable and obnoxious, Whistler is an underdeveloped urchin with a good heart and a lot of really bad ideas.



Whistler prefers to avoid close combat, due to his size, but it's also very hard to corner the brat. As such, he keeps an assortment of small knives to be flung when required. He's a scrappy knuckleduster in a pinch, because of his quick reflexes and sharp wit. Battle really isn't his cup of ale though, preferring to use pranks and thievery to win conflicts.



  • People
  • Sweets
  • Making someone's day brighter


  • Snobs
  • Traps
  • Aggressive attitudes


  • Charity Work
  • Thievery
  • Pranks


  • Talks a lot more when he's nervous.
  • Pretends to be selfish to hide his true motives.
  • Is easily distracted.



Don't ask. Don't tell.


Everyone is his friend!


Anyone who thinks they're better than others.


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Don't ask, Don't tell.


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