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a l t a n a i m i e r q i d

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name: altanai mierqid ◦ age: 28 ◦ race: xaela au ra◦ gender: male
nameday: 28th sun of the 4th umbral moon (8/28) ◦ family: himawari yatsurugi (cousin???)
orientation: homosexual ◦ marital status: single ◦ birthplace: nhaama desert
occupation: aspiring bard ◦ residence: none
deity: nhaama/althyk ◦ server: mateus

height: really tall ◦ weight: like a xaela cinderblock ◦ build: muscular
voice: not the sort of voice you'd peg for a bard- with practice, he could be a fine baritone.
scars: a large gash across the back of his left leg memorializes a hard-earned lesson
demeanor: he tends to loom over people, quiet and regarding ◦ classic gestures: turning his head slightly away and bringing his hand up to touch his lips in thoughtful consideration
hairstyle: long and straight...or would be, if he could get the bit in the back that his horns block off
clothes: he prefers to wear either very....bardly clothes, or something practical. not a large fan of showing too much skin.

The Mierqid tribe constantly gives and takes; in using and restoring each hidden desert cache, they ensure the future of the tribe. Altanai has taken these values to heart. Being someone who cannot fulfill the seemingly essential duty of 'restoring' his tribe's population, Altanai has left the sands of the Nhaama desert to pursue a higher calling, one he hopes will be what he can "give back" to his tribe in exchange for his existence.

A lover of history and knowledge, Altanai realized that the Mierqid who visit a cache one day are incredibly different from the tribe who visited that cache last. Through their travels, therefore, the Mierqid create a web of history- one that deserves a place in written or oral tradition. Altanai wishes to become a bard skilled in creating such a tradition, and return to his desert homeland to ensure that his tribe's history becomes available for generations to come. It is for this reason that he travels to Gridania in an effort to climb the ranks of the Twin Adders to be entrusted with a soul crystal. He feels the best thing he can offer to Gridania is himself, so he devotes himself to assisting the Gridanians as much as possible- for who would entrust a strange being from a distant land with such a valuable item? Indeed, he hopes to worm his way into their hearts, for the sake of not only himself, but his tribe. Clearly, he takes his tasks incredibly seriously, with no request being too minor, for as long as it helps someone- then it's worth it. He only wants to be helpful, and as the Gridanians begin to open up to him, to give back to them for their kindness.

He is dutiful and considerate, yet somehow single-minded in his goal to enrich his tribe. He eventually discovers a love for tapestries that document history in their own unique way, but finds the task of embroidery incredibly mind-numbing. Reading and practicing his instruments are things that bring great joy to him, so it is no issue to sit quietly for hours. And yet, to try and embroider even a length of cloth, the wooden embroidery hoop petite in his hand, the needle only a glimmer of silver....others may think his patience unending, but trust Altanai- through embroidery, he's found the end of it. Still, he perseveres.

favorite flowers: cactus flower, daffodil ◦ favorite colors: gold, black
talents: heat or cold don't seem to bother him; navigation/reading maps
loves: history, books, music, tapestries
dislikes: people CLEARLY making the wrong decision or going on the wrong path; being cooped up; sour foods;
canon minion: n/a ◦ favorite foods: salty doman soups
favorite drinks: Unknown, but he does enjoy sake.

relationships are ranked from 1 to 5 ❤. 1 ❤ indicates acquaintanceship, 5 ❤ indicates romantic/otherwise irreplaceable partner. a ♡ indicates an enemy.

himawari yatsurugi (❤❤❤❤)
❧ a raen cousin of his. they only sometimes get along.
ellika burne (❤❤)
❧ a young hyur who dragged him into...justice things. they have a pretty friendly relationship, but she also keeps getting his name wrong.

limsa lominsa
Unlikely - He can't swim.
Likely - His free company's quarters are located within the Goblet, making Ul'dah essentially his home.
Likely - Altanai tries to assist Gridania in whatever way he can, holding a particular love for its people.

feel free to:
❧ inquire about possible plots! (short term or long term!)

i don't do:
❧ random ERP, sexual assault, permanent disfigurement/mutilation, character death...etc
❧ confirmed romance w/o making sure our characters/writing styles fit first

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